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New UNP04

New Unpublished MixList
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today 20:30
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UNP003 and other Russia exclusive update

I am posting this unpublished mix early to help honor Fathers' Day. To my father and parents' fathers (some not here to share this with us in person). In other news... the Ckwal LP has received a final master for iTunes by Darkart Mastering.

However, Ckwal is moving this week, so it will be some time before I can publish CKWAL on the store.

Ckwal Mix UNP03

Side note: UNP stands for unpublished. These are unofficial mixes that had something wrong with the mix (mistake or bad transition etc..) or wasn't good timing for the overall feel of the tracks. Some sound really good now or need a second attempt with the same tracklist, but as mixes go, they never sound the same twice and I don't post 'hypothetical' mixes. If they make it to the main series, it is because they work together and sound practically perfect. Some call this 'nailing it' because like a hammer and nails if you knock a nail in wrong it gets bent and you screw up the wood and nail and have to start over again.  Pro DJs who mix live make this look easy.

Have a kick a** summer!

This Is It (Wal-mart exclusive 1-disc version)
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20 June 2017 2:14
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Links Compiled

I am compiling posts of quicklinks for some artists' social accounts, Official Sites and Podcasts and more on the way.  All three posts are on the first link as well as below.

Quick Links II

Quick Links I

MixList 2017009 with Quick Links and Top iTunes Podcast Links

I have started a new series for the next month or so of summer consisting of unpublished mixes.  UNP03 & UNP04 are already scheduled.  I have explained the meaning of this on my main site



The latestet Mix 2017011 has a remade encore.

Also, see the first post called 'FUEL' in a set of tips from a 'living on the edge', struggling DJ.


2016 Year in review

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13 June 2017 20:49
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May/June Mix 2017011

New 'MixList' available. Other updates available in June or July.
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28 May 2017 14:05
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Three part MixList

Three part MixList with iTunes links now posted.

Click here for direct link.

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18 April 2017 18:20
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