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Jochen Miller - Classified Remix Contest  Jochen Miller


In the run up to the leading Russian trance festival which will be first time in the open air on June 25 in Moscow, Radio Record and Promodj announce remix contest on Jochen Miller’s track “Classified”.

Take part in remix contest and get the grand prize – official release at High Contrast, meet&greet with Jochen Miller and the opportunity to hear how Jochen plays your remix during his set at Trancemission Open Air in Moscow on June 25.

Publish your remix  and wait for contest’s results, which will be announced on June 23. Dj Feel will listen to all remixes and choose the best three. We will send them to Jochen and he will choose the winner.




  1. The contest will run from June 10 till June 20. Results will be announced on June, 23.

Winner gets official release at High Contrast. Jochen Miller will play the best remix during his set at Trancemission Open Air. Those participants who take 2nd and 3rd place will get 2 deluxe tickets and premium accounts from Promodj.

2. Copying of other’s remixes is prohibited. Those who steal samples and ideas of other participants will be rejected from the contest.

3. Only trance, progressive and tech works are accepted.

4. We accept only those works that are prevented from downloading.


2nd and 3rd place will get Promodj premium accounts and Deluxe tickets to Trancemission Open Air.




1st Place

2nd Place 

3rd Place

Good news for 2nd and 3rd places: instead of one High Contrast Recordings will release all the three winner remixes because they are great! Congratulations! 

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9 June 2011 17:29
Jochen Miller


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При загрузке на сайт качество почему-товнезапно снизилось, поэтому имеем то, что представлено....
Взорвет и прокачает "Trance Mission" - Россия Готова принять новый Classified!!! Релиз...
Конкурсная работа
Ремикс победил в конкурсе ремиксов. Релиз состоялся 9 сентября на лейбле...
Наконец то наступила пора представить вам нашу конкурсную работу на композицию   ...
прошу любить и жаловать)
Free Download Only for PDJ.
приятного прослушивания))
Жаль что такой маленький срок уделили для работы с треком)) 23-го июня загружу...
Идея взята с ваших комментариев к конкурсу, друзья :) Кто не...
All just for you!  Thanks for the inspiration! armin van buuren...
Перезалил ремикс,попыхтел немного над качестком.Думаю стало лучше)))Как тебе,Йохан?)))
Конкурсная работа!