Александр Алымов
4 May 1992
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Acid, Acid House, Acid Techno, Ambient, Big Beat, Breakcore, Breaks, Brokenbeat, Chiptune, Dancehall, Dark Ambient, Darkstep, Digital Hardcore, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Dubwise, Electronic Body Music, Experimental, Frenchcore, Glitch, Hard Techno, Hardcore, IDM, Indietronica, Industrial, Industrial Techno, Instrumental, Jazz, Jungle, Liquid funk, Lo-Fi, New Rave, Noise, Power Noise, Ragga Jungle, Raggacore, Rave, Reggae, Schranz, Ska, Speedcore, Techno, Technoid, Techstep, Turntablism
DJ, producer, promoter, vocalist, listener since 2004
Location: Canada, Toronto
Resident: Fear.FM (Antwerpen)
Guest: SEUA Radio (Eslöv), HardShockers FM (Hamburg), Obnoxiouz Distortion (Las Vegas), O4T Radio (Darmstadt), Harder.FM (Alkmaar), Hardzone.FM (Leuven), Pure Hardcore @ Harder.FM (Alkmaar), Industrial Frequencies Corbcast (Brno-Kralovo), Gabber.FM (Rotterdam)
Frequent visitor: Corebay Radio (Brno-Kralovo)
Was just once: Планета Льда (Moscow), Klubosfera (Tver), Rave Sound WEB Radio (Bordeaux), Survival Sessionz (Riga), TECHNOcal Difficulties (Las Vegas), Darkness Falls Mixsession (Varna), Rough and Tough Show (Melbourne), Atrumcast (Jastrzebie Zdroj), NTR Podcast (Melbourne), Splatterkore Terrorcast (London), Valhalla Hardcore Radio (Asker), Abraxis Productions (Sydney), Harder & Louder (Barnaul), Pure Hardcore @ Fear.Fm (Antwerpen), AZ Hardcore Radio (Phoenix), Satanicast (Paris), X3Cast (Antwerp), New Day Podcast (Cegléd), Bass Generator Records (Edinburgh), DP Inc. Radio (Milan), Stormcast (Belfast), Core United (Moscow), We United Promotions (Austin), Adrift (Toronto)
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Darklime - Hard Party @ Adrift 04.04.14 Part 3 (Closing Set)

01 Teknologic - Distortion Device [Zero Tolerance]
02 Peaky Pounder - Soutuvene Ihminen [The Third Movement]
03 void settler - Swamprat.Swamprat Indeed. [The Third Movement]   
04 Carnage & Cluster - Contemporary Disgust [The Devils Rejects]
05 Darklime - Hardstyle Nation [Unreleased]   
06 N-Vitral - Default Interface    [The Third Movement]
07 Rave Allstars - Logical Song (Noize Fix By Darklime) [Unreleased]

closing set i've played 3:40-4:00…

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19 April 2014 2:16
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Darklime - Hard Party @ Adrift 04.04.14 Part 2/2 (Prerecorded/LIVE)

03 DJ Mutante - The Root of All Evil [Social Teknology]   
04 Fiend - Zero Cool [Rebelscum]   
05 Stormtrooper feat. MCK - Rap Whores [Absurd Audio]
06 The Destroyer - The Fat Fuck (X-Fly Remix) [Head Fuck Records]
07 Carlett0.G.M.909 - Fuckin'Bitch [AvantiRecords]   
09 D.o.m. - Pattern Engine [Head Fuck Negative]
10 AleX Tune - Fly To You [Dance Corps]
11 DJ Skinhead - At War (The Vizitor DJ Tool) [Not On Label]   
12 Micropoint - E-Man [Dead End Records]
13 X-Mind & Zeta Reticuli - One Chance [Motormouth Recordz]
14 Master Mind - Fuck Supreme [Head Fuck Records]
15 D.o.m. - Trilogy Sound [Head Fuck Negative]

due to technical problems i've picked from track 3,first transition prerecorded,rest is live mixing

people really liked track 11 :)……

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19 April 2014 1:45
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Darklime - Hard Party @ Adrift 04.04.14 Part 1/2 (Prerecorded)

01 AleX Tune - Are You Ready To Play? (Intro) [Rus Zud/Sociopath Recordings]
02 Hellfish - Stomp that Wicked Bitch Right Up [Spootnik Records]
03 DJ Mutante - The Root of All Evil [Social Teknology]   
04 Fiend - Zero Cool [Rebelscum]

first 10 minutes i prerecorded,due to technical problems i've picked from track 3…

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19 April 2014 0:53
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CSR - Get Off My Lawn! (Promomix By Angerkick)

1 Khaoz Engine - Gangsta Gangsta
2 Fist Of Fury - Perfect Cycle
3 A-Kriv & 3-Ki - Creative Response
4 Explicit - Drop A Bomb On Em
5 Drokz - Lesson From Grandpa
6 Stinger - Provision Tribute

Belgian Crossbreed/French Hardcore/Italian Frenchcore/Dutch Terror Released By Canadian Living In Holland Mixed By Russian Living In Canada,What Goes Around Comes Around Folks! (:…

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24 March 2014 14:36
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Darklime - Darkcontroller & Friends Pt.II

01 Darkcontroller - Zuckerzzz   
02 Cemon Victa  Hoe Maak Je Herrie (Darkcontroller Remix)
03 Darkcontroller - Zuckerzzz (Vizitor Remix)   
04 Darkcontroller - Rustraties   
05 Negative A - Smoking Blunt   
06 Negative A - Koksoccer Fuck You (Angernoizer Remix)   
07 The Vizitor feat. S'Aphira - Pas De Frenchcore S.V.P.   
08 Negative A - Dick Sucking Animal   
09 Darkcontroller - Darkstream (Para Italia & Nonasylum)   
10 Negative A - Smoking Blunt (Noisekick Remix)   
11 Negative A - Smoking Blunt (Underground Violence Remix)   
12 Negative A & Darkcontroller - Scrambled Minds   
13 Darkcontroller - Insurruction   
14 Darkcontroller - Asstortion   
15 E-Noid - DNA Theory   
16 Negative A - Downloadable Suicide   
17 E-Noid - Tiny Sparks Of Air   
18 Negative A & Dark Controller - Prisoners of XTC   
19 SRB - Snake Business   
20 Negative A vs. Darkcontroller - Drugz 4 Fun   
21 Slavefriese - Stay Down with the Hardcore   
22 Negative A & Darkcontroller - Rape The Planet   
23 E-Noid - Act Of Agression   
24 Darkcontroller - World Of Fear   
25 Darkcontroller - Conscious World (Negative A Remix)   
26 Negative A - Guilty By Affiliation   
27 E-Noid - Heavy Hitter   
28 E-Noid - Dawn Of A New Era
29 E-Noid - Liquid Super D   
30 E-Noid - Tiny Sparks Of Air (Darkcontroller Remix)   
31 E-Noid - Act Of Agression (Slavefriese Remix)
32 Negative A - Industructible Soul   
33 Cemon Victa - Beyond Limitations   
34 Darkcontroller - Controlled By Darkness   
35 E-Noid - The Antichrist   
36 Slavefriese - Forever and Eternity   
37 E-Noid - Liquid Super D (Negative A Remix)   
38 Headbanger vs. Dione - Pain Is God (Remastered 2011)   
39 E-noid - Heavy hitter (dj niel & carnage remix)   
40 Cemon Victa - Digital Noize   
41 Darkcontroller - Copkiller   
42 Phobos - Feel My Hell   
43 Negative A - The Origin Of Evil   
44 Darkcontroller - Shot In The Dark   
45 Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Nuclear Disaster   
46 Dione - Door 2 Dreams   
47 Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Mask   
48 Para Italia - Ragga Trip   
49 Hardcore Masterz Vienna - Fuck The Police (Para Italia & Nonasylum Remix)   
50 Darkcontroller vs. Nonasylum - Dead Man Walking (Andy The Core Remix)   
51 Darkcontroller - Controlled By Darkness (Cemon Victa Remix)   
52 Darkcontroller vs Hellter Skellter - Take This   
53 Phobos & Cemon Victa - Acts Of War   
54 Darkcontroller vs. s' Aphira - 6 Demons…

Darkcontroller [DNA/T.I.T. Records/Megarave] & Friends:

Cemon Victa [T.I.T. Records/DNA]

The Vizitor [DNA/T.I.T. Records]

Negative A [DNA/Megarave]

Angernoizer [DNA]

S'Aphira [T.I.T. Records/DNA]

Para Italia [DNA/Partyraiser Records/Megarave]

Nonasylum [DNA/Megarave]

Noisekick [T.I.T. Records/DNA]

E-Noid [DNA/Megarave]

SRB [T.I.T. Records/Megarave]

Slavefriese [DNA/Megarave]

Headbanger [Megarave]

Dione [Megarave]

DJ Niel [Zero Tolerance]

Carnage [Zero Tolerance]

Phobos [DNA]

Hardcore Masterz Vienna [Megarave]

Andy The Core [DNA]

Hellter Skellter [DNA]


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1 March 2014 18:12
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  1 PR 0,05 Hardcore, Drum & Bass
Samples: Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder DJ D &... 
  PR 0 Hardcore
Samples: Menace II Society - Chronic Disorder Tommyknocker - Crunk... 
  1 PR 0,97 Hardcore
В этом мини миксе вы можете услышать фрагменты таких треков как:... 
  1 PR 0,75 Hardcore
3 Steps Ahead - Drop It Tha Playah vs Evil Activities... 
  PR 1,24 Breaks
Deekline & Wizard - Back Up (Love for the music) Katy... 


  PR 0 Fx
  PR 0 Fx


Darklime,Angerkick,Noisy,Alexandre Fatal,Screamy Pig,Shredder,Kirby Attacks,D&A DJ Team,Axel F****D.


Discogs Artist:…


Discogs collection:…


Ask Me A Question:



Ниже представлен список стилей в которых я пишу свои треки/миксы:


Darklime: Acid,Electro,Chiptune,Breakcore,Dubstep,Drum&Bass,

Hardcore,Speedcore,Terrorcore,Industrial Hardcore,Frenchcore,Jungle


Angerkick: Hardcore,Speedcore,Terrorcore,Splittercore


Noisy: Noise,Glitch,IDM,Breakbeat,Breakcore


Alexandre Fatal: Hard Techno,Acid Techno,Schranz


Screamy Pig: Grindcore


Shredder: Chiptune/Hardcore/Noise


Carnage: switched to Angerkick


Kirby Attacks: Chiptune/Breakcore

D&A DJ Team: Darklime & Angerkick [DJ Act]

Axel F****D. : Darklime & Alexandre Fatal [DJ Act]



Darklime - Soul of Programmer 1.0 (Pixelmod Records) (4xFile, MP3)


Darklime - Sensitive Screams VIP & Stop The War VIP (Noiseworx Records) (2xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Terror Underground (Darklime Self-Released) [removed] (2xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Little Future (Darklime Self-Released) [removed] (5xFile, MP3)


Darklime - Terroll'D (Antistatic) (3xFile, MP3)

Darklime - L'Amour (Antistatic) [removed] (File, MP3)

Darklime - Popeye (Antistatic) [removed] (File, MP3)

Darklime - Brunetka (Antistatic) [removed] (File, MP3)

Darklime - Little Future (Remastered) (Darklime Self-Released) (5xFile, MP3)

Bill Hicks - The Noisy Show 1989 (Noize Sampled By Darklime) (Darklime Self-Released) (File, MP3, Unofficial)

Darklime - My Own Chiptune Experience (Mash BarZ) (CDr, Album, Ltd) [quantity low]

FTRG / Noisy - Split (Mash BarZ) (CDr, Ltd) [SOLD OUT]

DJ Kaos / Noisy - Split (Mash BarZ) (CDr, Ltd)

Darklime - King Of The Jungle (Mash BarZ) (2xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Trip To My 8-Bit Childhood (Mash BarZ) (2xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Jingle Chips (Darklime Self-Released) (File, MP3)


Carnage / Darklime - Untitled (Mash BarZ) (Floppy Disk 3.5",MP3,Ltd)

Darklime - Love Dimension MashUp (Darklime Self-Released) (File, MP3,Unofficial)

Schnauz / Darklime - Split (Mash BarZ) (7xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Gabber Demo Loops (Mash BarZ) (Floppy Disk 3.5",MP3,Ltd)

Alexander Alymov - C<2M (Mash BarZ) (CDr,Mini,Ltd,Promo)

Darklime - Terror Underground (Reissue) (Antistatic) (4xFile, MP3)

Alexander Alymov - C<3M (Mash BarZ) (CDr,Mini,Ltd,Promo)

Noisy - Frustration EP (Humans Are Puppies) (5xFile,MP3,EP)

Darklime - Raggaglitch Summertime! (Mash BarZ) (5xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Asian Bird / Emotions (Darklime Self-Released) (2xFile, MP3)

Noisy - Agony Sampler (Mash BarZ) (Flexi, 7", S/Sided, Ltd, TP, Promo, W/Lbl, Smplr)

Darklime - House 1,3!? (Darklime Self-Released) (3xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Untitled (Darklime Self-Released) (2xFile, MP3)

Noisy - Untitled (Darklime Self-Released) (2xFile, MP3)


Darklime - Standing Still / Untitled (Darklime Self-Released) (2xFile, MP3)

Noisy - Agony Sampler (Mash BarZ) (Vinyl, 7", Ltd, W/Lbl, Smplr)

Noisy - Aggression EP (Humans Are Puppies) (4xFile,MP3,EP)


DJ Mix:


Angerkick - Terror Attack Mix (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Mash BarZ Breakcore Promo Mix (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Angerkick - Terror Attack Mix Vol.2 (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Mixed)

DJ Kaos - Harsh Noise (Selected & Mixed By Noisy) (Kaos Recordings UK) (2xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Angerkick - Terror Attack Mix Vol.3 (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol​.​1 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Whitelabel Unity Mix (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.2 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]


Darklime - Grindskull Vol.3 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.4 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Alexandre Fatal - Darkness Falls Mixsession February 2011 (Darkness Falls) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.1-4 (Mash BarZ) (CDr,Ltd,Promo)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.5 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - 140 BPM Of GhettoCore (Atrum Artifex Recordings) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Spring Break(Core) Promo Mix (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.6 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

NTR Podcast 002: Darklime (Night Terror Recordings) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Angerkick & Darklime - Splatterkore Terrorcast #9 (Splatterkore Rek-ords) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.7 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.8 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime & Angerkick - Audio Destruction Vol.1 [ABPODCAST004] (Abraxis Productions) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.5-8 (Mash BarZ) (CDr,Ltd,Promo)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.9 (Double Skulled) (Mash BarZ) (2xFile, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.10 (Double Skulled) (Mash BarZ) (2xFile, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.11 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Various - Mash BarZ: One Year Megamix + Compilation Part 1 (Mash BarZ) (13xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.12 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed) [removed]

Darklime - Harder & Louder Special Mix (Harder & Louder) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.9 (Double Skulled) (Mash BarZ) (Cassette, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.10 (Double Skulled) (Mash BarZ) (Cassette, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.9-12 (Mash BarZ) (CDr,Ltd,Promo)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.13 (Mash BarZ) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull: Anthology + Grindskull Comp (Mash BarZ) (DVDr,Ltd,Promo)


Darklime - Satanicast 03 (Satanical Bots Ritual/Satanicast) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - X3cast 006 (X3cast) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - New Day Podcast #6 (New Day Podcast) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Viral Static Mix (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Anti Conspiracy Mix (Viral Conspiracy Records) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Tarot De Marseilles Volume X: Wheel (Mash BarZ) (2xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Tarot De Marseilles Volume XI: Strength (Mash BarZ) (3xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Stormcast 2 (Stormcast) (File, MP3, Mixed)


Darklime - Danger Zone 2 Edition III (H.P.G. Detonator) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Various - Antistatic Yearmix 2010 (Antistatic) (26xFile, MP3, Comp + 1xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Various - Antistatic Yearmix 2011 (Antistatic) (55xFile, MP3, Comp + 4xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - CU Mix #05 (Core United) (File, MP3, Mixed)

Various - Antistatic Yearmix 2012 (Antistatic) (79xFile, MP3, Comp + 5xFile, MP3, Mixed)

We United Promotions Podcast 02 (Mixed by Angerkick aka Darklime) (We United Promotions) (File, MP3, Mixed)


Various - Antistatic Yearmix 2013 (Antistatic) (??xFile, MP3, Comp +??xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Tarot De Marseilles Volume XIII: Death (Mash BarZ) (??xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Darklime - Grindskull Vol.14 (Mash BarZ) (??xFile, MP3, Mixed)

Tracks Appear On:


Various - Industry That Makes You (Antistatic) (3xFile, MP3)

Various - Smoking Weed Bitch (Mash BarZ) (6xFile, MP3, Comp)

Various - Noise Varieties (Father,Forgive Me Records) (9xFile, MP3, Comp)

Various - Shit Noise 6 (Shit Noise Records) (CDr, Ltd, Comp)


Various - Black Territory (Headache Records) (22xFile, MP3, Comp)

Various - Extreme Sound Mayhem Vol.1 (Extreme Sound Forum) (50xFile, MP3, Comp)

Various - Ant1static Vol.1 (Antistatic) (17xFile, MP3, Comp/CDr) [CDr unavailable]

X-Mind - Supernova EP (Darkside Underground) (5xFile,MP3,EP)

Various - Grinding Aftermath Compilation (American Aftermath/Grind To Death) (69xFile,MP3,Comp)

Various - Mash BarZ One Year: Megamix + Compilation Part 1 (Mash BarZ) (30xFile, MP3,Comp) [mixes are mostly unavailable]

Various - Mash BarZ One Year: Compilation Part 2 (Mash BarZ) (18xFile, MP3,Comp)

Various - Mash BarZ One Year: Antistatic Takeover (Mash BarZ) (21xFile, MP3,Comp)


Various - ANT2RMX Pt.3: Originals (Antistatic) (9xFile, MP3,Comp)


Compiled By


Various - Doomed Nation 2102 (Antistatic) (11-12xFile, MP3,Comp)


Darklime - Anti Conspiracy Mix (Compilation) (Antistatic) (29xFile, MP3,Comp)

Various - Antistatic 3.0 (Antistatic) (33xFile, MP3,Comp)




Neokoros - A64 (B2K Records (Born To Kick)) (5xFile, MP3,EP) [Vocals (Sampled), Uncredited]


Le Demonist - Fucked Up My Brain (GGM Digital) (3xFile, MP3) [Vocals (Sampled), Uncredited]

[KRTM] - Medicat 11 (Motormouth Recordz) (File, Single)
Vocals (Sampled), Uncredited]



Darklime - Terror Underground (Gabbenni Amenassi Remix) (Sociopath Recordings) (13xFile, MP3)

Eraserhead - Music (Darklime Remix) (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Unofficial)

Darklime - Running Robot (MM vs. FoX Remix) (Bad Dog Entertainment) (6xFile, MP3)

Noisy - Split (VIPs Of Kaos) (Kaos Recordings UK) (3 x File, MP3)

Brighter Death Now - Deathgrant (Noisy Harsh Mix) (Kaos Recordings UK) (File, MP3, Unofficial)


Darklime - Trip To My 8-Bit Childhood (Remixes) (Antistatic) (4xFile, MP3)

Darklime - Trip To My 8-Bit Childhood (Remixes) (Darklime Self-Released) (CDr,Ltd,Promo) [CDr unavailable]

The Prodigy - ...Bitch Up! (Noisy Live Raw & Uncut Mixes) (Mash BarZ) (4xFile, MP3, Unofficial)

Art Of Fighters - Artwork (Darklime Remix) (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Unofficial)

Darklime - Dione.D (Antistatic) (3xFile, MP3, Unofficial)

Noisy SS - N.S.N. & N.S.G. Pt.1 (Mash BarZ) (5xFile, MP3, Unofficial)

Darklime - Emotions (Dead By Silence Remix) (Antistatic) (4xFile, MP3,EP)

Various - Mash BarZ One Year: Bootleg Remixes & Mash Up's (Mash BarZ) (13xFile, MP3,Comp)

Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs (Legs Akimbo Records) (4xFile,MP3,Partially Unofficial)

Schnauz - Pixel Rave (Reworked By Noisy) (Mash BarZ) (Floppy Disk 3.5",MP3,Ltd)

Eminem & Bounty Killer - My Bible Name Is Badman RMX (Mash BarZ) (Flexi, 7", S/Sided, Ltd, TP, Promo, W/Lbl, Unofficial) [TP SOLD OUT]


Darklime - Pisson RMX'D (Antistatic) (3xFile, MP3, Unofficial)

Various - ANT2RMX Pt.1: Remixes (Antistatic) (13xFile, MP3,Comp)

Various - ANT2RMX Pt.2: Bootlegs (Antistatic) (22xFile, MP3,Comp,Unofficial)

LXC - Lyzerk (Noisy Junkfood Acidized Mix) (Legs Akimbo Records/Mash BarZ) (File, MP3,Single,Unofficial)

Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs Part 2: RMX (Legs Akimbo Records) (4xFile, MP3,Unofficial)

Darklime - No Legs For Bootlegs Part 3: Mashup (Legs Akimbo Records) (4xFile, MP3,Unofficial)

Darklime - Emotions (Remixes) (Antistatic) (14xFile, MP3,Comp)


Darklime - Terror Underground (Remixes) (Antistatic) (4xFile, MP3)

The Opposites & Yellow Claw - Thunder (Evil Activities & E-Life Remix) (Darklime Refix) (Antistatic) (File, MP3, Unofficial)


DJ Support To:

Merkurius (CA),X-Mind (IT),The Acolyte (PL),morocha (RU),Hard Kryptic Records (US),Dark Like Hell/Angry Tolerance/The Illuminati (IL),FA23 (CZ),DJ Smurf/GGM Raw Records (UK),AleX Tune (UA),Hellseekhaa/JE Crew Music (RU),Bozz (PL),Acid Flux (MX),bioxeed (AU),Audio Revolt/X-Core (SE),Hardy-Smile (UA),CH3OH (UA),In-ToxX (BG),Grawlix (US),P-Dough (UK),Horse Force (US),Nevermind/Apocalypse Recordings (US),Grouch (UK),Vague Entity (NL),Six Feet Underground Digital (US),Goner (DE),T-Cutt (UK), Carnage & Cluster (NL),RedMore (FR),D.A.T. (AT), CEP2plet (US),Hunterwolf/Paranoiax/HM Noizes (IT), Tolerance/Dark.Descent/Red Fever Recordings/Atrum Artifex Alpha (NL),Frame Of Mind (RU),CC Inc. (RO),Anticollektive (PL),DJ Freak (UK),Kaelteeinbruch/Catcore/Catgirl (DE),Legion Nightmare (FR), Cementimental (UK),DJ Kaos (UK),Head Fuck Records (IT),Obsession Records (UK),Psudoku/Parlamentarisk Sodomi (NO),Abraxis Productions (AU),Fifth Era (UK),Audiokore Records/G-Box/Kore N Bass Division (IT), Calum Moore (UK),DJ Mobius (NL),Marcus Decks (NL),Platinoids (NL/RU),Hibou/Personal Monster (FR),AvantiRecords (IT),Infernal Noise (IT),Legs Akimbo Records (UK),Ostoja (RS), Underground Violence/Mindestruction/Mindkore (ES),Tha Kronik (IT),The VinylRaider (DE), Demanufacturer (NL),N.E. Tunes (IT),Andy The Core/Digital Plague (IT), Cyberstruct (AU),Hard Desse (IT),Speakerdeamon/Disclouse Recordings (NL),Kurrupt Recordings Hard (UK),Storm Music (UK),Audiotist (BE), Xaero (BE) & more


DJ Support From:

DJ Smurf (UK),AleX Tune (UA),Criss Chaos (DE),Bonehead (NL),bioxeed (AU),SchizeQ (PL),Nielos el lazeros (NL),Naeos[Psy] (LV),The Relic (NL),DjCyCO (ES),G-Noize (BE) & more

I like: France, 1969, Арт-хаус, Le Dernier Cri, Comics (LDC), Coffee, 1989

I hate: необязательных людей

I recommend: Strike Records, Bad Brains, Hirntrust Grind Media, Neurotoxic, Industrial Strength Records, LapFox Trax, VULPvibe Records, Freak MP3 Exclusive, Section 8 Records, Ad Noiseam, Rottun Recordings, Dub & Run, Technoart Recordings, Elementz Records, Contempt Music Productions, Traxtorm Records, Masters Of Hardcore, Megarave Records, The Third Movement, Hard Kryptic Records, This Is Terror Records, Hardcore Blasters

I am interested in: French

I know: English

I can: Mixing, Producing

    Dj Pavel Lonsky  30 April 2012 20:05 #
    Красава... Отличная работа Друг +++ в копилку
    Darklime  9 March 2012 17:48 #
    Спасибо за премиум на месяц конечно только вот не знаю как он мне пригодиться :D
      Darklime  9 April 2012 15:56 #
      вот и не пригодился :D
  • +1
    The Foul*  12 October 2011 15:36 #
    Индастриал Кор ваще весч для меня просто Витамин
  • +1
    Бизнес кот (Stereo Brain records)  3 July 2011 20:42 #
  • +1
    Panicbot  10 June 2011 9:28 #
    Красавчик! Distorted Kick rule!)
  • +1
    ♫ Monika M  1 June 2011 4:27 #
    за hardcore +1 , будем слухать!
    Consequences of the Outlaw  17 January 2011 7:32 #
    За хардкор!!))
    [SIDE B]  5 January 2011 21:18 #
    Красавчег,работы супер,жду во френдах!
    Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха!
    Sasha Raver  1 January 2011 13:12 #
    С Новым Годом!!! Так выпьем же! XXII
    THE COSMOLIFE  4 September 2010 21:22 #
    + в PR! ЕЩЁ!
    Drab Edge  28 August 2010 2:14 #
    Ох мощный ты, однако
    Часто твои сэты по многим радио слышал, вот и тут нашёл
    + тебе за все работы и ваще за вклад, и в друзья
    Alex-Braun  13 August 2010 11:01 #
    да...блин, про плюс забыл)))
    Shpague  20 July 2010 19:41 #
    здравый хардкор. каноничный. лови плюс, бро!
    AnDriY 40 GuArTeR  29 April 2010 5:02 #
    DJ OLEG BAZOOKA г.Ульяновск 5 Солнце  11 April 2010 13:13 #
    + чувак
    Mooto  4 April 2010 19:19 #
    Молодец !
    DJ Hope  2 April 2010 3:32 #
    Alex Smol  17 March 2010 7:26 #
    nFektedDJ  28 January 2010 1:30 #
    а как же они эти люди везде есть.хардкор в массы!!!!!!
      Darklime  28 January 2010 1:35 #
      hardcore to da bone
    Digital Rain   1 January 2010 3:44 #
    2010! +++ 2010!
    Potato Punks  27 December 2009 14:31 #
    Ну суть то ясна! Wink
    BeatKid  10 December 2009 21:45 #
    Делаешь все охуенно! КАЙФ
    ++ и в друзья
    Exelent / Look At Music  2 December 2009 15:28 #
    Крутые треки! RULISH + Тебе! Зацени у меня на досуге!
    zombie8309  30 November 2009 16:04 #
    DUB-прикальнул,плюс в копилку!!! КРУТО
    Fraktal  28 November 2009 11:40 #
    + прояснит ситуацию
    Fraktal  28 November 2009 7:35 #
      Darklime  28 November 2009 8:36 #
      будьте более информативны
    ۩۞۩ TIGRA aka NAKAUT ۩۞۩  23 November 2009 0:45 #
    Ништяк работы!!! КАЙФ +))) и добавляйся в друзья)))
    Quick Child  1 November 2009 17:12 #
    fuck the mainstream music!
      Darklime  2 November 2009 3:01 #
      I chose the underground
    TERRORDROME PROMO GROUP  27 October 2009 8:14 #
    + от нашего Промо
    DJ SanOFF  18 September 2009 12:25 #
    Привет, работы супер!!! + тебе за них PROMODJ РУЛИТ !!!
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