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Remix Contest for the song "Silver Sea" group "Time and Glass."  Potup

Production company "Mozgi Entertainment", led by Potap, with the support of the PROMODJ and store  «Music Life» Announce Remix Contest for the song "Silver Sea" by "Time and Glass" band

There are plans to launch the remix to this song on the radio and we really want one of you was the author!



In case of successful remixes will be included in the release of the single.




1st place :


Turntable Vestax HANDY TRAX USB

2nd place:

DJ Mixer Reloop Access.2

3rd place:

Headphones Beyerdynamic MMX 2


1) The competition can take part of any musician or a DJ, registered in the portal PROMODJ.

2) There is no genre limitations, but we consider that to be placed on the radio is selected

tracks that have the greatest prospect in the radio and on club dancefloors.

3) It must prohibit the downloading remixes for other users of the site (specify when placing the "download ban").

4) The final version should have a remix of the title Time and Glass - Silver Sea (the name of the author's Remix).

5) We accept only full versions of the remixes in the format MP3/320kbps/44100Hz/Stereo, the winners must provide WAV/44100/Stereo/24bit.

6) Any commercial use of original remixes and track components is only possible with permission.

Dates of competition:

The competition starts on c 27 June 2011.

Finished remixes for the contest can be filled until July 27, 2011.

Results will be announced August 4th, 2011.

Good luck to all participants!

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26 June 2011 22:06


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Ребята вместе с Потапом просто молодцы уважаю Ваше творчество.Такои рем для Вас...
Моя версия ремикса. Не забываем оставить +++
А вот и мой ремикс. Кому понравилось прибавляем PR, а так же...
Позитив!!! Комментируем и плюсуем)) Ремикс участвует в конкурсе ремиксов Время и Стекло...
а теперь качаем:)
Участвует в конкурсе ремикс.. комментарии приветствуются. НЕЗАБЫВАЕМ ПРО PR+++[URL=http://smajliki...
Конкурсная работа совместно с немалоизвестным проектом T&F Project , всем приятного прослушивания,...
Для конкурса !!!
Участвует в конкурсе.Слушайте.Голосуй... ссылку на трек?Нажми PR+.Professional remix Mastering
Просто так. Решил составить конкуренцию Лёшке (AI K) 
Море позитива! Коментируем ставим PR++)