Radio Plasma, Kingisepp, 21:00 // 4 November 2016
Paadise, Saint Petersburg, 01:30 // 27 July 2013
Progressive Trance
Sasha's, Saint Petersburg, 22:00 // 21 April 2012
Deep House
Алхимия Адрес: Набережная канала Грибоедова, дом 7 или Конюшенная площадь, дом 2., Saint Petersburg, 01:00 // 13 April 2012
Punch Loft Bar, Saint Petersburg, 23:00 // 10 February 2012
Dj Christy
DJ Christy




DJ and the Composer…… 



DJ Christy was born in the most beautiful city of Russia, in St.-Petersburg. Parents hoped that Christy will continue musical career on a class of a piano, but, in 1996 it has made a decision to be engaged DJ-ing. Has started in one of the clubs of Russia first a trance “ TRANCEFORMATOR CLUB ” DJ Christy the first girl - DJ in Russia which became the pioneer electronic music in Russia, huge experience of possession by vinyl and cd in any musical style favourably distinguishes it as technically and compiled from a great bulk of colleagues.

In 2000 CHRISTY the inter-regional organization of DJ’s of St.-Petersburg invites to cooperation. CHRISTY acts in all leading clubs of city and as is the resident of the years project "Water Parties” (parties by steam-ships). Energy and positive spirit of the girl at once cause interest of public. The technics of game CHRISTY allocates it on a background of others, and the musical selection is optimum for any public.

In 2002 the scale project " RUSSIAN IBIZA ", will start in the resort city of Anapa, on a city beach, and, Christy at once invite to become the resident of this project. And it it is no wonder! The Girl with energy beating too much, it is masterful thinking over the set, has left a deep trace in those hearts who has visited on RUSSIAN IBIZA. DJ CHRISTY lets out mixes on collections " RUSSIAN IBIZA " and now the tour schedule dense enough Participation in festival of girls of DJ’s in club " REVOLUTION ",

The resident of the project “ Candy Girls ” Performance in a military school with stars of a world stage, such as: ROBERT MILES and JONNY KELVIN.

Since 2006 year resident Ministry of Sound SPb and performance together with Dj Erick Prydz, Dj Umek, Dj Jonny Kelvin, Dj Dj Cor Fijneman, Dj Georg Acosta …


Dj Christy, already more 10 years is bright a star of the Russian club culture.

As the founder and the co-author of musical project "Gaucher Style" and as in the co-authorship with Dj mr. Max Stryker, Christy writes own tracks and remixes which it is already possible to hear on many radio stations of the Europe and Russia.


Dj Chriaty, author and creative director own online radio with the same name "Gaucher Style Radio"

Always professional, bright and emotional set’s Dj Christy invariable blow up both greater platforms, and clubs in any point of globe.


For booking requests, please contact:

DJ Christy
DJ, producer, radioshow since 1995
Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
Resident: Arena Music International (Saint Petersburg), Radio Plasma (Kingisepp)
Guest: Gaucher Style Radio (Saint Petersburg), RDJ.FM (Saint Petersburg), Classic (Saint Petersburg), D&D (Pushkin), Малевич (Saint Petersburg), Manilov (Saint Petersburg), Или (Saint Petersburg), Звезда (Saint Petersburg), Lava (Saint Petersburg), Sea (Saint Petersburg)
Frequent visitor: Mad Wave (Saint Petersburg), Остров (Saint Petersburg), RED BAR (Saint Petersburg), Punch Loft Bar (Saint Petersburg), Невские Мелодии (Saint Petersburg), Звезд (Saint Petersburg), Просвет (Saint Petersburg), Ижора (Kolpino), Порт (Saint Petersburg), Зеркало (Tver), Сова (Saint Petersburg), Трансформатор (Saint Petersburg), Tunnel (Saint Petersburg), Планетарий (Saint Petersburg), Приводнение (Saint Petersburg), аквпарк Дельфин (Tuapse), Кашалот (Tuapse)
Was just once: Revolution (Saint Petersburg), Bliss (Saint Petersburg), Пурга (Saint Petersburg), Seven Sky Bar (Saint Petersburg), Chica (Saint Petersburg), Ин (Klin), Panteq (Moscow), Fases (Moscow), ТБ Premium (Moscow), Метро (Tyumen), Колизей (Naberezhnye CHelny), Супер (Pskov), Casa Project (CHelyabinsk), Жара (Saint Petersburg), Paradise beach (Saint Petersburg), Kaliostro (Saint Petersburg), Sasha's (Saint Petersburg), Саботаж (Anapa), Акула (Novorossiisk), Нептун (Tuapse), Paradise (Omsk), Дом Быта (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Dakar (Velikii Novgorod (Novgorod)), Чердак (Murmansk), Ижевск (Izhevsk), Good Zone (Tver), Три Кита (Saint Petersburg), Turbo Дача (Песочное) (Saint Petersburg), Meridian (Irkutsk), Friendly Bar (Saint Petersburg), Юбилейный (Tver), "Russian Ibiza" project (Anapa)
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