Renar Shaihutdinov
Main style: Deep House
Favorite styles: Electro House, Electro Progressive, House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, Tribal House
DJ, MC, promoter, photographer since 1995
Performance: from 15 000 rubles / 3 hours
Location: Russia, Podolsk
Resident: Ресторан Тануки (Podolsk)
Guest: DANCE BAR ВОЗДУХ 2010 (Moscow), Restoran club кельт (Moscow), Рзвлекательный комплекс ПЛАТАН (Moscow), Restoran Club Randevu (Moscow), Night Club INCONEL (Tashkent), Restoran 5polus (Moscow), Club divas (Moscow), Bora Bora club (Moscow), ДОМ ОТДЫХА ПИРАМИДЫ (Tashkent), CLUB DINARA (SHymkent (CHimkent)), NIGHT CLUB KT.KOMBA (Tashkent), В Москве Ленинградское шоссе-106 DANCE BAR ВОЗДУХ (Moscow), We are Family Disco Hotel (Moscow), (Moscow), Bar Med (Moscow), , Ресторан клуб Европа (Moscow), (Moscow), (Balashiha)
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Лето 2018

Acquaintance to club music and night life has begun in 1995. Who was always interesting to me steers the wheel, who selects compilation and burns down a dancing. After visiting of night clubs, I have started to be interested in different styles of a dance music, and have defined for myself two mainstreams – deep house, club house. The first elements диджеинга comprehended hard, without having the professional equipment and skill of the reference with it. Yes especially anybody me also didn't learn also anything to me didn't show. I collected all knowledge on particles. The very first my professional device was Gold mix. Then I looked at it, as on something over the natural. On weekdays the manager of club has agreed, that I came and learned to play there. Also that was important, with it I was helped by loved one Mishel. Week after a week left, and result was a little. But I aspired. As it was heavy to find club releases, moreover I understood at that time that such direction is perceived hard still by insufficiently brought up public though, of course, I only got acquainted with these styles. Thus, the pop-music from different directions surrounded. It was necessary to plunge completely into club life and completely to go deep into dancing psychology. And I had to begin with a pop-music. Ridiculously to tell, but it was not that it would be desirable to play as a hobby. But it was necessary to begin with something. I have already started to master the prof. the equipment. Yes, and then any beginning should be supported financially, i.e. the finance. I tried to understand long time that is necessary to people on a dancing. And it is not important on what. The essence, thinking of dancing people in a hall was important. Later, when skill began to come, I began to feel myself firmly behind the panel. Quickly and correctly to be guided on public and to make correct decisions. Further I began to prepare сэты and to get over in more favorable environment, to play the best Dj-equipment, to add more styles of favourite club music. Fortunately, it yet a limit, but, of course, and not level. I try to go small, but confident steps, giving the positive to a dancing In 1995 it was still impossible to extend the sound recording. While playing, had to hurry, creating a mix. DJ was limited time start and end of recording. Be sure there comes a time when the next track going all out sonic series. Especially if the next track was slightly different style from the previous one. All this was fraught with instantaneous change of atmosphere. Also strongly dependent on the DJ track arrangement, and if he, for example, wanted somewhere to take a break, he could not do it. He stayed there, where it has already done a producer track. The only way to manipulate the tracks at that time was the management of frequencies and skill mix as such (to play on three decks, a quick note). Then, in 1996, the first time, thanks to mixing desk PIONEER (DJM 500) made it possible to add various effects. It was possible, even sampling a bit, and Loop. Of course, the sound quality left much to be desired, but no one could deny that the new powers have been added pepper any party! That's how I started my career as a DJ. Slowly and surely I went to it and reached certain heights. At the moment I am an art director and a resident of the three clubs in Moscow! Just a few concerts in CIS countries and Russia!

The best feedback
    ELEKTRIKRADIANCE ᴾᴿᴼᴹᴼᴰᴶ /// awesome arial view photo :o)
  • +1
    ELEKTRIKRADIANCE  17 July 2018 16:25 #
    ELEKTRIKRADIANCE ᴾᴿᴼᴹᴼᴰᴶ /// awesome arial view photo :o)
    mexicaneZZ  20 September 2014 20:50 #
    Взял пару работ твоих в стиле Deep .++++от меня и в други . ну и вдохновения .
    T.I.M  29 March 2014 12:06 #
    ++++ бро!
    Dj Chekurin  3 November 2012 4:20 #
    с днюхой Брат
    успеха и удачи
    Романтик  14 September 2012 21:08 #
    Ренар, плюсую!!! +++)))
    DJ-TAKI  19 February 2012 16:54 #
    Hi Mr deejay)))
    KURAKOLOV  13 November 2011 19:00 #
    привет!) зашёл в гости - лови +!))
    alex planet  27 April 2011 19:40 #
    огромные плюсы dj renar за продвижении клубной индустрии буду рад вас увидеть у себя на страничке и жду вас в друзья
    Vitaco  26 March 2011 23:24 #
    Ответный)))+++ и еще за творчество особый+++
    DJ Vitalik  14 March 2011 7:20 #
    + тебе в PR
    Жду взаимности!!!
    DJ Vecheroff  1 March 2011 13:52 #
    я в аське тебе написал)
    DJ Vecheroff  1 March 2011 5:00 #
    землячку Саламчик и плюсик)))
    Dj Volume Cat  3 January 2011 3:06 #
    С Новым Годом , Дорогой
    DENiS DEEP  28 November 2010 14:55 #
    долгожданный диип...
    Dj Linar ⋆  29 October 2010 16:54 #
    Лови плюс надеюсь на взаимность))) КАЙФ
    DENiS DEEP  21 August 2010 21:34 #
    Как ты и просил больше DEEEPа, я так и сделал, только дииип...
    DENiS DEEP  21 August 2010 21:33 #
    DENiS DEEP  11 August 2010 20:26 #
    жду с нетерпение твоих комментариев!!!
    DJ EVGENIY SAVIN  11 August 2010 20:06 #
    И тебе ,Дружище.
    Alexey Leniviy  4 August 2010 15:10 #
    Го в други))
    DJ SHERRY BROWN  23 July 2010 17:38 #
    Заходи! HEY DJ
    VIPkotik  8 March 2010 23:03 #
    DJozeFMakeR  8 February 2010 8:11 #
    CHRISTI  28 January 2010 11:06 #
    Спасибо+++PR RULISH
    Dj Chekurin  31 December 2009 13:02 #
    Сколько прожито лет -
    Мы не будем считать.
    Просто хочется всем
    От души пожелать:
    В новый год не болеть,
    Не грустить, не скучать
    И ещё много лет
    новый год так встречать!
    Dj Petty  11 November 2009 1:01 #
    И тебе +++ Ренарчик WAZZAA!
    cop777  6 November 2009 13:02 #
    КРУТО Ренат!!!
    KnyaZevDJ  3 November 2009 8:48 #
    С днём рождения...
      DJRenar  4 November 2009 17:59 #
      спасибо друг! PROMODJ
    Madad..  2 November 2009 21:06 #
    Здорово земляк!! WOW GOD IS A DJ
    GRAF FiSH  13 September 2009 16:16 #
    Другу++++++++ ЕЩЁ! BEST BEST
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