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DJFM Ukraine and Sender introduce a remix contest for the track Sender - “Love”  Sender

At the beginning of the summer’12 popular Ukrainian producer, composer singer and DJ Sender has introduced his latest vocal track. Recently Sender also presented a video for the driving smasher Love (Official Video)

Create from your heart! Let your music will be made for clubs, home listening or whilst driving but always with love!

“There are millions of songs about love but if you are sincere in your lyrics, if it goes from your heart you might create something extraordinary that differs it from all the commercial songs about love”, – says Sender about his new production.

Today Sender cooperates with DJFM to give the chance to every registered artist of  PROMODJ.COM to remix his latest production and tell the world what the love is for you by means of your music.

All entries must be uploaded and successfully submitted between October, 17 and December, 23.
The winners will be announced on January, 7, 2013.

1. To entry the contest you must be a user of the registered artist profile on  PROMODJ.COM;
2. Download the audio stems of the track. Then, using the stems, you should create a remix;
3. Publish the final version of your remix on your profile page and on the page of the contest (.mp3, 320 kbps);
4. The track should be available for downloading and have the contest tag.

The author of the original track Eugene Sender will choose three winners who will get the following prizes:

The Grand Prize:

-    30 000 rubles;
-    1 year PROMODJ premium membership;
-    Airing the remix on DJFM;
-    Getting featured on the single.

First runner-up:
-    1 year  PROMODJ premium membership;
-    Airing the remix on DJFM;
-    Getting featured on the single.

Second runner-up:
-    Getting featured on the single.


Contests results

Greetings to all the participants of the PROMODJ and remix contest on my track Love!

Thank you for your time, for your patience and participation!I’ve repeatedly listened all your works and after thoughtful consideration, I want to highlight my top 40, and the winners of this contest! In addition, there will be a special day on DJFM with the support of PROMODJ dedicated to the participants and winners of the contest! We’ll play more than 20 remixes during that day,mentioning each writer.

Also more than 20 works from this list will be issued in three different remix compilations on different record labels of the Send Records Label Group! We’ll decide  with you, what exact remixes worth to be issued *!

Also, I invite you to visit my website and download the new track Mister Emerald from the upcoming album The Crystals!

Top 40 Remixes for Love
01. Tom Reason
02. Tony Kart ft. Mike Prado
03. Plage & Squeeze
04. J-Soul
05. DJ Shevtsov & DJ Naytone
06. Carl Sonne
07. Mooncut
08. MickeyZ
09. Haxxy
10. Melloffon
11. Dee Flack
12. U.O.K
13. Ozius G
14. Yonta
15. Olej
16. Endless Energy
17. DJ Sokol
18. Eugene Lex
19. Aren
20. Dmitry Deep
21. Slapdisted
22. Nicky Ru
23. Nei Plas Ultras
25. A-Mase «Breaks Mix»
26. Motivee
27. Almaz Rahiev
28. Pavel Gerasimoff
29. Anna Bardot
30. Atomic Kid
31. Parry Hotter
32. Ruslik
33. Dmitriy Korain
34. Baraka
35. Shock Ns «Back In The 30s»
36. Koeel
37. Stanislav Green
38. Vova Mey
39. BennStep
40. Igor PradAA

I would also like to emphasize works of Ural DJ's, DJ Nik, Donscharry, Erista, Jocker, Penalba, Wve, Far Legs, Rick Emberson, Deny Wilde, DeadWish, Atomic Kid and thank all those who participated and put a piece of their heart in work! Thank you very much!

* Contact me in PM or in the comments about all suggestions on releases of remixes, objections on mashup works (no copyright on samples or sampling) or if you don’t want to publish your work in a release.

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Участвует в конкурсе ремиксов на трек Sender - Love. Спасибо за прослушивание.
Участвовал в конкурсе ремиксов на трек "Sener - Love".
Трек переживший конец света участвует в конкурсе
Big Room. Thanks Sender. 
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С наступающим Новым годом!) Представляю свою версию на мой взгяд интереснейшего хауз...
Новый ремикс на хорошую песенку. Ремикс готовился на конкурс! Думаю вам понравится
Мой новый конкурсный ремикс, подерживаем ребята))