W St. Petersburg, Mixup, Saint Petersburg, 22:00 // 29 June 2013
Deep House
W St. Petersburg, Mixup, Saint Petersburg, 23:45 // 14 June 2013
Deep House
kuhelbeker bar, Saint Petersburg, 22:00 // 9 May 2013
Deep House
kuhelbeker bar, Saint Petersburg, 21:00 // 4 May 2013
Deep House
Martinez Bar, Moscow, 21:00 // 26 April 2013
Deep House
Valery Strelets
Main style: Deep House
Favorite styles: Jazz, Tech House
DJ, producer, vocalist since 2009
Performance: from €500 / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Resident: Dance Code Radioshow Европа+ 103'7 Великий Новгород (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod))
Guest: Европа + 103.7fm Великий Новгород (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + 103.7fm Великий Новгород (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + 103.7fm (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + 103.7fm (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + 103.7fm (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + 103.7fm (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), (Doneck), Европа+ 104'7 FM (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ 103'7 (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), РЦ Европа+ 103'7 FM (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа Плюс 103.7FM (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Turopa+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Europa+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа + (Novgorod Velikii), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Европа+ (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod))
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Releases @ deep-maker

Latest DJ Feedback:

Pegas - Love it!
Robert Owens

Ritual Voodoo is my track here. I will try Yellow Box too. Gracias!
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

This is an awesome EP! All four tracks offer something for the deeper dancefloor, Yellow Box is a wonderful slo-mo cut, while Ritual Voodoo is superb, something very unique. Love this EP!
Al Bradley (3am Recordings, Deadbeat Disco)

Nice little 4-pack of jazzy keyboard work in different vibes. the mid-tempo "Yellow Box" is most for me... rhodes patterns and the spacey narration take you on a trip. "Mr. Prezident" cuts a nice bouncy deep house groove too.

The music in these tracks is consistently nice and lush, and I'm digging 'em. 
Q-Burns Abstract Message

Great release!
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica)

Seriously beautiful music.
Tomas Rubeck

Ritual Voodoo is cool.
Jevne (Onethirty Recordings)

Yellow Box and Ritual Voodoo are for me.
Terry Francis

I think pegas has an interesting vibe tho and will try :)
Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy)

Amazing work! Will play and support as usual!
Amir Groove

Good stuff.

A very well produced ep.

Not Long Mr. Prezident for me!
Toby Montana (Supdub, Light my Fire)

Excellent deep music! 
Demarco Electronic Project

Wonderful melodies and laidback rhythms make the title track my favorite from this wicked EP
Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Like the groove of 'Not Long Mr. Prezident!
Peter O

Fav Track is Yellow Box! Great Work!

Yellow Box for me.

This entire EP is haunting and deep. 
Bobi (Club FM Radio)

Nice deep house tracks. Support!

Pegas & Ritual Voodoo - the best!
Oggy Wild

Marko Nastic

Great work from deep maker love the whole ep.
Luke Sawyer

Good work!
Max Popov



Артист лейблов:






























Like all tunes but see me playing the Subsky remix. Love his work so much!

Andre Kronert / Neurotron (Night Drive Music, Ostwind, Tanzbar, Session deluxe, 616 Detroit)

We love this sounds. Original very special. This is piano chords really amazing :) And 2nd track that we put in our deep music box it's Deep-Maker Space Retards Remix.

Io (Diynamic)

Cool release ! Solid production on Subsky & Deep Maker mixes. Defo on rotation !

Sachrias & Aslak (Slip`N`Slide, Dutchie, Deepology)

Liking the Deep Maker Space Retards version most – some cool organ sounds and a nice mellow groove to that.

Ian (Lost My Dog)

What can I say... Thank you for the top quality music you send me. I always play your stuff at my deep house events....ALWAYS!!!!

Sydney (Tokyo Red Recordings)

Loving the Subsky and Deep Maker mixes this time!! :)


Nice work here. Love the original here but the best pick for me was the Deep-Makers Vibe... Love It !!!!

Mr.Cenzo (Finest Wear)





Excellent release as usual - Imagination is the cut for me.

Great, clean production all around though. Will support.

Will (Sumsuch)

Deep-Maker Feat. Nina Orlova - When I'm Looking For (Original Mix) for me. Nice!

Henri Kohn (Clubstar, Conya)

Thanks for the fantastic music. I`m playing the tracks in my radio shows and sesions. All support. Keep in touch

Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)

Great tunes! I love this ep, deepology standarts are high !


Fantastic Music my friends. Full support from ibiza in my sets and radioshow.

Karlos Sense (Ibizasonica FM)

Nice ep... Really like "When i'm looking for"

Bamo (Spiritchaser)

Tracks are awesome on this one. Im giving my full support !

Chris Udoh

Excellent release by Deep Maker!!!. Powerful synthe sounds and beautiful deep vibes.Very precise music. Our favourites are Like it so much, Under the clouds and When I'm Looking For. Full support!!!

Demarco Electronic Project

like it so much is the pick of the bunch for me !

Da Funk (Acryl Music)

Superb techy beats here, my pick is "Imagination" – Full support

Craig Stewart (Raunchy Rhythms Radio)

Great release here ! support.

Pedro Cali

Just as the title says: "like it so much" is my fav tune, but the whole work is amazing, proper deep house quality. Will be playing out on my shows as well as at my gigs. Keep it Deep !!

Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica)

Deep-maker has dropped nice cuts on this one. "like it so much" - I do like that track pretty much. Will be spinning / charting.

Fabien Kamb (Body Rhythm, Low Flow)

Very nice deep house sounds in here. "Imagination" and "Like It So Much" would be my choices in here, also the last track with Ninas nice vocal "When I'm Lookin For" sounds great. Overall i could say - nice work in here.

Ricky Inch (Cabrio, Ceremony)

More fantastic deep vibes ! All four are fantastic, but it's 'Imagination' for me, fantastic sultry deepness for the 'proper' house floors ! Love it.

Al (3am, Chemical Warfare, Bugged Out!)

Nice deep release ! Imagination and When Im looking for are the bests for me ! Jesus Gonsev (Troubled Kids Records)

Fantastic EP, love the retro basslines, great job-definatly in my wallet for hong kong this weekend !

Dibby Dougherty

Nice release !! My pic is "When I'm looking for" on this one. Keep the good work.

Ocean Gaya

Always happy to receive music from you. Lovely deep and driving tracks here. "Like it So Much" is my pick.

Tyler Stadius

Great tracks ! Keep up the good work.

Tim Andresen

Like it so much - is cool but - When im looking for - is great! Will play this in the early hours or very late. Good deep vibes.

Johan ELG (Architronica)

I Like it ! Superb Deep-Tech sounds and Killing groves. The best one for me it?s When I'm Looking For. Cool !

Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings)

Fantastic release ! Very good deep house tracks ! Full Support in my radio show and my sets.

Bobi (Club FM)

Love All The Tracks Here. Nice Easy Listening.


Mr Cenzo (Finest Wear)

Sorry for delay I had TONS of papers to make ... and it not finished grrrrrr Excellent deep-tek EP, my fav is "Like it so much". Sound quality is just incredible, you really improved your skills in all ways !

Stef (PlusDeep, Yakumo)

Hello brother.

And so again we go on a journey through deep rhythm. Marked for themselves, rather diverse sound, which is simply a rhythmic composition, as well as deep philosophical things, so that I am a huge plus in the treasury to sotol wonderful release! In conclusion I would say that for himself identified - Deep-Maker - Under The Clouds (Original Mix) work too long, rocking, which perfectly capture the dynamics of a rare, driving mood, is not peculiar to deep house. Keep it up, thanks.


Nice sound. Like the last one with Nina Orlova - When I'm Looking For.

Anton Lanski





Ocean Gaya (Plastic City, Love Zone Records, Aquamarine)

Thanks for your promo link, really nice tunes !!

All the best from France,


MrCenzo (Plastic City, Deepology)

Really love The Sound Of The Deep Maker's Style and he has got my full Support on this Whole selection.... Nice Work.... 10/10


Timo Camilo (Deepology, Galvanic)

Hi! Thanks for the promo. For myself, said Burg.

My Congratulations!!!


Ep went fairly restrained in Old deep colors, as the dominant classic sound . Definitely such work here no matter how much better will look at 12", somehow that's a characteristic component of the classical deep music & associated with vinyl.

With regard to individual tracks, then for myself, I chose several works - Deep-Maker - You Love This, liked the combination of rhythm with Sax notch, groovy and rather boldly went, as well as highlight - Deep-Maker Feat. Nina Orlova - Wake-Up - very sweet sound, seasoned vocals, who deceives and adds charm to work as a whole!


Alexey Alt+F4 & LaDiscotheque Promo. (DANCECODE radio show, Novgorod The Great , Russia, Europe Plus.)


Many thanks for the promo! Great tracks! Hooked classic sound so to speak root house music have not heard of high-quality tracks in that vein. All describe the release in three words: minimalist, groove and classic. Separately, I note - Wake up - vocals adds flavor, more cherry on top of the cake))

Burg - one of those tracks that continue to have relevance for several years - that is their sound with my point of view. I think your appearance on the label level of galvanization was inevitable, and that it tells me - is only the beginning!

Dj Sydney (Tokyo Red Recordings,PureFM)

WOW...your ep is TOP SHIT!!! Love this is awsome bor compliments!!!!!



The Timewriter

Around The World is excellent. Will play.

Sendos Fuera _ Ibiza Sonica

Excellent Release!!! Super Deep House.... Really Like Across The Universe....

Full Suport from Ibiza...

Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta (AMDJS Radio Show)

"Around The World" is nice. Already heard this one from Vitaliy.

Will test both of these. Thank you for the promo

Graham Sahara PACHA Ibiza

thanks for the promo. I think my favourite is defo the across the universe track. Its nice and atmospheric.

I shall try it out. Thanks,

Nando Muro Dubhe Recordings

Fantastic release…. I love this EP in general thanks


Thanks for the promo on this one.... Both trax are cool but the pick for me out of the 2 is "Across The Universe".... Nice work!!!!

Da Funk

nice summery tunes you have here. i like! thanks mate

  • +2
    Alexey Alt+f4  13 August 2015 20:31 #
    Kirill Y  13 November 2012 13:48 #
    Best wishes!
      deep-maker  19 November 2012 0:15 #
    TWOMEN.S GROUP  13 November 2012 12:44 #
    С Днем Рождения!!!
      deep-maker  19 November 2012 0:15 #
      Спасибо Бро!
    izinad  23 August 2012 21:51 #
    бесспорно... +++
    Sparkless  13 November 2011 23:44 #
    С днем рождения, большой Дип брат!
      deep-maker  15 November 2011 0:42 #
    Sergey Shifter  13 November 2011 12:31 #
    Валера,с праздником тебя!
    Ещё больше вспышек твоего таланта в творчестве!новых феерических побед!добра,любви,здоровья!
      deep-maker  15 November 2011 0:41 #
      Спасибо Бро!
    Sasha Orbeat   13 November 2011 11:05 #
    Успехов в освоении нового музыкального инструмента!
      deep-maker  15 November 2011 0:41 #
      Спасибо Саня!
    Snep  30 September 2011 23:58 # … оцени когда будет свободное время
    BKeyProd.  23 September 2011 23:20 #
    ++++, Офигенный саунд, мне понравилось почти все) дерзай)
  • –1
    SkyLive  18 August 2011 1:01 #
    отличные работы! +PR и вдрузья)) буду рад взаимности!
    Robert Galstyan  12 August 2011 17:26 #
    ++++++++++ RESPECT ++++++++++
    NekliFF  26 July 2011 10:40 #
    правильный дип)
  • –1
    Dj Skip  13 June 2011 13:12 #
    StasB | Tontechnik podcast  29 August 2010 1:19 #
    Блин да, крутой очень, давай в други)
    DiSound  26 August 2010 10:21 #
    Люблю Deep)))очень круто делаешь))) ЕЩЁ! BEST
    Anita Hospes  24 August 2010 12:52 #
    Наслаждаюсь звучанием релиза Tief Aufatmen. African Soul и Goodbye - две обалденные наикрасивейшие композиции, которые мне понравились просто безумно. Это нечто!
    Anita Hospes  23 August 2010 16:27 #
    Я преданная поклонница Вашей музыки.
    Огромное спасибо за то вдохновение, которое дарите. Успехов!
    Sergey Cruncher  17 August 2010 21:27 #
    Отличный альбом получился )
      deep-maker  17 August 2010 22:53 #
    Sparkless  2 August 2010 23:05 #
    Мои Поздравленья!)
    doyeq  25 July 2010 15:12 #
    M Rodriguez  23 July 2010 19:00 #
    HEY DJ
    Отличное творчество КАЙФ
    Продолжай в таком же ритме RULISH
    Sergey Shifter  16 July 2010 23:41 #
    Хочу поблагодарить тебя за твоё творчество несущие позитивный заряд эмоций
    BEST WOW ЕЩЁ! !Истинный вошебник Deep housa!
    Unknowman  9 July 2010 1:40 #
    Ай да молодец ты Дип Мэйкер!Очень нравиться твоя концепция! Wink
    Sparkless  4 July 2010 12:48 #
    Валер поздравляю с однолетием твоего хаус продуксьена, сделано действительно много, причем много хорошего, так что отступать некуда.

    Удачи и новых свершений!
      deep-maker  4 July 2010 13:55 #
      Спасибо Саня!
    Romeo Style  27 June 2010 12:08 #
    dj Vadim (Vologda)  25 June 2010 21:28 #
    Как тебе это , знаю что старо но все же? …
    KOLONIARI  21 June 2010 16:03 #
    КАЙФ +++ лов дипчик))
    Deep Technology  7 June 2010 13:53 #
    sovnarcom16  1 June 2010 22:54 #
    ссылку на ваш трек получил от ROSENBERG, и хочу сказать спасибо за ваше творчествою музыка супер, окунает и топит на недоступную глубину . ну и плюс 1 конечно!
    Ivan Azoyan  26 April 2010 15:33 #
    вот он! Настоящий Deep!
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