Мачете – Нежность

Machete - Nejnost (Remix contest) machete


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2 Place

3 Place

"MACHETE RECORDS" and Jaroslav Malyi (TOKiO) with support by PROMO DJ, announces a contest to remix the song "MACHETE –НЕЖНОСТЬ". The video "НЕЖНОСТЬ" for the placement of 4 months on the channels «MACHETE RECORDS » (YouTube, and vimeo) has collected 14 million views.

1. Date:                                   08/08/2011-08/09/2011
2. Announcement of results: 20/09/2011

3. Competition conditions:


- In the contest can participate any person registered as a musician on PROMODJ;

- The final version of the remix to be posted on their page (open for download with a comment about participation in the contest remix) and on the contest page in a format MP3/320kbps/44100Hz/Stereo. 

Winners of the competition must submit WAV/44100/Stereo/24bit;

- The final version should have a remix of the title MACHETE - Нежность (remix by NAME);

- Any commercial use of original remixes and track components is only possible with permission (You can’t upload remixes in a free acess)

4. Prizes for the winners:

I place
- Release remix on "MACHETE RECORDS" Label *;
- Studio Monitors KRK RP5G2;
- Premium acc on PROMODJ.

II place

- Sound Card M-Audio Mobile Pre;
- Premium acc on PROMODJ.

III place

- Premium on PROMODJ.

5: Material


 Good luck to all ;)


* - If the remix is really great.

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8 August 2011 13:18


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Не успел свести и отмастерить,потом перезалью!
УЧАВСТВУЕТ В КОНКУРСЕ РЕМИКСОВ! Всем привет! Рады представить вашему вниманию данную работу!...
Дарите любимым нежность!
Ремикс - участник конкурса "Мачете - Нежность". Скачивайте и получайте глубочайшие ощущения!!!
трек участвует в конкурсе ремиксов "Мачете - Нежность".Буду рад узнать ваши мнения:)
Написано для конкурса ремиксов. Звук накручен на Toxic Biohazard и Vanguard, вместе...
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