Bombay, Sevastopol, 23:00 // 8 May 2010
Звездный Ильяс, Sevastopol, 23:00 // 23 April 2010
Club Azia(Sevastopol), Sevastopol, 22:00 // 16 April 2010
Minimal House
Club Azia(Sevastopol), Sevastopol, 22:00 // 10 April 2010
Minimal House
Dj Deuz

Denis brought up by the strongest electronic slyles; he formed musical tastes on techno and minimal- electro sounds of different classics and musicians, who are famous nowadays. By 2007 Denis have already succeded in clubs sphere. He passing much more unrestrained energy of his sets and for widening abilities of creative work with sound.

A student of architecture faculty , he is fond of Design. Energetic young man got into connected himself with electronic music in 2005. From the beginning of his career he performed under the nick-name dj deuz in 2007.

He had already taken part in different club parties and arrangements and gained a recognition of clubbers of his town. He had taken part in huge number of festivals, open-air parties. Striving for great professionalism and creation, bright musical taste, dynamic performance of energetic music and understanding that there are unlimited abilities in future , all these facts formed D.UZ.


Favorite Labels: Ideal Rec., Confused Rec., Cocoon records, Craft music, International Gigolos records, Highgrade Rec.


Hobby: CG, modern art.

Denis P
Favorite styles: Electro, Electro House, House, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Techno
DJ, listener since 2006
Guest: Qbar (Sevastopol), Club Azia(Sevastopol) (Sevastopol)