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4 514 PR 13,1 ▲ Electro House, House
4 471 PR 10,2 ▲ Electro House, House
Электро-восточный трек, посвящённый поездки лейбла Metromusic на 10 дневную пати в Египет,... 
4 404 PR 10,8 ▲ Electro House, House
Электро трек с красиво звучащим колокольчиками в преддверии нового года... 
2 273 PR 8,2 ▲ House, Progressive House
6 483 PR 9,7 ▲ House, Progressive House
Романтичный прг трек, записанный 30 августа 2007 
329 PR 6,1 ▲ House, Progressive House
Тре записан совместно с Нижегородской рок-группой YORK вышел на лейбле Uplifto в... 
9 717 PR 11,4 ▲ House, Progressive House
Тре вошёл в сборник Mixadance, выпущенный на лебле Правтильство звука 
3 363 PR 8 ▲ House, Progressive House


DJ Ozz

All my career and business activities are connected with music. In 2000 I started helping my elder brother Mikhail managing his English culture and music radio show and small parties in bars and night clubs, but especially DJ-ing became my primary field of interest. In 2002 we founded promo label “Metromusic” and held different activities around music sector: event management, radio shows, music shop, DJ school, etc.In 2005 when my brother left “Metromusic” and I took the leadership of the project. In 2006 I was invited as art director to manage promo and event activities in new the biggest in Kazan club “Ermitage”. I worked in “Ermitage” and “Metromusic” in parallel. The invitation of the first foreign DJ (Julio Navas) to Kazan is among my achievements. Later I started inviting not only DJs, but also artists.Dr. Alban’s, Inna’s, Morandi’s, DimaBilan’s and other concerts were very successful, but the best event was organized after I left “Ermitage” in 2010 to focus more on entrepreneurship. DJ Tiesto’s rave party with 10000 clubbers in hockey stadium became the biggest ever commercial party in Kazan. Along with event management I do radio and night club DJ-ing.Since 2008 I make remixes and night club tracks in Russian and English. I also have an experience of running bars, currently I co-own a small bar.