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Music / 【私 の心の中 に まんじ】⇒ 2014年1月 ~ ウェブアルバム
Nic Endo - Walking Dancing Falling (Kate Noizu 'n CE-トワーク GmbH (ブードゥ想女日本) の第2版 noize RMX)  PR 66,5 ▲      
Download: MP3, 320 Kbit
Listens: 793
Downloads: 2 161
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Styles: Noise, Industrial
Remix to: Nic Endo - Walking Dancing Falling
Duration: 9:40
BPM: 95
Key: F
Mastered, signed
Size: 22.2Mb
Recording: 9 November 2013
Publication: 16 December 2013 13:41

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Original track von Nic Endoニック ・ エンドウ」 ~ © 1998 White Heat [GEIST Ltd.] /  © 2013 White Heat (Limited Edition Remasters) [Digital Hardcore Recordings ltd].  Remix track von 「ノイズ・ケイト」.  

Dank meinem  ニック ・エンドウ undアレック・エンパイア,  Geist Records und Digital Hardcore Recordings ltd für support, Lautliche dezign 'n Theme  ! d(☢_☣)b ♪♪  

2k14年, 東京渋谷区, 日本  

【私 の心の中 に まんじ】⇒ 2013年12月 ~ ウェブアルバム

© 2014 年 Japanoise Records

※ Tôkyô, Shibuya, JPN

*** *** ***


Nic Endo's "White Heat" was record of the week in NME

Read the review:

"All anarchists are sexy, according to an ancient Malcolm McLaren T-shirt. If so, then Digital Hardcore are the sexiest anarchists in the universe, a leather-clad Baader-Meinhof gang of revolutionary teenage noise terrorists. Nic Endo is one quarter of Atari Teenage Riot and, starting now, a solo artist. To christen Digital Hardcore's new "electronic riot grrrl" sister label Fatal, this German-Japanese punk goddess has made probably the most extreme hardcore record ever. A five-track EP with no tunes, no words, no beats and no concession to human pain barriers. Just an astonishing, terrifying, exhilarating roller-coaster ride of computer-generated noise which will burst eardrums, empty bowels and take breath away. Try sitting through Endo's appallingly beautiful symphonies of pure, monolithic, screamingly nihilistic noise. AAAAAARGGH!!! See? Even if you never listen to this record again, you must hear it once. Before now, Digital Hardcore were merely the true heirs to the Pistols, Public Enemy and Prodigy. Now we can add Napalm Death, My Bloody Valentine, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and Karlheinz Stockhausen to the list of avant-garde sonic revolutionaries they have overtaken. Nic Endo is only 22. She hates you, your lifestyle, your politics and your records. Be very afraid." NME (1998)

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