Жако, Novokuzneck, 18:00 // 5 December 2009
Клуб Щука, Novosibirsk, 19:00 // 21 November 2009
клуб China White ул. Бориса Богаткова 266а, Novosibirsk, 19:00 // 28 August 2009
Tech House
Клуб Щука, Novosibirsk, 22:00 // 24 July 2009
Tech House
пл. К. Маркса 2 DJ-bar Сальса ТЦ Фестиваль, Novosibirsk, 19:00 // 22 January 2009
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To electronic music Jury came due to a his father. For the life he passed a way from classic electronic music to modern Progressive and Tech-house. Serious interest to modern club music came due to a by chance getting to him set German trance of musician and DJ Paul Van Dyk. Very strong influence on musical taste was rendered by the weekly broadcasting of DJ Suhov "Garage". In 2003 Jury finally decides to become DJ.
Due to an acquaintance with many DJ of city of Novokuznetsk Jury long time plays on private and closed evening-parties. In 2006 gets the first work in a night-club "Rest". Then understanding comes that for creative realization he gets most freedom not from permanent work in a night-club, but from the free participating in different measures.
The first project of "Mojo Promotion" gives birth the winter of 2006 jointly with Techno DJ Navy9 . For the not long innings the enormous amount of successful measures was conducted, including the series of legendary evening-parties of "New vision of house". In 2007 a project from different looks to music disintegrated on two independent promo group of "Eple promotion" and now headed two talented DJ and Promoter (DJ Crush & DJ Max Urban) "United Projects Group Promotion".
In autumn 2007 a promo group conducts a row commercially successful evening-parties jointly with one of the eldest night-clubs of city of Novokuznetsk "Cape Town". Now Jury is successfully engaged in the lead through of evening-parties in the town, combining it with the DJ by a career.

I hate: печень, теплое молоко,

Jury Maksimov
Location: Russia, Novokuzneck
Guest: Клуб Щука (Novosibirsk)
Frequent visitor: Кейптаун (Novokuzneck)
Was just once: China White (Novosibirsk), клуб Жако (Novokuzneck)
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