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Styles: Progressive House, Tech House
Format: MP3, 320 Kbit
Duration: 49:18
Size: 112.9Mb
Recording: 21 May 2011
Publication: 22 May 2011 18:28

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also read the my interview for EILO Radio: 

First of all, we want to say thank you for being our Artist of the Weekend. It is such a pleasure to have a piece of you in our source. Now let me start with the questionnaire…

It is my pleasure to be introduced to EILO listeners.

Everybody treats music differently and probably this is what makes the magic…How did everything begin with you? 

Recently I noticed that most of the DJ biographies start like this: “Music has always been an important part of his/her life”. While it sounds trivial, it describes the best why I started deejaying. I was into many different styles of music - early ages: punk and heavy metal, then some art & progressive rock, new wave, industrial...pretty much everything. I don’t think I have a musical talent, so electronic music and deejaying gave me the opportunity to create something with the music I like, as I’m unable to play any musical instrument. And music has never been something like a background activity for me - listening to something, while working or doing something else. Music always affected me, in many different ways - probably that’s why I get easily bored with a certain style or trend. House music is actually a simple thing, but so far my interest is still intact and growing - while someone may say that pretty much everything has been done in the house genre, I still find it interesting and emotional.

How do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration is a tricky thing. Sometimes even the deadline for doing a mix set can be an inspiration. The fear of the “empty slate” is always here - sometimes you just don’t know from where to start. So I would throw a few tracks, just to see if they go together and then everything somehow manages to get done by itself, track after track. Often I have no idea what will be final result - it starts as a calm, deep mix which at some point turns to be a nasty, dirty, clubby one. Some of mixes (especially the Exfinity series) may take up to 3 months in the making - choosing the right tracks to tell a story, to paint a picture. Sometimes it takes only 1 hour to finish my next radioshow - it largely depends on the promos I’m receiving. Good material means a good mix, as simple as that. So, being a professional, inspiration is optional.

What about the moments when you are all alone? How do you enjoy them?

Being a graphic and web designer for a living, I enjoy my time alone browsing my favourite online design sources or working on new custom typefaces, or even designing covers for various electronic music record labels. Stuff like that... 

What is your opinion about the modern sound and the way the people get attracted by it?

Describe modern. Recent trends are bringing back either disco flavoured tech (Umek, among others) or even acid - just listen to Robert Babicsz. Things are definitely getting simpler and more disposable, as with everything around us - not that I like it, but that’s the reality. Plus now everyone tries to be louder than the others - so called “loudness wars”  I’ve been attending a Bedrock party at Miami Music Week this March and I really admire Hernan Cattaneo for sticking to his own vision and sound and not changing just because the scene requires it. Unfortunately, few people can afford that... but my vision here is - do whatever you like, if it comes from your heart, people will like it - that’s for sure.

Tell us about your future activities and plans.

I’m nothing but hopeful about the future, so I don’t have big plans... maybe I will jump into production as well, sometimes. I’m also hoping on broader exposure in other countries and I’m looking forward for new opportunities.

If you must describe your style with a colour what will it look like? Why?

That’s a tough one. Maybe a deeper shade of steel blue-gray, but definitely with streaks of bright yellow.

Which is the party that you will never forget?

Miss Nine, Sultan & Ned Sheppard at the Terrace@ Club Space 2008 or 2009, last year’s DJ Mag Recession Session Party at Shelborne, Miami Beach - especially James Zabiela and Eric Prydz, this year’s Bedrock Showcase at Cameo, Miami Beach and of course, my first gig abroad in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

What would you say for all of the people who use drugs? 

It is always a matter of personal choice. I guess I have been lucky to be a teenager in drug-free socialist Bulgaria, so I had no contact with drugs, maybe except alcohol  Like it or not, drugs are part of the club culture - but I wouldn’t take side here nor judge or preach. Just ...don’t do anything extreme and be healthy.

Is there anybody next to you at the moment?  What part of your life does love take?

My daughter. Love, especially when it is unconditional as a kid’s love, is the greatest feeling ever. 

What is the most important thing for you in one track? Do we all need to search for the deeper meaning?

Again, there’s no simple answer here. There are tracks - complex and beautiful, telling stories and making unexpected twists (for example Starecase - Come In), while there are dancefloor bombs intended to be just that - bangers (that’s why I think Eric Prydz is one of the greatest producers out there and of course, I mean Cirez-D - On Off here It depends on the occasion; it depends on the listener’s mood. 

Club or Open area?

Both have their good sides... can’t choose here 

Think or feel?

Again, I’m trying to be balanced. I guess that comes with the age - not to throw yourself into extremities. While relaying on pure feelings can do miracles, sometimes you need to stick to some rules and just think what would be the best solution. So, a balanced amount of feelings and common sense is the right combination for me.

Is producing music the best alternative for international success?

Definitely. Your name is mentioned more often, even if you’re not the DJ that night - so you gain more exposure, if other people are playing your music or posting links to your stuff on facebook. Whether every DJ is capable of producing quality or even decent tracks is another question.

How do you treat your fans? How does their attention make you feel?

It always amazes me when people are approaching me like I’m some sort of non-human Supreme Being, wishing to express gratitude and awe. Being a generally shy person I often don’t know how to react besides the simple “Thank you!”, but it is really a great feeling - to feel special, to realize that somehow you make a complete stranger happy and ecstatic. I guess we’re all suckers for appreciation - but isn’t that the main reason we’re doing this? 

Do you enjoy the parties when you are not behind the desks? 

Recently, it is a bit harder to really enjoy parties when I’m not playing. It seems to be difficult to me to restrain myself from being a DJ and just enjoy music...of course with the right music and right amount of alcohol everything falls into place 

Do you like our source ? Any suggestions?

I think it is good, although I’m not a frequent visitor. It is also great that such resource could survive for 10 years in a country that has no respect for electronic music culture. The only thing I would change is the “mushrooms” decoration as it is no longer adequate for EILO being a source for various types of electronic music and not limited to goa/psy trance 

Do you think you leave a trace behind?

I would like to think that I will, but this is too optimistic. Probably the only trace I will leave are my children.

Who is your favourite artist for all times and why?

As I said earlier, I get easily bored with music of certain type, so I cannot tell that I have favourite artists of all time - they change with time. Talking about this, I’m really happy that EILO invited Henri Hurtig (aka Cid Inc) for the anniversary, as he is one of my favorites for the moment. Well done, guys! 

How do you select your tracks for a party?

I’m not a big fan of improvisations, so selecting tracks for a party requires a lot of attention and it also depends on the duration of my set. 

When you get back home after a very good party, what is on your mind?

“I wish the next one will be as good as this one”

Please, tell us your favourite thought and give us your wishes! supports you. Respect!

My favourite thought would be “If you have nothing to say, say nothing”. As for my wishes: “Good luck to EILO team and fans - for another 10x10 years, even better music and wildest parties!!!”


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