Began the career at the beginning of 2008. I write tracks mainly in styles of Electro, Electrohouse and House. I will be rad to the new acquaintances with people which link or want to bind the life to music...

1. DJ always rights!

2. DJ you» do not «hear, not pal, not boy, not pederast, tractor not driver, combine not operator, not goat, not ment, not chief, not mudak, already a long ago not boy and provincial not person.

3. DJ does not know and absolutely however him, what today number, day of week, state \ church \ unofficial \ any other holiday, year etc.

4. DJ is not able «cleanly and really to talk». He is able only to speak.

5. «This a class song» is not PRESENT!!!

6. Dj does not have a cigarette, cigarette-lighter, pen, sheet, serviettes, handkerchiefs, medications, telephone, toilet paper, wall outlet, elongator, batteries, charge device for Nokia, water and drugs.

7. DJ does not know where Small, Bald, by Scythe, Curve, Lame, Deaf, Bukhoy, Dull, Lifeless and all other invalids.

8. DJ did not see (and does not want to see) a «new abaldennyy clip» who that was not by.

9. DJ not interestingly to know, who with whom fought yesterday \ became acquainted

I like: Красивых девушек, хорошую музыку, зажигать=)

I hate: Некрасивых девушек, плохую музыку, сидеть и скучать=)

I recommend: Познакомиться с красивой девушкой, пойти позажигать с ней в клубе под хорошую музыку=)

I am interested in: Интересной жизнью=)

I know: Тиорему Пифагора)))

I can: Готовить яишницу с сыром=)

Valriy Maydanyuk
Main style: Electro House
Favorite styles: Electro, Hard House, House
DJ, clubber, listener since 2008
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Odessa
Guest: NRJ Electro (Moscow)
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