5 897 16 326 PR 35,5 ▲ 320 Electro, Breaks
Совместный трек с Антоном (A'Gun). Всем летнего настроения :) 
4 022 12 430 PR 34,9 ▲ 320 Electro, Breaks
Официальная кавер-версия брейкданс хита здесь! Приятного прослушивания! 
5 754 37 604 PR 61,7 ▲ 320 Electro, Freestyle 
1 847 15 462 PR 36,6 ▲ 320 Electro, Freestyle 
6 115 37 583 PR 60,5 ▲ 320 Electro, Freestyle 
2 023 13 482 PR 33,8 ▲ 320 Electro, Breaks 

Word Wide (2014)

1 214 2 115 PR 14 ▲ Electro, Freestyle
Версия без вокала. 
1 134 3 98 PR 11,6 ▲ Electro, Freestyle
Ремикс от Electrocore 


34 2 13 PR 3 ▲ 320 Trance
Решил выложить одну из старых работ 
3 812 44 520 PR 55,5 ▲ 320 Electro, Freestyle 
Atomic Project

Atomic Project is a musical project embodied by its creator and sole member Evgeny Lapaev.
Inspired by the break-dance culture in general, and by the music of B-Boy Tronik, Freestyle Project, Music Instructor, Flying Steps in particular, Evgeny began his creative endeavors by studying Fruity Loops software and everything related to the creation of electronic music. Electro-Freestyle became the prevailing musical style of his first pieces and experiments.
Evgeny's first tracks were published in 2007 on (a site that has since ceased to exist), a Russian website devoted to Electro-Freestyle music. In 2008, following the release of an eponymous track, the project acquired a name — Atomic Project. Over the course of several years Evgeny had experimented with various electronic music styles, but Electro-Freestyle continued to prevail. During this time a number of regular listeners and fans emerged, many tracks were created, and the project was gradually gaining momentum. In 2011 the project changed its name to Atomic 2K, and joined the Sound Factory musicians' alliance.
Having received training and a regular job at a recording studio in 2012, Evgeny suspended the release of his own tracks due to the lack of free time. However, over the course of several years that he spent working as a sound engineer at a musical studio, he has gained invaluable experience in sound production that involved various musical styles. In 2014 the project was revived with the “World Wide” single, released in collaboration with Denis Makrushin (D'fezza) and Vitaly Gladkov (Electrocore) from Sound Factory. Thanks to the tremendous experience gained from his studio work, Evgeny was able to propel the project to a brand new level, and a new page was turned in its history. Eventually a decision was made to go back to the old name – Atomic Project, and to this day all of the tracks are released under this title.
Electro-Freestyle and Electro are currently considered underground music, and are only of interest to a small group of fans, however, they have always been the musical styles of choice over the course of the project's existence and will remain a priority in the future. Evgeny, who is a fan of these styles himself, has no intention of digressing from them within the Atomic Project's context.
Evgeny Lapaev is currently ghost producing music of various styles, and works as a sound engineer at the Sound Factory, which has developed from a regular musicians' alliance into a musical studio and a recording label.