The Disclosure Project – Cabriolet

Cabriolet Remix Competition winners  The Disclosure Project

We would firstly like to notify all entrants that we were pleasantly suprised by the content and craftsmanship of some of the remixes submitted, we had a lot of fun listening to them and discussing which we liked and why.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to say that while we have chosen our two outright winners of the competition who will recieve the winning prizes, we have thought about having a runners up release with our other favourite remixes that we had to put aside even though they were good enough to win the competition. We will notify those people shortly in a private message and then make a public announcement of that if they are happy to have their remix released on a seperate release on the record label.

So without any more chit chat here are the two chosen winners of the competition.

Winner number one of this competition was: EV DARKO remix:

This remix oozes style and beauty, and truly represents the labels sound. Its got a sense of skill and emotion, but also has that characteristic underpinning of groove we like in our releases, for this reason it was easy for us to pick this as our favourite remix.

Listen to it here:…

The second favourite remix was Neofit remix:

This remix was cleverly crafted with additional components and edits of the main theme to create a truly jacking deep tech house track. This one stood out from the others for its solid punchy groove and overlayed deep house feeling, we really love this remix and think it sounds perfect among our other releases.

Listen to it here:…

The winning tracks will also be aired on our Ibiza Sonica radio show this month. Well done to everyone who entered, and especially the winners. The runners up will be notified in private messages later today.

Release artwork:…

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4 June 2011 15:46
The Disclosure Project


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Трек участвует в конкурсе ремиксов The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet.  ...
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