танц. пол Солярис, Ivanovo, 23:00 // 1 May 2009
Drum & Bass
Арт кафе Место, Ivanovo, 22:00 // 22 April 2009
Drum & Bass
Сердце, Ivanovo, 23:00 // 2 April 2009
Drum & Bass
Место, Ivanovo, 22:00 // 27 March 2009
Drum & Bass
DJ Кафе Пятница, YAroslavl, 23:00 // 7 March 2009
Drum & Bass

bRtL Michael Tankovskogo's scenic name - the refined fan of a variety. All relation to music has started to be formed since musical school. Nearby 14, "swimming" on styles in searches something of "", has taken a great interest in electronic music and has begun development dj'ing independently in house conditions. After - the idea about broadcasting of mixes on Internet radio for small number of people which was realised almost at once has come.
On arrival of 2008 Michael left on the big scene where successfully showed the abilities on public, receiving various offers. The life did not remain without changes.
In 2009, already having understood all essence and a subtlety of the hobby, has based radio online "World of sound" where took place performances with the promo - group and the different invited visitors. As, without releasing a grasp, through a floor of year has thrown all forces on a thorough writing of tracks, experiments with styles in various directions from alternative rock to breaks to dubstep and dnb. In preferences in live performances remained днб with all shades from liquid to darkside.
In sounding of each set bRtL the majority of tracks sounds in mash up a mix with one or several tracks, and the set of various effects and a special ingenuity in a material selection does sets by more emotional.На its creativity such actors as Hype, Dilinja, Current Value, Mistabishi, and as Alex Perez have affected.
With success acted on one scene with such musicians as Stim Axel, Idoleast, Sintax, Dereck and many other things.

DJM-800 | Technics SL1210 Mk2 | ShureWhiteLabel | HDJ-1000 | Serato Scratch Live | Apple MacBook | Axiom 61 | Cme Bitstream 3x User

Concerning the organisation of performances and other to write after the expert, or

Mike Tankovskiy
Favorite styles: Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hardcore, House, Instrumental, Techno
DJ, producer, listener since 2006
Performance: from 2 000 rubles / 1 hour
Location: Russia, Ivanovo
Resident: Clever Rhytrms Radio (Ivanovo), Color Club (Ivanovo), World Of Sound (Ivanovo)
Guest: Clever Rhtytms Radio (Ivanovo), танц. пол Солярис (Ivanovo)
Frequent visitor: Арт кафе МЕСТО (Ivanovo), Кибер (Ivanovo), Bomba Club (Ivanovo) (Ivanovo)
Was just once: City (Ivanovo), Сердце (Ivanovo), Пятница Ярославль (YAroslavl)