Maksim Chapov pres.: Ambiethnica

Maksim Chapov & Ambiethnica (Ethno-Electronical project).

Ethnical music in modern format:  jew's harp, darbuka, djembe, percussion, throat singing, bells and vibration.

Maksim Chapov: Russian composer, arranger, DJ.  I like to compose the soundtracks to movies, games and other interesting projects. Also I like to compose interesting music (New-Age, World music, Downtempo, Breaks) which helps people to relax and find themselves. When I work as a DJ, I play ethnical music from all around the world, because I believe, that music is one universal language of people and their souls. 

I was the composer for the "Axelarr" game, I was the official remix-maker for the game "Allods-online" from famous Russian site My music was produced on labels such as Radio Record, Tunguska EMS.

"... I communicate with the Universe through the waves, some of them are named as "music". I am the creator, I write music, bringing love, beauty, harmony, poetry, romance in your hearts. My music is my area of ​​the intersection of space and time, this is my system of waves and vibrations, once fixed by my perception, processed by my mind.

Once on my page, you find yourself in a part of me, understand it, feel it, think about your rights to have heard and downloaded. "

With love, Maksim.

I like: Общение с миром через клавиатуру (музыкальную клавиатуру), йога, медитации, углехождение/огнехождение, философия, любовь, керамические изделия ручной работы, музыка, равновесие, ночное небо с миллиардами звезд, этнические инструменты, горловое пение, творчество, красота, бесстрашие.

I hate: Неумение контролировать себя, свои мысли, свое тело, свои эмоции

I recommend: Саморазвиваться и самоорганизовываться

I am interested in: В настоящий момент - развитием интернет-бизнеса

I know: Ну знаю, и что? :)

I can: Быть нужным в нужное время и нужном месте

Maksim Chapov
Main style: New Age
DJ, producer, vocalist, listener since 2008
Location: Russia, Omsk
Guest: (Doneck), Омск, В доме Актера (Omsk)
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