Den Kozlov
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Dark Ambient, Psybient, Techno
DJ, producer, promoter since 1992
Performance: from 15 000 rubles / 1.5 hours
Location: United Kingdom, London
Guest: Kiss FM (Kiev)
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Den Kozlov

Den Kozlov began his music carrier in Moscow, the capital of Russia. In late 80's he was a massive fan of the classic Industrial bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb. Very few people knew about this music behind the Iron Curtain in a Communist Russia of that time. Driven by the innovative sound of Industrial music, Den began to experiment with whatever analogue synthesizers  he could find on the recording studios in Soviet Moscow. In 1992 he recorded his first tracks on a Studio “Tandem”, which recorded mainly pop musicians, but had very enthusiastic sound engineers. Together they developed the sound of Den’s project Inner Resonance Voice. In 1994 In’R’Voice became hugely popular on Moscow’s main radio station Maximum and fast groing amount of night clubs. A year later he received an award for innovations in music from the Ministry of Culture of Russia. Until now this is the only award for Electronic Music in Russia.
In 1996 Den visited London, the capital of Electronic Music of the World. He witnessed the very first events with just born Trance Music held by the legendary Transient Records (Otherworld Party) and by the label Return To The Source in a Fridge Club and the party label “Pagan” by Tsuoshi Suzuki (Matsury Productions). He met the key masters of the new trend, and recorded a collaboration tracks with the superstars of the genre Tim Healey and Seb Taylor.
To break the Iron Curtain, Den helped to organise concerts in Moscow for the leading trance projects like Shakta, Slide, Quirk, DJ’s Baraka, John Phantasm, Mike McGuire (Juno Reactor), Chris Organic e.t.c.
In 1999 Den relocated to London, bringing his music to the World Wide electronic music scene, playing alongside with James Monro, Blue Planet Corporation, Tim Schuldt, Infected Mushroom, Bumbling Loons, Shakta , Hux Flux and many more. The first full album on Optica Records In’R’Voice – “Resonance Metaphizix” was mastered at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.
After 2004 Den began to experiment with other styles of music, and his explorations gave birth to a several cult albums like “Digital Shamanism” on London’s Optica Records, “The Scent Of Russian Dreams” on Sphere Records  and “Do You Sea What I See” on System Recordings in USA.
In 2008 Den Kozlov has founded his own record label Kissthesound Records ( aiming to release young talented musicians from Russia and Europe producing different trends of music.
Den's famous Spiral Starship Studio is located within 100metres from Abbey Road Studios in London, where he produces music, constantly widening a massive collection of his records, which now counted over 50 in 20 years. He released his music under many project names such as In'R'Voice, Karmahacker, Peace Data, Decay Axiomatic, Emotion Code, Record Needle Injection, T.E.C.H.O., Psy-Phi Generation, Levitating Cat, Pixelliadians, Shagging Harmonies, Love In Decay, and many more.


Labels released music written by Den Kozlov:



Spiral Trax (Germany)

Dragonfly Records (UK)

Return To The Source (UK)

Jumpin'n'Pumping (UK)

Passion Music UK (UK)

Sphere Records (UK)

Optica Records (UK)

Inevitable Records (UK)

Fractal Records (UK)

Yellow Sunshine Expolosion (UK)

Kukomi (UK)

Arkona Creation (UK)

System Recordings (USA)

Distance Records (Distance To Goa 9) (EU)

Bamba Records (Germany)

Shum Records (Russia)

RMG Records (Russia)

Parvati Records (Denmark)

Sangoma Records (Germany)


Den Kozlov was co-founder of Resonoise Records and currently is an owner of Kissthesound Records (

The best feedbacks
  • G-LIGHT  #
    Ден Козлов - один из легендарных деятелей отечественной электронной музыки! ) те кто не в курсе.. знайте историю! )
  • VisualSound Studio  #
    Привет ))) фото с VisualSound.TV …
  • Anna Rtyt808  #
    Так выпьем же! С Новым Годом!!! Ииииха! XXII Успехов в творчестве!! Дарю счастье! Yeeeah
  • EGNOR  #
    ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ!
  • +1
    andr  19 February 2014 12:36 #
    2014это шедевр спасибо ден за высококачественную музыку
    Zeboid / Mindcontrol  18 February 2012 12:35 #
    +7 тебе дружище за твою музыку и творческую деятельность! ;)
      Den Kozlov  18 February 2012 23:12 #
      Спасибо, это очень приятно)))
  • +2
    G-LIGHT  26 July 2011 0:42 #
    Ден Козлов - один из легендарных деятелей отечественной электронной музыки! ) те кто не в курсе.. знайте историю! )
    VisualSound Studio  9 June 2011 6:00 #
    Привет ))) фото с VisualSound.TV …
    Anna Rtyt808  2 January 2011 20:06 #
    Так выпьем же! С Новым Годом!!! Ииииха! XXII Успехов в творчестве!! Дарю счастье! Yeeeah
    ҒR٨CT٨L VIVISЄCŢIOŊ  13 November 2010 2:23 #
    Привет, Ден! Твоя музыка в 96-м произвела на меня сильное впечатление и в дальнейшем несколько повлияла на моё творчество. До сих пор с удовольствием слушаю те записи 96-го (Ne Voules Vous Pas, Большая Лохматая Собака, Atibro, Dayte Im Drugs) со Станции 106.8! Из более позднего творчества тоже многое нравится. Пользуясь случаем, хотелось бы узнать, что за ремикс на Ne Voules Vous Pas проиграл тогда на 106.8? Больше я его нигде не слышал, ни в альбомах, ни в сингле. Ремикс был чумавой!
      Den Kozlov  13 November 2010 22:01 #
      Привет! Я на Станции выступал не помню сколько десятков раз, а ремиксов на Ne VoulesVous Pas около 10! Я их делал к каждому концерту новый - мне казалось это прикольно, ведь трек каждый раз срывал овации)) Если ты слышал только версию 96го года - то наверняка на тебя произвел впечатление именно оригинал, который был написан в 1993м году, и который действительно нигде не был издан. Дай мне имейл, на тебе его попробую найти. И спасибо тебе за теплоту! Хотелось бы познакомиться с твоим творчеством тоже - ведь у меня свой лейбл -
    MISS MONEYPANNY  31 August 2010 23:20 #
    EGNOR  20 April 2010 14:29 #
    ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ! ЕЩЁ!
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