Mariya Aleynikova
Main style: Deep Techno
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, Experimental, House, Italo Disco, Microhouse, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Techno
DJ, producer, radioshow, promoter, listener since 2004
Location: Austria, Wien
Guest: lounge,
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Garage X, Wien, 02:00 // 3 July 2010
Tech House
wupwup, Innsbruck, 01:00 // 27 June 2010
Tech House
Pratersauna, Wien, 22:58 // 27 February 2010
Deep Techno
Badeschiff, Wien, 16:36 // 23 January 2010
Yorkshire Bleeps and Bass
St. Poelten, Wien, 22:57 // 15 January 2010
Deep Techno
Кликни и введи.

Label co-owner and The Great Leader of all the squirrels. Musician, dj, party promoter and Belchatnik's ideologist. Speaking the serious business world's language, she is Belchatnik records label manager and A&R

Connection to the music.

I grew up in the musicians’ family. My parents, followilng our family traditions, started to teach me to play the piano when I was only 4 years old. After 9 years of sudying in the musical school I decided to go on my musician career.

It was very hard to have a computer in the middle 90’s in Novosibirsk if you don’t have a brother dealing with networks and programming)) I was so lucky, and in the tme my brother was not at home, I used the computer surfing the Web and trying to use simpe musical software – that was my first connection to a new musical instrument.

Aiming to electronic music.

When I understood computer’s unlimited ablities, I started to look for more serious musical software. But sellers in the shops didn’t understand a young girl speaking about sample banks and programs-trackers, compartible with them. The most involved program I got then was Cakewalk, MIDI editor.


I couldn’t find people, related with electronc music, but there were much more rockers, ready to work together with a young musician. So I joined my first brit-pop band as a keyboardist and back-vocalist. But I didn’t forget about electronic music, and had been asking my teammates to change musical style for several years. When I understood that I am wasting my time, I left the band… And started to visit night clubs of Novosibirsk.

DJ career:

It should be told that I went to a night club in the first time when I was only 13. As time went by, my night clubs visitings on weekends became such a tradition, like visiting a church on Sunday. Should be told too, that I never was the same to all other club visitors, I was more watcher then consumer: I could watch the light facilities while all people are dancing and get up and dance only at 5 a. m. when the dancefloor is already empty… So I could stay a regular club visitor, but once I got an opportunity to try myself as a DJ at one of night clubs of Novosibirsk. My old wish to try myself that way gave me the power, and that day became the first step on the long way of getting the professional skills of a dj and electronic musician.

Two years passed in hard work, promotion of my name and gathering the community, numerous tours over Siberia and not only. But I consider that Belchatnik became the most significant event in my life – either as techno-parties at abandoned factories and independent label Belchatnik records.

At the present, I get back to music-making, but now I work together with Denis Yashin a. k. a. Mr. Belk on our electronic musical project . We met yet in 2003 and came together to the idea of our project “Belki”. Nesessity to promote it has become the main reason of Belchatnik creation and all what was and will be after – that’s why we have great plans and a lot of energy now.

We organized a few huge techno-raves and parties in Siberia, we use to own our club "Rezidentsiya", we moved to Moscow, we moved to Vienna.

I could tell you a long story about my own, but the main thing that we still perform live and still want to produce music and simple to dj. We released our first album at our record label, and the next release is planed to be on Berlin label Einstakt.

Also we help in orginising parties in the famous "Secession" museum in the center of Vienna. It's related to modern electronic music culture of all post-soviet union area.

    Emre Mirza  20 January 2011 21:40 #
    + T // Plust Records //  21 October 2010 11:57 #
    HEY DJ
    Nightvice (Bunker Club)  15 August 2010 9:07 #
    Муркетолог  25 June 2010 0:33 #
    с чего начинается музыка?
    - Музыка начинается с тишины...

    ловите мой респект!
    187REC  20 May 2010 20:11 #
    RASH (Ramblers Crew)  17 May 2010 13:30 #
    Классные миксы держи +!!!
    DCJ ASmix  29 March 2010 18:53 #
    VibeLab  13 March 2010 20:37 #
    атмосферное техно:
    Anton Aniskin  12 March 2010 8:46 #
    Artem Scrip  17 January 2010 2:59 #
    Suntetic and Sasha Makin  31 December 2009 8:27 #
    Молодец... отличное направление!)++
    SOUNDGUN  20 September 2009 8:44 #
    В друзья!
    NEGATIVE  3 September 2009 2:32 #
    bamfista  9 July 2009 16:36 #

    SUMBURNIJ  22 June 2009 12:50 #
    Белка, как у тебя тут красиво)
    + за любовь и творчество)
    Dj Лилоv  24 February 2009 19:17 #
    Liman  20 January 2009 18:25 #
    Давайте дружить?
    Liman  20 January 2009 18:25 #
    Мне правда очень понравилось+ КАЙФ
    SERGEY RODIMOFF  17 January 2009 14:51 #
    этот + тебе!!!)))
    Тим Сводник  19 November 2008 4:18 #
    Привет от чебурашек! =)
    ttttttttttttttt  4 November 2008 17:50 #
    вы замечательны
    Jay Tender  25 October 2008 7:47 #
    Бельчатнику респект и ++!;)
    OBLOMOV  6 October 2008 2:20 #
    DJ Black.  25 September 2008 13:44 #
    Большой плюс королева
      Mooto  5 October 2008 11:18 #
      Именно королева!
    DJ-Agressor  7 September 2008 10:52 #
    vadz  15 August 2008 16:38 #
    Превед северным белкам от южных псов! +1 Wink
    Саша Шуруп  12 August 2008 19:59 #
    Dj Alex Vlasov  10 August 2008 16:02 #
    CkuB  4 August 2008 16:43 #
    BEST ++++++ ЕЩЁ!
    Mostklik [Bitlow Digital]  31 July 2008 18:18 #
    Привет Мария!
    Чтобы добавить в друзья нажми на серую фигурку человечка, слева под твоей инфой и контактами, там где написан promorank и нарисована звёздочка!
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