Gennady Korallov
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Club House, Progressive House, Tech House, Vocal House
DJ, producer, clubber since 2004
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Nizhnii Novgorod
Resident: PREM!O Centre Club INDI'' (Nizhnii Novgorod), Night Club Bombardir (Gorodec)
Guest: milo concert hall (Nizhnii Novgorod), Pacha (Sharm el-Sheikh), Camel Bar (Sharm el-Sheikh), ESfm; 109fm (Kiev), (Nizhnii Novgorod), Sin City (Saint Petersburg), РК "НАЦИОНАЛЬ" (Kovrov), Night Club "LёD" (Kirov), Dusty Gold (Dzerzhinsk), Night club ARBAT (Kirov), Fellini (Sarov (Nizhegorodskaya obl.)), T.E.A.T.R.O (Nizhnii Novgorod), Z-Top Club (Nizhnii Novgorod), ▪ ▪ ▪ Café - club CHOCOLATE ▪ ▪ ▪ (Zavolzhe), Club DK (Kstovo), Ночь (Nizhnii Novgorod), Мотор (Nizhnii Novgorod), Тройка (CHeboksary), Клуб Bush (Vyazniki), ночной клуб Мираж (Kstovo), Резиденция (Nizhnii Novgorod)
Frequent visitor: Территория солнца (Gorodec), клуб Онегин (Nizhnii Novgorod), Клуб Матрица (Nizhnii Novgorod), Capital (Nizhnii Novgorod), Клуб Авентура (Nizhnii Novgorod), КЛУБ RELAX (Nizhnii Novgorod), Tarantino (Nizhnii Novgorod)
Was just once: J Club (Nizhnii Novgorod), Клуб “Rocco” (Nizhnii Novgorod)
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Indi, Nizhnii Novgorod, 00:00 // 30 April 2012
Muba, Nizhnii Novgorod, 00:00 // 3 April 2012
Pacha, Sharm el-Sheikh, 00:00 // 12 March 2012
Club House
Camel bar, Sharm el-Sheikh, 00:00 // 10 March 2012
Vocal House
«PREM!O Centre» Ночной клуб INDI, Nizhnii Novgorod, 23:00 // 29 October 2011
Победа! Ура! №1 в конкурсе DJ AWARDS NN 2012!


«Music is all that surrounds us, I urged to do our life – MORE BRIGHTLY!»


Gennady Korallov (DJ RADO) – Young, ambitious, bright and vigorous. It is all - synonyms DJ RADO, most typical reflecting its work.


Career of the DJ has begun not so long ago, in 2004. And here already throughout all these years, it promptly grows as DJ and the creative person. Its power forces to fight hearts, its music moves a dancing. Today DJ RADO the bright actor given completely to the creativity.


Musical taste, was formed of bright representatives of electronic music, such as: Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, LTJ Bukem, Moby, Fatboy Slim, and many-many other. Today, dialogue and friendship with eminent Russian both foreign musicians and DJs, allows to have always only the most actual, interesting and bright material which is necessary to taste to the most exacting public.


DJ RADO besides music, pays much attention to a work technical aspect as considers that the good DJ - not simply person with a qualitative material, but also technically competent actor. The technics of data of tracks, a game manner, material giving, use of high technologies in диджеинге, is everything that in its opinion, it is very important to know and be able to the modern DJ.


Having won back hundreds hours of music in the diversified clubs of the country, it doesn't cease to surprise. Its each set is individual, each track bears the emotions. Each performance DJ RADO – the author's book in which music on means, it opens the private world, the feelings, emotions and experiences.


Experience DJ RADO includes not only work in clubs, but also performances on radio stations, television, and author's transfers. Its sets sound in the diversified institutions. From Lounge Café to Underground Clubs.


Musical taste of the DJ was generated not at once. At first it was rigid music, equal butts, "factory" sounds, now it is bright, vigorous, emotional House. The material for each club gets out it individually, taking in attention all subtleties, nuances and wishes, without losing the originality and a highlight.



In 2006, DJ RADO became the founder and the ideological inspirer musical хардового project DOUBLE EFFECT the writing rigid Undergroundовой music and game in four hands on 3 players with samples and magnifiers became which idea, creating tracks "hurriedly", giving that individuality to each performance.


In 2008, the decision on disintegration of the project which has caused solo career was accepted.


2009, it is possible to consider sign for DJ RADO. This year, there was a big jerk in the musical career, given rise to new image, the new views, new ideas. Having reconsidered completely the concept, the work beginning in a new musical direction was necessary. From this year, DJ RADO plays HOUSE music. This year, it gets acquainted with set of DJs of Russia and abroad. Dialogue and friendship with which, lasts till now. The large quantity of a material which waited for an exit in weights has collected. Tour activity grew, востребовательность in DJ RADO grew every day.


In 2010 DJ RADO is beyond a native city, and begins tour activity on set of cities of Russia: St.-Petersburg, Nizhni Novgorod, Kirov, Cheboksary, Gorodets, Zavolzhe, Kstovo, Penza, Perm, etc.


Creative potential DJ RADO grows with each set, all new and new horizons giving infinite possibilities of growth and achievement of new heights open. It isn't going to stop on reached, and puts even more efforts, giving itself completely to please and surprise you with new bright works, original sets and unforgettable performances.


Musical preferences: House (Club, Vocal, Progressive, Tech, Tribal).

    RUSLAN RADRIGES  11 March 2015 19:46 #
    С Днем рождения!!! Музыкального роста и творческих успехов))) Проект Ruslan Radriges=)
    Alexey Zhigalov  10 March 2013 19:33 #
    Zig∙Zag  25 January 2013 20:06 #
    Hi, Man! +++ Only!
    Dj-A.R.T.ii-project  21 November 2012 1:50 #
    отличные работы земляк))+++
    DJ RADO (NN)  16 November 2012 16:03 #
    HypoCr1sy  27 October 2012 20:53 #
    +пр за контр бар :)))
    DJ RADO (NN)  10 October 2012 11:58 #
    DJ RADO (NN)  6 August 2012 15:23 #
    DJ KM  15 May 2012 16:28 #
    + тебе)) Жду в друзьях)
    A-tekk  14 May 2012 18:17 #
    Хорошая музыка, интересная сводка, кайфовые миксы)) Молоток может покажешь мастер класс? =) Даше привет =) +++
      DJ RADO (NN)  15 May 2012 13:13 #
      Спасибо!! ок =))
    DJ MYLNIKOV  11 May 2012 17:41 #
    ++++ )))
    DJ NDMA  5 April 2012 0:49 #
    + в пр
    DJ RADO (NN)  29 March 2012 23:18 #
    DJ LAX  23 March 2012 13:58 #
    Привет=) совсем свежачок =) жду твоих комментариев =)
    DJ RADO (NN)  20 March 2012 22:43 #
    DJ RADO (NN)  20 March 2012 22:41 #
    FIHGTING MAN  14 January 2012 23:49 #
    ты лучший
    JIN SHI  30 October 2011 16:24 #
    Гена, прива) держи плюс! :)
    Lost Element  22 October 2011 23:24 #
    классно отмочил 21ого в indi ! !
  • +1
    DJ Relax  28 June 2011 1:23 #
    DJ RADO @ "ТЕХНИКА ДВИЖЕНИЯ" 28.06.11 -
      DJ RADO (NN)  28 June 2011 23:46 #
      было ооочень весело =)) Спасибо Саша!
        DJ Relax  1 September 2011 20:05 #
    DJ RADO (NN)  23 May 2011 14:33 #
    DJ David Pak  1 April 2011 15:03 #
    Привет коллега ) дружим? )) ну и плюс конечно!
      DJ RADO (NN)  1 April 2011 15:06 #
      ООО!! Валерка! Конечно!
    Eco_Tech  18 March 2011 7:50 #
    С прошедшим!
    DJ Stranger  2 February 2011 2:09 #
    You welcome +++
    Fashion Deejays  16 December 2010 23:36 #
    HEY DJ +
    Electro Elephants (DJ G.Ros, DJ Tacker)  30 November 2010 9:36 #
      DJ RADO (NN)  30 November 2010 13:17 #
      =)) Спасибо!!! RULISH
    DJ Tacker (Electro Elephants)  23 November 2010 9:31 #
    Здорова DJ! HEY DJ
    Dj Next  2 November 2010 17:32 #
    жду взаимного))
    MAVI  11 October 2010 23:28 #
    DJ SMIRNOV  26 September 2010 20:33 #
    Эксклюзив ВСЕ НА PROMODJ
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