Dmitry Yudin
Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: Electro House, Electro Progressive, Progressive Trance, Tech House, Tech Trance
DJ, producer, radioshow since 2006
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Novosibirsk
Resident: Pure FM (San Francisco), Клуб Рай (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Красная Площадь (Novosibirsk)
Guest: Три Дня Дождя (Krasnoyarsk), Pure FM (San Francisco), Ночной клуб Отдых (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Portfolio (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Rock-Сity (Novosibirsk), Ночной Клуб Base (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Жара (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Алиби (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Пилот (Krasnoyarsk), Ночной клуб Сочи (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Raffinate (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб ИЗЮМ (Novosibirsk), ночной клуб Мазайка (Barnaul), Ночной клуб Gold (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб ZANOZA (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Snezhin (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Place (Novosibirsk), Loungebar Дождь (Novosibirsk), Cabaret (Novosibirsk), Ночной клуб Fresh (Novosibirsk), ВОТ РАДИО 87.7 FM (Lipeck)
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GRIMM - New Year 2017 [100 in 1] @ Thailand, Pattaya 

DJ Grimm was born on May, 17th 1989 in Novosibirsk (Russia). Its real name Yudin Dmitry... Interest to music was showed very much early, in 12 years he hears for the first time mixes in style Electro and House from known DJs of the world. In 14 years it already something composes also it more and more the trade DJ th and the producer in sphere modern, a dance music involves. In 16 years it began to experiment, creating various remixes to already known tracks. In 2005 there is a first album DJ Grimm under the name "Energetic", 8 most successful tracks entered into it that year. The next years Dmitry began to go deep all more strongly into bases of electronic music. And in the end of 2006 there is a second album DJ Grimm under the name "Carefully-Catchy!". Into this album already enters 18 compositions which were very pleasant to public!!! With 2005 starts to conduct parties, to play clubs, in clubs-bars. Dmitry's tour life has begun, Ekaterinburg became the first city which has paid to it attention. Further there are offers to do remixes, than Dmitry and was engaged with musician Mariello, having created the project "DJ Grimm & Mariello". The track created by the project "Reverse side", is issued on a label "RelaxEnjoy". In the winter of 2008 the project does a successful remix on a track from "Electronic Ascent" which together with the original version and four more remixes is published on the Russian-Romanian label “Sundesire Records” (Russia). With 2009 DJ Grimm is the actor of label Dirty Stuff Records (Poland). In the spring of this year "DJ Grimm & Mariello" prepare for release debut EP the Album "Sunrise" on the Polish label "Dirty Stuff Records" (Poland) and a plate under the name "From Darkness In Paradise" on the American label "Nightrain Music Records" (USA). In the summer of 2009 together with the project "Electronic Ascent", DJ Grimm lets out a remix, in style progressive, on the well-known track "Love Song" musical collective "Syntax" on the Danish label "Emotive Sounds" (Denmark). The given track was more than two months on the first lines of world charts, and for the first month in the light of was in First Ten "TOP 100 Beatport". In March 2011 on a large American label "System Records" (USA), Album DJ Grimm "Intuition" prepares for release EP. The album included the original version of a track and remixes from such musicians as Matthew Nagle, Ellez Marinni, Sander Lite, B-Max, Vadim Shmelev, Crusada, Osan's !!! Also in December of this year on the Russian label "CDR Label" (Creative Digital Record) (Russia), the single release "True Love" will take place !!! Now DJ Grimm cooperates with a considerable quantity of world labels in which number enter such as: System Records, CDR Label, Nightrain Music Records, Sundesire Records, Emotive Sounds, Wave Data Records, RelaxEnjoy, iRecords, Dirty Stuff Records, etc. Now the whole world hears tracks DJ Grimm taking the first places in radio charts of the world! Efficiency and the importance in sphere of dancing, club music, also brings to Dmitry popularity in a native city. Soon he gets over in more known clubs where it was focused on club and popular music from Foreign charts. As a result, it has stopped the choice on Electro-House / Progressive-House music, a simple hybrid of the bit imposed on deep basses, from soul clinging to depth a melodics. DJ Grimm loves very rhythmical music and long sets. "To play music it much more, than simply to put a plate on my equipment. Rate - the most important thing in electro-house to music. You can play the same tracks two nights on end, but in one night public will miss, and on another - to have a really good time! To be the DJ and to play is as sports".

Some Feeling | 2014

82 5:20 1  11 PR1,4 ▲
House, Deep House

Grimm | 2014



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1 November 2011 12:50
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"True Love" в компиляции "Soul Plane Mix Vol.1" от Phillipo Blake

DJ Grimm - True Love (Original Mix) в компиляции "Soul Plane Mix Vol.1" от Phillipo Blake на лейбле "Magnetic United" !!! 

OUT on beatport:

Всем спасибо за поддержку и оставленные комментарии !!! =)

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21 March 2011 13:28
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DJ Grimm - "Intuition" EP


Релиз альбома DJ Grimm - "Intuition" EP на крупном Американском лейбле "System Recordings" (USA/New York) !!!
В альбом вошли оригинальная версия трека и 7 ремиксов от известных Российский и зарубежных продюсеров !!!

DJ Grimm - "Intuition" EP


DJ Grimm - Intuition (Original Mix) [System Recordings]

DJ Grimm - Intuition (Matthew Nagle Remix) [System Recordings]
DJ Grimm - Intuition (Ellez Marinni Remix) [System Recordings]

DJ Grimm - Intuition (Sander Lite Remix) [System Recordings]
DJ Grimm - Intuition (B-Max Remix) [System Recordings] 
DJ Grimm - Intuition (Vadim Shmelev Re-piano Mix) [System Recordings]
DJ Grimm - Intuition (Crusada Sunset Remix) [System Recordings] 
DJ Grimm - Intuition (Osan's Dub Remix) [System Recordings]

Paul Van Dyk:
Nice release. Thx.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

David Vendetta:
Interesting release, thanks.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Sander Lite Remix)

Markus Schulz:
Nice! Downloading will try thnks.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Flash Brothers:
Good mixes by Crusada & Ellez Marinni !!!
Favourite Track: Intuition (Crusada Sunset Remix)

Noel Sanger:
Good release. Downloading.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Sander Lite Remix)

Fun track....good selection of mixes...
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Louis Montorio:
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

DJ Escada & DJ Missy Jess:
Original Mix is HOT.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Frank Wild:
Hot release. Like the energy in the Nagle remix.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Matthew Nagle Remix)

Andrew Griffiths (Gareth Emery A&R):
Cool mixes here, will check them all out.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Sander Lite Remix)

Filth & Splendour:
Liking loads of the these mixes. All over it.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Crusada Sunset Remix)

DJ Taylor D:
Gorgeous piano. Very nice release.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Vadim Shmelev Re-piano Mix)

Bruce Devery:
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Bill Rickett:
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Jenz Ducker:
Wow true progessive music is back on this
hot ep...Love it !!!
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Favourite Track: Intuition (Matthew Nagle Remix)

Rafy Nieves:
Good. Regular.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Stuart Millar:
Favourite Track: Intuition (Sander Lite Remix)

Nick Kelly:
Great Release :)
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

David Casto:
Radio mixes missing.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Lori Hon:
Good !!!
Favourite Track: Intuition (Original Mix)

Nagle mix for me!
Favourite Track: Intuition (Matthew Nagle Remix)

Timothy Allan:
Vadims mix is floating my boat.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Vadim Shmelev Re-piano Mix)

Ronnie Matthews:
Very hot project with great energy &
production. This has hit potential written all
over it.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Matthew Nagle Remix)

Anton Sever aka Outstrip:
Sanders remix is good. Thanks.
Favourite Track: Intuition (Sander Lite Remix)

There are some awesome remixes! Thanks!

Downloading. Thanks.

Ждем дальнейших результатов !!! =)
Спасибо Всем за Поддержку !!!

DJ Grimm - "Intuition" EP
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21 March 2011 8:41
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Grimm & Electronic Ascent pres. Emotions of the Sounds on Pure.Fm (USA)

Grimm & Electronic Ascent pres. Emotions of the Sounds on Pure.Fm (USA)

7 февраля 2011 (16:00-17:00 GMT) на радио Pure.Fm (USA) стартовало ежемесячное радио-шоу "Emotions of the Sounds" от Grimm & Electronic Ascent !!! 

Каждый первый понедельник месяца на канале House вы сможете окунуться в самые яркие и позитивные Эмоции Звуков в стиле Progressive-House !!!

Every 1st Monday of the month on channel House with 16:00-17:00 GMT (Pure.Fm) !!!

(16:00-17:00 GMT) Проходим по ссылке Pure.Fm, в Listen находим Grimm & Electronic Ascent и наслаждаемся отличным Progressive-звучанием !!! =)

Скачать выпуски, послушать, tracklists на:


Спасибо Всем за Поддержку !!! ;)

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20 March 2011 23:23
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Pinned comment
GRIMM  18 April 2011 17:03
Tyler Michaud поддержал трек DJ Grimm - Intuition (Ellez Marinni Remix) в "New School Radio April 2011" !!!
+ успехов!!!
+1 и во френды!)
Спасибо, взаимно !!! =)
держи++++)))Будет время заходи в гости)
хАуС КрУтЯцКИй)))
Спасибо =)))
+ от меня
заходи в гости
Здаров, Мужик!!! Плюсом уже наградил, и в друзья добавил!!! Жду взаимности!!!
Огромный привет Новосибу!!!

P.S.: Надеюсь помнишь меня, как никак в двухсотке вместе учились, тока ты на год младше был...
Привет! хорошие работы! ставлю смело +++ =)) Прошу в гости, оценить новую работку!:) 3/Alexey_Vogue_Vogue_music_vol _1_2011.html
Спасибо, мен !!! =) Все миксы, промо, треки желательно на мыло !!! =) Там им на много быстрее уделят время =)))
Tyler Michaud поддержал трек DJ Grimm - Intuition (Ellez Marinni Remix) в "New School Radio April 2011" !!!
Поддержка DJ Grimm - Intuition (B-Max Remix) от Mixadance FM (DJ Sveta & DJ Mixon) !!! =)
ты в прогресиве не последний человек оцени ремикс))+

...давно пора было))
Аааааееее !!! =)))
Hi,DJ)))держи + и жду в гости на своей странице))
Ок, Спасибо !!! =))
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