Main style: Club House
Favorite styles: Big Room House, Dance Pop, Deep House, Disco, Dubstep, Dutch House, Electro, Electro House, House, Minimal Techno, Nu Disco, Old School Rap, Progressive House, R&B, Russian Pop, Tech House, Techno, Trap
DJ, producer, promoter since 2000
Performance: from $100 / 1.5 hours
Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Guest: «Q43 Club - Media One Hotel» Dubai City (Dubai), «Dubai Night Club Events» Dubai City (Dubai), «Horizon Lounge - Dubai» Dubai City (Dubai), Версаль (Москва) (Moscow), Rose (Москва) (Moscow), Republic (Москва) (Moscow), Зебра бар (Moscow), ресторан токио бэй, (Moscow), клуб Элизе (Moscow), фритайм клуб (Moscow), Dont't worry papa (Almaty (Alma-Ata)), Da Freak (Almaty (Alma-Ata)), L`ETO, Бармалей, "Shisha Bar" Ellips Bar (Ташкент), (Tashkent)
Frequent visitor: Shishas (Москва) (Moscow), ICON (Москва) (Moscow), Moska (Москва) (Moscow), ТоДаСё (Москва) (Moscow), Pur Pur (Москва) (Moscow), Friday zum pub (Almaty (Alma-Ata)), Barhan (Tashkent), Kt.Komba, (Tashkent), СМИ (Tashkent), CinZano, (Tashkent), Dos Caminos, People, La Shakar, Fashion bar. (Tashkent)
Was just once: «Diablo Nightclub» Abu Dhabi - O.A.E (Abu Dhabi)
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Brief information: RALF MINOVICH: As Dee-Jay declared about himself in 2000. A lively interest in music and the desire to express oneself through it, to start a crowd and to control it, is the prime cause of the birth of a new star. The new image and his career developed spontaneously and rapidly. An irresistible desire to be the best in his business did not stop him, and after a few years he became famous not only in Uzbekistan, and in Kazakhstan, Russia, Dubai and the CIS countries. RALF MINOVICH: It is remarkable for its amazing ability to "pick up the key" to any club audience. The novelty and brightness of the image attract attention to his person. Brilliant sets and Remixes are unusual and attracting with their eccentricity, create his style, an image that can not be forgotten and confused with someone else.

 Work period: August 2005 - present (12 years) Work experience: Over 10 years. Position: DJ, MC, Sound Producer, Remixer! Ability to travel: There are Obligations: Providene disco events at various levels on site, Club Carparativy, OPEN AIR, weddings, concerts, write music remixes, mash aps, bootlegs to order. Installation of sound, and light obarudivane.PO WISHING CLIENT TO CHOOSE!


 In the Past he was a resident for 2006 to 2010: PEOPLE BAR. (Tashkent), LETO (Loung Bar), Restaurant Tokyo Bay (Moscow), THE ROMSE (Tashkent), DIPLAMAT. (Tashkent), GOLD CLUB. (Tashkent), Pur Pur (Moscow), Imperia Lounge (Moscow) , Wow Bodrum Resort (Bodrum), Club Voyage (Bodrum), Club Turquoise (Bodrum), Altin Yunus (Izmir), Dogan Fm (Conia), Radio Ayna (Corum), Radio Melodi (Corum), Tent on Pure Ponds, Moscow (Moscow)

PLAYED AS A GUEST: 2011 to 2013

LONDON.5. (Tashkent), Zebra bar. (Moscow), LOUNG BAR LETO. (Tashkent), Freetime club (Moscow) Elise club. (Moscow), ELIPSE. (Tashkent), BARMALEY. (Tashkent), XATABICH. (Tashkent), OPERA (Tashkent), X-CLUB (Tashkent) Friday zum pub. (Alma-Ata), Dont't worry papa. (Alma-Ata), media (Tashkent), La Shakar, Fashion Bar. Tashkent, Versailles (Moscow), Rose (Moscow), Republic (Moscow), Shishas (Moscow) .Pur Pur (Moscow), Imperia Lounge (Moscow), Wow Bodrum Resort (Bodrum), Club Voyage (Bodrum), Club Turquoise (Bodrum), Altin Yunus (Izmir), Dogan Fm (Conia), Radio Ayna (Corum), Radio Melodi (Corum), Tent on Pure Ponds, Moscow (Moscow)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now - 2016 to 2017: often happens: "Rogers Club and Lounge Ramee Royal Dubai". «Q43 Club - Media One Hotel». «Dubai Night Club». «Dubai Night Club Events». «Horizon Lounge - Dubai». "Diablo Nightclub Abu Dhabi".

 ICON (Moscow), AURA CLUB KEMER (Turkey)

Moska (Moscow), Club Kristal Kemer (Turkey), Blue Night Otel. (Turkey), Todasa (Moscow), Club Estrada (St. Petersburg), Club Doski (St. Petersburg), Grizzly bar. (Saint- Petersburg) .Shater (Moscow), Lights (Moscow), Dantes (Moscow), Rixos Premium Bodrum (Bodrum), Wow Kremlin Palace (Antalya), Wow Topkapi Palace (Antalya), Spice Hotel & Spa (Antalya), Club Lotus Antalya), Yasmin Delux Resort (Bodrum), Kakao Beach Club (Bodrum),

Guest: "Rogers Club and Lounge Ramee Royal Dubai". «Q43 Club - Media One Hotel». «Dubai Night Club». «Dubai Night Club Events». «Horizon Lounge - Dubai». "Diablo Nightclub Abu Dhabi".

Chapaev (Moscow), Hold club (Pushkino), Senat Disco (Antalya), Club Daisy Alcatras (Bodrum),

James Dean Bar / Alanya (Antalya), Deep House (Bodrum), Club Vadi (Corum), Club Bora Bora (Moscow),

Club Senat (Antalya), Colonna (Moscow), Inter Beer (Moscow), Hold Club (Pushkino),

Korona Club / IMPERIA (Nefteyugansk), Korona (Nefteyugansk), central park cafe (Moscow), Pasadena (Moscow),



Organization of performances: DJ RALF MINOVICH - BOOKING:

(+ 79670053625.Moscow) - (+ 971569686635.Dubai)


(+ 79670053625.Moscow) - (+ 971569686635.Dubai)

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    ROMAN ROMK!N KUDASHK!N  21 November 2018 12:19 #
    Моя поддержка+++PR! Давай в друзья)
    DJ Yegor F'yut  21 November 2018 8:25 #
    Хорошие работы Моя поддержка жду в друзьях :)
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  21 November 2018 9:50 #
      Спасибо))) хорошо взаимно!
    DJ JEDDIK LUXURY  30 November 2017 17:02 #
    Domerman  4 September 2017 1:17 #
    Vladons  13 August 2017 9:32 #
    coolvv  24 July 2017 20:11 #
    Collector 01  18 July 2017 0:19 #
    Diankin  15 July 2017 1:21 #
    +++классно, классно. не могла пройти мимо)))
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  2 August 2017 7:42 #
      Спасибо! Все для вас И только)))
    DJ Tim  20 January 2017 14:33 #
    +)))хорошие работы)
    Maxi K.  21 July 2016 18:14 #
    pr+ и дружба
    DIAZ  21 June 2016 20:19 #
    Удачи и успехов в творчестве!+)
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  25 June 2016 13:26 #
      Спасибо большое!!! коллега )))
    DJ Любаня Love  16 April 2016 10:39 #
    PRяничек от меня=) и в други)+++
    DJ EL`F  3 April 2016 13:13 #
    Супер, держи плюс, надеюсь на взаимность)
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  3 April 2016 13:27 #
      Спасибо))) конечно взаимность без проблем)))
    Dj Sash (UA)  9 December 2015 12:59 #
    С Днем Рождения ! ;)
    DMC AFON  4 December 2015 23:45 #
    LED  13 November 2015 13:28 #
    Отличные работы !!++
    Елена Аверина  3 November 2015 18:43 #
    PR+)и в друзья)
    LUCAS LEGACY  16 October 2015 11:42 #
    Лови в копиллчку PR+ и надеюсь на взаимность))
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  4 November 2015 20:06 #
      Спасибо хорошо КОЛЛЕГА)))
    RAZZE!UP  9 October 2015 20:09 #
    хорошие работы +++PR и заходи
    DJ AMICE  9 October 2015 8:12 #
    Огромный плюс от меня!!! Жму руку!
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  9 October 2015 14:52 #
      Спасибо КОЛЛЕГА )))
      DJ RALF MINOVICH  4 November 2015 20:04 #
      спасибо весьма благодарю )))
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    DJ LUCKY  4 September 2015 13:57 #
    DJ REEF  13 August 2014 3:06 #
    +++PR)Работы ГУД)))Дружииим)
    Save&Ko  3 November 2013 10:45 #
    DJ Mahmudoff  22 October 2013 23:21 #
    В поддержку +1))) Жду в друзьях :)
    DENNIS SHAKE  15 October 2013 23:08 #
    DJ MATUYA  16 September 2013 2:31 #
    DJ VARTA  30 December 2012 5:30 #
    PR + 49,52 Держи от меня успеха в творчестве !!!уже в друзьях
    DJ VARTA  3 October 2012 21:10 #
    лови +++ давай в други ! взаимно !)))
    DJ Aki  28 August 2012 11:34 #
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