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The name Chris Shuttle first thundered on the techno stage in 1998. His sets are 100% uncompromised techno. Maximum energy output onto the dance floor and impeccable selection of material create an unrepeatable drive that is the hallmark of Shuttle’s performances. 

1999 Involved in the creation of the promotional company JAMMING STATION and organization of a series of techno events. The event LOW TECH NIGHTS elicits an influx of positivity in hard-core techno fans to the present day. Concurrently Chris develops the techno caf.. TUBE, which subsequently becomes a cultural center for lovers of techno. 

1999-2003: Gives numerous performances at the techno clubs of St. Petersburg and the surrounding area: Tunnel, Red Club, Griboedov, Deep Sound, VMS, Ventyl, Friday, Fuckultet, Mama, KV, Planet, Kletka, Aleksandria, and others. 

2001: Becomes the art-director and co-owner of the techno club TRUBA. The club fills a unique niche in the history of electronic underground as a place for true adherents to the style. 

2002: Regular performances at the most intense events at TUNNEL rightfully designate Chris Shuttle as the most non-standard techno DJ, and the following release of original mixes TECHNOCRAT, SOFT MIX FV and WAY OF THE DJ cement the aesthetic position of “quality, not quantity”. 

2004: On tour in Russia and abroad: From Lower Novgorod to Thailand. 

2005: Releases his debut album HELIOS 3. The studio work took a year, the result – varied, quality tracks without style restrictions. Upon hearing the first few seconds of which it becomes clear that this will be a serious, all encompassing immersion into contemporary electronic music. The eponymous deserving hit of the club TUNNEL follows Intro. Further tracks awaiting the listener are in the styles of funky-techno, tech-house, tech-trance, and even tech-hop. All tendencies of the contemporary electronic scene are reflected in the album. Especially noteworthy is the track - 2 Punks (hyper break dzen mix) – a TUNNEL club hit - written in the style of nu-school breaks, and the composition Dejavu, which the best DJ’s of St. Petersburg play with pleasure. The album’s final track Vtoroe Dihanie (Second Breath) is the remaster of the hymn of the club TUBE. 

From 2005 on - annual participant in the rave DJ Parade and the open-air "Rave Mednoe Ozero". This year Chris Shuttle created the label "MEGAZONE RECORDS" on the bases of his own studio oriented towards the release of original techno music. 29.12.2005 - the successful presentation of the first release, the compilation "TECHNO ODYSSEY", at club "Tunnel". 

2006 GANJA FIGHTERS “HE XAPAI”/CHRIS SHUTTLE “FULL METAL MIX” two-disk set is released as part of the 13 YEARS KDK series. Chris Shuttle acts as the producer of this debut disk duet. 
11.02.2006 Organizes FULL MOOD TECH, a large-scale event at the KinoPik complex, jointly with MINIMAL SOUND PROMO. 

Since 2005 Chris Shuttle has been an annual participant in DJ PARADE and MEDNOE OZERO. 

Participant of KAZANTIP ‘06/ Euro area. 

Chris Shuttle has performed on the same stage with world class starts: Westbam, Amok, Filipe, Jan Liefhebber, Rob Di Stefano, Tomash Gee, Vexx, Calrec... as well as with Russian musicians and DJ’s: Lena Popova, Recycle Bot, Roninbeat, Textile, The Orden Of Electro, Android, Evoorg aka Groove, Victor Strogonov aka dj Fashist, Mikha Voron, Oleg Pak, Mays, Oleg Azelitsky aka dj Slon, Energun, Cannon Project, Van Nosikov, Dissident aka Kontext, Ganja Fighters, OtZvuk, Postapocalyps Pop, RBO aka Robo-Bobo, Suck my discotheque, Lokodepo, Console, PCP... 

Chris Shuttle created two projects that are gathering universal popularity: URAN 3000 (Break’s, Funky Techno) and MEGAZONE LTD (Hard Techno). 

In using both classical and cutting edge effects in his sets, and playing original compositions from his laptop, Chris Shuttle creates unrepeatable techno live-DJ set masterpieces. 

Presently, Chris Shuttle is completing work on his second album, at the same time working as a producer of young musicians.

Christian Silvestrov
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Acid, Acid House, Acid Jazz, Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Bouncy Techno, Dark Ambient, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Electro, Electro Techno, Electro-punk, Experimental, Funk, Funky Techno, Ghettotech, Glitch, Hard IDM, Hard Techno, IDM, Industrial, Industrial Techno, Miami Bass, Minimal Techno, New Rave, Punk rock, Rave, Tech House, Technoid
DJ, producer, MC, radioshow, promoter since 1998
Location: Russia
Resident: космической станции мегазон. (Saint Petersburg), Студия звукозаписи Мегазон. (Saint Petersburg), MegaPort FM (Saint Petersburg), Труба (Saint Petersburg), Tunnel (Saint Petersburg), Студия звукозаписи Мегазон (Krasnodar)
Guest: MegaPort FM (Saint Petersburg), MegaPort FM (Saint Petersburg), MegaPort.FM (Saint Petersburg), Mounspeed (Novosibirsk)
Frequent visitor: Radio Record Санкт-Петербург (Saint Petersburg)
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