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Denis A - Sith

Remix Contest: Denis A - Sith  Denis A

Denis A - Sith / Remix Contest

Denis A - the first official resident from Russia to play on Ibiza. Owner of an English label DAR and a host of a popular radio show "The Diamonds of Dance Music".


The official party of the last legendary techno festival LOVEPARADE 2010 in Germany. Organizer of his own dance floor "DAR stage" at Kazantip Z-18.


Denis A playing "Sith" on the Loveparade festival in Germany.



1 st place:

- Release of the remix on the label DAR (vinyl media and digital release)
- Golden Jubilee to mark the symbols DAR - Promodj
- IPad

2 place:

- Silver Jubilee mark with the symbol of DAR - Promodj
- IPad

3 rd place:

- Silver Jubilee mark with the symbol of DAR - Promodj
- IPad


Denis A
Grigory Fatyanov (DAR)
Vincent Enzo Amico (DAR, PlastisMusic)



- The competition can take part any person registered on the portal as a musician.

- One remix by one person.

- Copyright of all the remixes in competition belong to the DAR label. Commercial use without written permission is prohibited.

- Contest rules, prizes and other information can be changed at the discretion of the organizer

Finished remixes, as a full final version of the file and mp3 format, not lower than 192 kbps, bidders shall publish on their page and on the contest page.

Example titles: Denis A - Sith (name / nickname of the author remix Remix)

When downloading the remix pack, you automatically agree to the terms of the competition.


Original track:

Remix kit: Download


Start date: January 04, 2011 
End date: February 01, 2011



1. Denis A - Sith (Minitronix Remix)


2. Denis A - Sith (Dapple Apple Remix)


3. Denis A - Sith (Madeira Remix)

4. Denis A - Sith (Fran Von Vie Remix)


Special prize


Denis A - Sith (Spartaque In Concept Remix)


In Digital release:


Denis A - Sith (Mango Remix)


Denis A - Sith (Tesla Remix)


Denis A - Sith (Igor Cold Remix)


Denis A - Sith (Taboo Remix)


And remix by Spartaque and Mays & Partique.


Many thanks to all participants of competition!

We congratulations the winners!

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5 January 2011 1:21
Denis A
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