Dmitry Novikov
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Electro House, Minimal House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Tech House
DJ, promoter, clubber since 2000
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Krasnoyarsk
Resident: <independent DJ promo group> (Krasnoyarsk)
Guest: ГИРЦ НОВЫЙ ВЕК (Kansk), night club АДРЕНАЛИН (Kansk), DJ-cafe Dr.Feel (Kansk), night club RUBLEVKA (Kansk), discoteka SUNRISE (Kansk), night club DA Vinci (Krasnoyarsk)
Was just once: disco-club GRAND (Kansk)
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г.Канск, Центральная Площадь им.Коростелева, Kansk, 09:00 // 27 June 2010
Club House
НК SEVER, Kansk, 11:00 // 26 June 2010
Electro House
ГДК, Kansk, 07:00 // 1 May 2010
Club House
Фитнес-центр, Kansk, 09:00 // 18 April 2010
Electro House
night club DA Vinci, Krasnoyarsk, 11:00 // 12 February 2010
Electro House
Музыка - это движение, а движение значит жизнь...

Dj Stals, or real name Dmitry Novikov was born on 15th of February in 1984 in Abakan (republic of Khakassia). Two years later, with his family he moved to to a small Siberian town called Kansk.
In 2000, he was asked to conduct a school-leaving party. Not having done such a thing before he became irrepressibly interested in music and wished to become a DJ.
Fate brought Dj Stals and Dj Blex together (real name Denis Beyer). Dj Blex was also keen on music. They started conducting school parties in their native town. The project of the party called "fantasy" was popular all over the town and school hall could hardly seat all comers whose number reached 500 people. A decision was made to conduct a number of guest parties and also to conduct summer season parties in central park.
In 2002 profeel (aka Dj Feel) started DJ-training courses where Dj Stals got his first theoretical knowledge and skills of playing on vinyl. After finishing courses Dj Stals together with profeel (aka Dj Feel) organized some parties that were a real success among those who liked club music. Those parties also aroused some interest to the local newspapers and television and were positively characterized.

Dj Stals was suggested to work for the musical studio "MaxSound". He had been working there as a DJ and a soundman for more than 2 years.

In 2005 Dj Stals and Dj Blex organised <<independent DJ promo group>>, a group of people for whom club culture was important and who wanted to end with music ignorance in Kansk. Musucians, singers, DJs, dancers, MCs and humourists became members of this group. In the summer of 2006 <<independent DJ promo group>> organized 3 major events: open-air "youth day 2006"(this event was organized in an abandoned airport), open-air "330th anniversary of Ilansky" and "Fitness-marathon" in the central square. <<independent DJ promo-group>> organized a lot of parties, open-air parties and other events for 5 years of its existence.
Musical habits of Dj Stals were constantly changing for the long period of his interest to DJing - from Disco House, Progressive Hose, Tech House to Electrohouse. Gradually, special style os set compilation was forming; it combined several styles and tendencies with sharing unique mood with the dance floor.

Dj Stals is a regular participant of different events, from large open-air parties to small parties...

For the time of his DJ career Dj Stals played on the one stage with such DJs as Blex, Fatar, Sega, SergeyScratch, Vis The Spoon (London), profeel (aka Dj Feel), Flash DJ, Dims, Martin, Koo4er, Jam, Moos, Rost, Brook, Antonio, DreamcatcherKeef, Loodvig Carlson, Devil, Kitch, Alex, Papirus, Max, Mellhaus.

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    Dj Anton Banderas  1 October 2008 14:27 #
    Если нужно в аренду диджейское оборудование и звук для больших и маленьких вечеринок, не стесняйся, обращайся.
    Могу предложить cd проигрыватели: Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 и Pioneer CMX 3000 (mk 3 чуть подороже)
    Есть пульты: Pioneer DJM 700 и Pioneer DJM 400 (djm 700 тоже чуть подороже:) )
    Есть виниловые проигрыватели Technics 1210 MK2 с иглами
    Все обороудование НОВОЕ!!!
    Звук есть разный.
    Будешь часто обращаться, буду делать очень хорошие скидки.
    Если что, звони 8-(3912)-96-96-75
    DJ.StalS  24 August 2008 8:38 #
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