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Vladimir BREEKDA was born in 1990 on 27 November in the city of Surgut. Since 2007, a musical figure in the Drum and Bass culture. For a long time correction engaged in writing tracks and mixes. At one time received support from the project from the city of St. Petersburg Sequent Industry - are known for in podcasts Atmopunk [TAMP3CORDS].

For a long time was a member of public events, parties draft Drum and Bass Massive, which took place in both the clubs in the city, and lying near the city. In nasstoyaschee time it also attracts and HIP-HOp direction, but to spread their works have not yet will soon ...

Besides the music, Vladimir like to do with graphics create abstract drawings as a pictorial form and in electronic form.



Music - is an art. Means of conveying moods and feelings in music are specially arranged sounds. The main elements and expressive means of music are: melody, rhythm, meter, tempo, dynamics, timbre, harmony, instrumentation and others. Music is a very good means of educating the artistic taste of the child, it can affect mood, in psychiatry there is even a special music therapy. With music, you can even affect health.