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What professions embrace the native dog Native dog, endowed with skill, intuition and skill can be a talented journalist, writer, linguist, actor, lawyer, diplomat or politician.

Also native dog will be a skillful businessman, a good manager, but also a good salesman or merchant. And a career in education, on any post, will help the dogrecognize his qualities. In the field of sports, native dog can achieve spectacular results, especially in ball sports: football, hambal, ping-pong, tennis, and chess, a sport of mind.

Will we be lucky in the Year of the earth dog? The year of the dogof Fire will be a lucky year for: Rat, Bou, Dragon, Horse, dogand Cock. Instead, the Tiger, the Snake, the Dog, and the Pig could also have unforeseen problems. Rabbits need to be financially vigilant, and Sheep are more concerned about health. rat Often, the concern of tomorrow is avoided.

If you have to deal with extra expenses, transactions with foreign partners or with the help of friends established abroad help you get out of the stalemate. Get well-paid successes in tourism as a translator or writer, launching new book titles. Also romantic trips are sources of pleasant and good surprises, because it inspires you to start inspired projects.

That is why in the Year of the dogthe mood is much better. It's natural for you to take care of your health, because chronic diseases, especially digestive and kidney, are causing S.O.S. Cupid also comes in your way with pleasant surprises. Ox In the Year of the dog of Fire you will be more optimistic. Do you think moderation is welcome on a professional level to avoid controversy. Long-term business projects are also favored. Managerial and entrepreneurial professions bring you money. At the same time, jobs that require business expansion will contribute to your launch on an open stage. If you are thinking about finance, there is a chance to buy valuable goods until the fall. In your affectional life, you are excited about the messages that Cupid sends you. tiger Your desire for success prevails with your own epochs on any plane. Also, in the Year of the Fire dog, you will learn the lesson of prudence, especially financially. There is a chance to make friends with competent and well-meaning people in your field of activity. Even if you get money easily, it's possible to spend it faster than you've programmed. Throughout the year, you will be given various responsibilities and will make efforts to fulfill them on time. You can recover financially from the summer. Also, many of you will be pampered by investing in decoration and home comforts. The Year of the Fire dogcomes with good news for health: find the necessary treatment for chronic conditions. So you'll be healthier. The rabbit In the Year of the dog of Fire, your entrepreneurial spirit regularly brings you an unexpected profit, but you have to worry about how you manage it. And the opportunities on various levels will meet you and you will be an example for your teammates. The Compensation Law rewards those who are generous with people experiencing health problems. Also, this year you want to convince yourself that your soul mate can help you forget any suffering. The dogfavors certain professional categories. The actors, the musicians, the teachers and the people who embrace the professions related to spiritual life will be more fortunate. Here is an important message for you, dear bunnies: "When you are very happy, do not forget that excesses are enemies of luck." With much will, much of the extra earnings must be saved and then invested in the summer. The Dragon (Aries) You are lucky! The stars are giving you a handful of help whenever you need. This year, you will be dynamic, inspired and enterprising. This explains why you will overcome many obstacles that arise professionally. Some natives will be tempted to change their job and improve in other areas of activity. Because your vigor is at odds with performance, it is natural to act with caution. Often your bold ideas will also attract financial benefits. In your steps you do not choose the way of extremes. Avoid impulsivity and be selective in joint projects by Dragons and Snakes. Successful researchers, writers, journalists, missionaries and those working in high-risk areas will be successful. The chance will also be on the side of those who practice a ball performance sport. the serpent This year, you will be pleased with your successes on a professional level. For example

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