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Igor chernelle
Main style: Tech House
Favorite styles: House, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, Tribal House
DJ, radioshow since 1999
Performance: from $400 / 2 hours
Location: China, Guangzhou
Resident: Ночной клуб Kosmos (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Европа плюс (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Hollywood club (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Russia club (Beidaihe), G+ (Huzhou), 77 Avenue (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Cangaroo club (Beidaihe), Европа Плюс (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), SOHO (Dongguan), Nightfall club  (Huizhou), A8 Club (Ningbo), 50/50 (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Плаза (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.))
Guest: Svetoch (Zeya), РЦ Kak Tus (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Cash (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), C2 (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Салянка Club (Belogorsk), Х.O Club (Birobidzhan), Prime club (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Seventeen club (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Вулкан (Blagoveschensk), Angels (Blagoveschensk (Amurskaya obl.)), Кураж (Birobidzhan)
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M2 Club, Huangshi, 20:00 // 29 September 2014
Big Room House
Kaka club "卡卡会 酒吧”, Liuzhou, 19:00 // 3 September 2014
Dutch House
A8 Club, Ningbo, 20:00 // 11 August 2014
Nightfall club , Huizhou, 18:00 // 21 June 2014
Dutch House
69 Сlub, Zhuhai, 18:00 // 20 May 2014
телефон для связи: +86-186-3047-6089.
Booking - English

Booking - agent Alexander +7(909) 814-88-85
icq: 128-000-7

- An empty seat on di-dzhejskom a table under a bag with a musical material.
- 2 vinyl players: Technics
Or 2 сd a player: pioneer 100,400, 500, 500s, 1000.
- мixer Pioneer 600,500, 909,300, 700, 800
- High quality monitors, if the monitor one it is desirable on the left side.

Conditions of flight/moving and household.
- At a finding of a place of performance more than 500 km from Blagoveshchensk - only avia-flight.
- In cities not having the airport: flight through the nearest city or a trip by train.
- At long moving (more than 1 hour) - a foreign car in a good condition (in the summer with the conditioner or a climate the control).
- A meeting - procentury in the airport on the car in a good condition (if it taxi, presence of the person from a receiving party necessarily).
- Placing in hotel, number not below middle class! (Necessarily)
- A high-grade food, 2 times in day.

- 2 hour set of the actor should not interrupt the show program. (Necessarily)
- Any show program, dancers, mc, disturbing to work of the actor, should cease to work under the first requirement of the actor.
- Granting of cooling and alcoholic drinks during a set.
- Protection Dj-skoj for the period of performance. (As the control of protection for the period of stay in club)
- During performance of the actor in di-dzhejskoj should not is extraneous persons.
- The information on forthcoming action, structure of other participants (dj) should be stipulated for earlier.

Necessary Info
- In the poster and a flyer it is necessary to specify: DJ CHERNIY (Blagoveshchensk), the radio-program "PENTHOUSE", "Europa Plus Blagoveshchensk"

Payment and transfer.
- The customer pays to the actor the fee in a following order:
50 % from all sum of the fee - are paid not later than 2 weeks prior to action.
The remained sum is paid not later than 1 week before sending of the actor on a route.

- Performance date is fixed to a receiving party, only after reception of 50 % of an advance payment for it.

- The actor leaves to a place of carrying out of performance under condition of 50 % of payment of the sum of the fee and return tickets to Blagoveshchensk.
Directly starts to work, only after reception of 100 % of payment.

- At default of any conditions райдера a receiving party the actor has the right to refuse performance, reserving 50 % of payment and without compensating expenses made owing to its supply.

In case of force-majeur (not a plane start) the actor under the arrangement of the parties:
Reserves 50 % of percent of payment, without taking off repeatedly.
Transfers performance for other (free) date (reserving 50 % of percent of payment, as the penalty).

- In a case of not taken place performance on fault of a receiving party the actor reserves 50 % of the fee, as indemnification for "simple date".

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