ModeSt club, Zaporozhe, 00:00 // 10 December 2011
Drum & Bass
Арт Центр Квартира, Dnepropetrovsk, 00:00 // 4 December 2011
Папа Protif, Dnepropetrovsk, 01:00 // 3 December 2011
Time Out, Dnepropetrovsk, 00:00 // 20 November 2011
Urban United, Dnepropetrovsk, 22:00 // 17 November 2011
UK Garage
DJ D-White

As DJ Andrey tried himself at first in 2002. For some years he has been searching his music style, trying to play different styles of electronic music. 2005 became the year when Andrey understood that jungle & drum'n'bass music took a great part of his life. Since 2006 he takes part in different events as drum'n'bass dj. After some time Andrey hears ragga-jungle and understands that this is it. Since autumn 2006 DJ D-White is a representative of the ragga-jungle culture as a member of "SPACE UNITY" promo group. 
Since December 2007 he's is a part of Illegal Jungle Crew together with Dj Dusty (Stuttgart, Germany), HoT (Tula, Russia), Dj Shk (Kiev) and Dj E>nergetic (Dp). In 2008 D-White is one of the organizers of MURDARAH VIBEZ, series of hot ragga-jungle parties. Also he takes part in well known fests: Konkrete Jungle Ukraine & Tribute To Haile Sellassie.
Today Andrey is also interested in dubstep, quickly increasing his vinyl collection.

Main style: Ragga Jungle
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Speed Garage, UK Garage
DJ, promoter, clubber, listener since 2001
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Guest: Kiss FM (Kiev), Небо (Dnepropetrovsk), Time Out (Dnepropetrovsk), Глянец (Dnepropetrovsk), ЛИГАНАЦИЙ (Dnepropetrovsk), Микс (Zaporozhe), Нектар (Dnepropetrovsk), Underground (Dnepropetrovsk), Samba House (Dnepropetrovsk), Три Короля (Dnepropetrovsk), Sfera (Dnepropetrovsk), Atomic (Dnepropetrovsk), Живот (Harkov), The Most Open Air (Kiev), CINEMA (Kiev), Volna (Sevastopol), Модест (Zaporozhe), Friend's Time (Dnepropetrovsk), Cinema (Kiev), Залатанный барабан (Dnepropetrovsk)
Frequent visitor: Аврора (Dnepropetrovsk), Plotina (Dnepropetrovsk), Солярис (Dnepropetrovsk), Kingstone (Dnepropetrovsk), Элит (Nikopol), Shot (Krivoi Rog), Афины (Herson), MasterShmidt (Dnepropetrovsk), Меридиан (Herson), Kobra (Simferopol), VIP77 (Novomoskovsk), пляж Учкуевка Севастопль (Sevastopol), Dream Box (Dnepropetrovsk), The Most (Kiev)
Was just once: Новоселица (Dnepropetrovsk), Molinari (Dnepropetrovsk), Торба (Dneprodzerzhinsk), Partyphone (Dnepropetrovsk), Lucky Star (Dnepropetrovsk), Ночь (Dnepropetrovsk), Tunnel (Dnepropetrovsk), L`orangerie (Dnepropetrovsk), Vacuum (Dnepropetrovsk), Пасека (возле 100го лицея) (Dnepropetrovsk), Магнит (Dnepropetrovsk), M-Club (Dnepropetrovsk), Ночной клуб Hollywood (Krivoi Rog), Colesseum (Lugansk), Коралл (Nikopol), Capuchon (Dnepropetrovsk), Кино Кафе (Simferopol), Мята (Dneprodzerzhinsk), Calipso (Herson), Samba (Harkov), Жара (Harkov), Leo Max (Zaporozhe), Labyrinth (Dnepropetrovsk), Taboo Party Bar (Odessa), Kumbari (Vinnica), Techno Club Domino (Odessa), Старый Двор (Krivoi Rog), Bora Bora night club (Dnepropetrovsk), бар-паб БН , ул. Воровского, 18/2 (Kiev), Lenin Club (Kiev), Wonderland (Odessa), Белый Лотос (Sevastopol), Демократия (Dnepropetrovsk), Xlib (Kiev), Forsage (Kiev), Keller (Kiev)
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