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БИО группа
In the 80-ies one of the groups who started to make synth or as it was then called - techno-pop music, was a group of "Bioconstructor". They did not imitate the well-known British or someone else, they did what they liked. It turned out sometimes gloomy (for this they are sometimes now called the ancestors of the dark wave),and sometimes - fun and romantic... Year of creation - 1986, autumn. It was the soloist of the "Bioconstructor",Alexander Yakovlev, coined the term "Technoromanticism" (variant of synth pop and techno styles) and wrote the eponymous song.
On TV and on large sites the group was not allowed. Probably because of the theme songs and stage image of the musicians. In 1987, the band recorded their legendary album "Dancing on video", which was a fusion of the best examples of electronics of the time. The record spread throughout the Union and even became visible outside it. The group began to tour actively. New works and new performances followed. Unfortunately, due to creative differences,
in 90-m to year the band broke up and formed two teams - "Technology" and "BIO". In 90-e years has been vigorously and in different ways - "Technology" all probably know,but "BIO" is not very good, although they managed to record in the 90-ies of the 3 albums, releasing them on CD, with the leader of the "BIO" Yakovlev, Alexander has broadcast on radio and TV about electronics, then released exciting the electronics on his sub-label of the Studio "Union" - "electric records".
After the ' 98 crisis was a job at the radio station Sport FM, the beacon 24, Komsomolskaya Pravda, again, Sport FM, but in parallel, to zero, Alexander Yakovlev, in cooperation with the label, the Studio Alliance, has released an interesting digital projects in media, including reissued albums BIO 90-ies. All these years, the process of creating new songs BIO continued.
New albums BIO:
In 2010, the album "Heroes of secrets" was recorded and released on CD…
2014 - network album "Pioneers",
2016 - album "Pioneers" was released on CD,
2016 - album of remixes of BIO tracks made in collaboration with Alexey Pavlov (Pavlov&Computers) was released on CD under the name"Sintishema"
2018 - new album "Reactivation".…
At this time, the group performs regularly in the clubs of Moscow and other cities, is preparing a new album. The new song is already in the VC! ) Also is written a new material for Olha Voskonyan.
Alexander Yakovlev
Favorite styles: Ambient, Electro, Synth-Pop
Producer, vocalist, poet, Listener, group / joint project since 1985
Performance: from 15 000 rubles / 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Guest: Китайский лётчик Джао Да (Moscow), Вермель (Moscow), Мьюз (Moscow), Лес (Moscow)
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