Calm gothic

Calm gothic has no certain style, it is a mix of darkwave / ambient / gothic. It is a special condition of soul: calmness or alarm, restraint or emotionality, may be it is a condition of pride or greatness. Everyone will find something for himself in music. The basic idea it is a secret, secret of the author. First album tells story of Elia. («Ot otch solatso elsop» 2006) But the story it is only a cover. Experiences of the author are hidden in music. The story is a mask that hides true sense.

Calm gothic is the musical project (one woman band). The author and the executor of music is Sindell. In this music you can hear growl, scream, voices of children and other strange voice noise. Be not surprised, but one person performs all parts, by the way without special adaptations or programs for voice processing. Texts are written by Sindell too, with rare exception (for example text to « Sudden pain Elia» is written by Alice).

The basic songs to the first album have been written in the beginning of 2006. Classics elements have appeared in music in February of the same year. First track of Calm Gothic is « Sad recollection». Elements of Horror have appeared in the middle of 2006. After that the majorities of songs have been eliminated and have not entered into an album. But Horror is not much shown in music.

In 2008 one more album has been created, it is called « Three Abstraction of my reason». It is filled by secrets of abstraction of the author’s mind again.

Three abstractions it is three parties of human soul that is in each person. Light, dark and neutral.

Quality of record of both albums not so good, but it has given to music special individual sounding. The project is not stay on one place, new albums are created, and quality of sounding and execution improves. Songs are executed in different languages (Russian, English and German). The project is advanced by one person, but listeners help very much.

Olga Pezanen
Main style: Chillout
Favorite styles: Ambient, Ambient Goa, Dark Ambient, Electro, Electropop, Industrial, Instrumental, New Age, Psy Trance, Synth-Pop, Trance
Producer, singer, collaborations since 2006
Performance: from 1 000 rubles / 30 min
Location: Russia, Barnaul
Frequent visitor: Нирвана (Barnaul), Che Guevara (Barnaul)
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