Infected Psyhchedelic
Main style: Goa Trance
Favorite styles: House
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Infected Psyhchedelic
I'm a DIE HARD fan of one & ØNLÝ ***RIHANA*** so u can call me her's "LITTLE MONSTER" MØTHER MØNSTER is the GREATE$T thing to me I'M ÐRÄWÑ TØ BÃD RØMAÑÇE$ If i feel u r becoming TOXIC to me den i'l let u go 'coz by doing this i'l take a big step in Loving MYSELF I need Fantasy to survive coz Reality is too difficult I dont even try to prove anything to anybody,I'M WHAT I'M I'm not Wrong.I'm Free.And if its Wrong to be Free, then I dont want to be Right OVER'ALL THNGS U SHUD KNW ABT ME>>>>> {1} Some of the worst mistakes in my life were HAIRcuts {2} My idea to be happy is to always avoid bad nostalgia {3} I've got the Sickest ambition {4} Plz dont let me feel dat I made a mistake in Choosing U {5} No doubt I'm a Schizophrenic, autistic, hodgepodge emotional person Î ÐØÑT CÃRE WHÁT PEÒP£E $Á¥, I'M NØT LE$S THÄÑ MÝ FREEÐØM... {6} Its hard knowing who to trust wit my personal lyf.So i'm very close to my family {7} I hate Sycophant$, VU£GARIT¥, Hypocrites, backbitchers, and 2 faced people. so stay off {8} I see Beauty in evry single thng no matter what I'm nöt ridiculou$, I'm just a WØNÐERFUL BAÐ KIÐ in my own WÕNDER£ANÐ {9} I dont view myself as Outrageous-that's not the intention. Its to be more & more ØRÏGÎÑA£ Prejudice is a disease.So is FÄ$HIØÑ. But i'll not wear Prejudice "KÉËP ÚR PÃW$ ÛP BÄBÝ" {10} I'm a TWIT degenerate young rebel & i'm PROUD of it I WAÑT THE ÐEEPE$T,ÐARKE$T,SIÇKE$T PART$ ØF U THÄT Ú ARE AFRÃIÐ TØ SHARE WIT AÑ¥1 'CØZ I LUV U THAT MÜÇH {11} Chucky,joker, insects,sun tan, pipeholes are my horrible Nightmares ÄÑÐ I ÇAÑ BE YØÜR$ {12} I'm a Little Monster & I can do watever I want. You'll always hav a best frnd in me I'l never let u down "I ÅM JÜ$T A HØ£Ý FÒØ£" {13} I'm expert @ finding my most vulnerable points I dont care wat people who r jealous think abt me coz I dont think abt them @ all {14} SOMETÏME$ I find my head spinning.Not 'coz of Drug,bt 'coz of my LÎFE {15} J'adore Vivienne Habillez-Moi Gucci,Fendi et Prada. Valentino, Armani too. Merde I Love Them Jimmy Choo {16} Love me? Gr8... Hate me? Even better... Think I'm Ugly? Dont look @ me... Dont knw me? Dont JUDGE ME... Think u knw me? U hav NO IDEA BÃB¥ {17} Yes! I've all sorts of cocktail emotions dat a High Prince possess & I keep changing as life is too short to have same emotions Everyday I'M NØT THÄT T¥PICÁ£ BABÝ I'M A BÄÐ KIÐ LÎKE THE WØR£Ð MÀÐE ME I'M NØT THAT CÖØ£ & YÕÚ HÄTE ME I'M A BAÐ KÏÐ THAT'$ THE WÄ¥ THËÝ MÃÐE ME {18} Wish Rihana takes me as a dancer opp her in her videos {19} When I'm in relationshps wit ppl who are also creative,or creative in their own way,What happens is the attraction is initially there & its all unicorn & rainbows.And then they hate me {20} It takes time to become myself every morning {21} My loved ones for me are like DIAMONDS- bright,beautiful, valuable & always in STYLE I value only those who respect me others who disrespect me are undoubtedly is SÇHEÏBE to me {22} I never mind personal styles of sum1 else 'coz wen one has a style of one's own,it is always twenty times better than my style Sexuality is half POISØN & half LIBERATIØN. What's the line? I dont have a line {23} I get more interested in peoples who gives me UPDATES or HAPPENINGS abt "Rihana" {24} There's evrythng what you love IN ME & also evrythng what u hate {25} I'm a MØÑ$TËR....only need to Love the MÖÑ$TÉR that Í ÄM..... ØH ¥EÃH!!! {26} I dont see myself as ever being lyk anybody else {27} I celebrate all the things I dont lyk abt myself,I LOVE MYSELF I'VE BEEÑ TRÄINEÐ TØ LOVE MÝ DARKNES$ {28} I do not accept AÑ¥ LES$ than someone jst as REã as FABÜ£ØU$.... I dont do funny business,not interested in FAKER's {29} My Parents are my SUPERSTAR$... They always FA$HIØN my life I ÐØÑT WÄ$TE MÝ TIME CHANGÍNG ØTHER$ OPINIØN {30} People wil always talk & I always give them sumthng to talk abt I CÄNT BE WITH AN¥1 WHØ DIM$ MÝ SHINE 'coz they r blinded "I'M YOÜR BÌGGÊ$T FÃN I'££ FØLLOW ¥OÜ UÑTI£ YÔÚ LØVE MË" In the Jungle of BRÄT$... In the Quicksand of G£ÅMØÜR... In the Bustling of £IGHT$... In GÒ$$ÏP$ In $ÇÄÑÐÁ£S... I Live in every HÊART... I AM "Deejay KiSH" I just want to be free, I just want to be Me, And I want lots of frndz that invite me to their parties, Dont want to change & I dont to be ashamed, I'm the spirit of my Hair, Its all the Glory that I bear I'M AWESOME IN M¥ WAÝ.... 'CAU$E GØÐ MAKE$ NO MI$TAKES.... I'M ØN THE RIGHT TRÃÇK BAB¥.... I WÄ$ BØRÑ THÎ$ WÃ¥!!!
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