Национальная Техно-Коллаборация

National Techno Collaboration  zwook.ru / sonicum.com

Collaboration - the process of joint activity of two or more people to achieve common goals, such as exchange of knowledge, training, and reaching an agreement.

Online electronic music school Zwook.ru and Russian techno label “National Techno” with the support of the largest portal for DJs and musicians PROMO DJ represent the first National Techno Collaboration.

We did a set of audio material (over 300 wav-sounds) at the same tempo and the same key. You can create your competitive track on the basis of this material. 5 winner’s tracks will be included in a joint release, which will be released on National Techno on CD and in a digital format in the major digital stores. Also, the winners will receive great prizes.

A set of audio material is:
Samples, loops and long audio files, which form the basis of established tracks. All materials are written at the same tempo and key of 125 bpm / Am - this will facilitate the work on track. Of course you can use any other materials and tools at their discretion, but some recognizable elements of the set must still be present in a competitive work required.


All 5 winners will receive prizes:
• release of the track on the National Techno with the residents of the label. Format: CD + digital
• Mastering tracks from the Audiomontage studio.
• The prize from the Ableton company: the licensed version of Live 8
• An award from Zwook.ru: a coupon for $ 200, which can be spent on any training materials, courses, seminars and workshops with musicians and DJs.
• Perfomance at the festival. The winners will contact the representative of the National techno personally and if the author of the track has enough experience for the live performances or dj-set, he or she will be invited to participate in an upcoming National Techno events

+ Special prize from the online store Proaudio.ru - Mecca for all musicians and DJs. Between the winners will be randomly drawn three excellent Native Instruments audio interfaces: Traktor Audio 2, Traktor Audio 6, Traktor Audio 10
November 18

December 25

Date of announcement of results:
December 29

Sound set (Sample-pack):
Download the sample pack (513Mb)

Format: 24 / 44100 125 bpm, Am
Sample-pack preview:

The order of participation in the collaboration:

1. Carefully examine all that is on this page
2. Download the sample pack
3. View video tutorials which are located below for more inspiration and confidence :-)
4. Make the competitive track
5. Rest for a few days reading the official blog of Collaboration
6. To bring the track to the final sound, shake a mp3-320kbps, fill to see the page promodj the ban on downloads, and then paste the code in the player comments on this page.
7. Read the official blog of Collaboration and wait for summarizing results

Conditions for entries:
1. An interesting, qualitative work, done with enthusiasm
2. Rigid stylistic limitation. A techno prefix should be applicable to track  (which is a very wide term)
3. Track tempo: 125 bpm
4. When you publish your tracks on your page, set the limit on the download: "Download not allowed"
5. The title of the track should have the following format: Your Name - Name of Songs (National Techno Collaboration). Invent the title of the track yourself,
for example: Nikita Stalker - Stranger (National Techno Collaboration)
6. The winner will need to provide the version of the track of the quality as follows: 44100/24bit + version of the track without a master processing

Nikita Stalker, zwook.ru
Leo FunnyVision, zwook.ru
Paul Zgordan, zwook.ru

Creative work with loops and samples - video tutorials:

We wish you a good sound :)
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17 November 2011 11:24
zwook.ru / sonicum.com


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