Dj _ V.i.s.s.t

Dj _V i s s t. ' Date of a birth 28.12.1988'Страна Russia City Balakovo the Name Alexey Familija Smirnov (h t t p: / / Interests (ElectroHouse, Electro, Dutch.) Пресс release: Was born on December, 28th, 1988 in Балакове. At the moment I play вертушках'CD-PIONEER 2000 ' and ' Mixer DJM-PIONEER 2000'Превосходство this equipment of the maximum professional class!!! On them to play only one pleasures! Words it is difficult to explain, it should be seen.

My favourite direction which I play it-Dutch House — the style of the electronic music which have seemed in the end of 80th years when musicians have started to spend experiments to a techno to music. Style is characteristic powerful бочкой, as a rule, with rough rhythmic picture, absence a bass of a line by virtue of practically full filling a range long-term бочкой and other drum-type parties in beat.About the native land of style speaks the name (Dutch in translation from English: Dutch). It was played mainly in андеграундных clubs of Holland, was known to very narrow circle of listeners. Commonly known and popular style became only in 2009 after many mutations. The next years style was affected with such directions as acid house, hardcore, later – fidjet, awarded Dutch House rather dirty sounding and use of the certain receptions of a writing. Because of it frequently style name Dirty Dutch House. Has in turn affected and tribal. Therefrom have borrowed parties of drumbeats and rhythms. Pace varies from 124 up to 134 impacts in a minute.Classical sound architecture Techno undertakes base in Dutch House (the Bass-flank, find fault-хеты, Snaredrum). As the unusual, experimental and modified melody with use deformed and атональных sounds and samples here takes place. Абстрактность which is frequent, it is created not so by a greater set of ßѼ»½«ó/sounds of type of tones and whistles/úÒñѽ«¬. It is necessary to note, what even small this set семплов still quite often varies with a different tonality and speed. Random motive, that is 2 various motives have all chances to be imposed against each other or to change in various parts of work. For this style sudden interruptions of a rhythm and its same sudden "return" are characteristic, that is can sharply stop and is still sharp «долбануть». Still the rhythm and motive have all chances to sound not in pace track — melody sounds in a quantity of times more quickly or more slowly unlike bits

Aleksey \\ Dj_V i s s t // Smirnov
Main style: Dutch House
Favorite styles: Club House, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Vocal House
DJ, producer, listener since 2007
Performance: from €30 / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Balakovo
Resident: Аура (Balakovo)
Frequent visitor: Метелица (Samara), Мега (Balakovo), Бездна Project (Balakovo), Infinity (Nyagan), Кураж (Balakovo)
Was just once: Гараж (Moscow), РЕАКТОР (Ulyanovsk), Аура (Samara), Рай (Moscow), Джуманджи (Saratov), Иллюминатор (Saratov), Планета (Saratov)
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