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Anya Chak


The singer Anya Chak - in the era of globalization and the formation of transnational media cultures - creates a musical world, based on the harmony of her inner and outer ‘selves’. As the fates decree, most of her life she lived far away from her native Russia, in totally different countries, absorbing other cultures, styles and trends - sometimes diametrically opposed. The childhood Anya spent in China has triggered her interest and respect for the ancient cultures and love for Asian cuisine. The stormy ‘clubbing’ youth in Europe (from Britain to the Baltic) has predetermined her musical preferences.

The songs of Anya Chak, because of its fashionableness and quality sound, can be attributed to the club music. However, with her vocals and terrific melodies, her songs are bound to be massively popular. Her performance arms listeners’ with trustfulness, sincerity and simplicity.

Despite being only 20 years old, Anya has experienced profound tragedy –the loss of a loved one. Her boyfriend was her first guide to the world of club music, which he created. This story crossed to her stormy party-life.

Anya Chak: Then, I had a lot of thoughts in my head, including bad ones. I deleted friends from my notebook and tore up photos. I stopped going to clubs, I moved country and changed my way of life. Only then I decided to look for songs that could convey my state. I was looking for a very long time, until the song «Feels right» appeared.... Cause we feel good, if somebody loves us and wait.

When Jason Nevins (her bosom buddy, they frequently overlap in different clubs) heard Anya perform her song «Feels right» for the first time – he was simply shocked and immediately offered to do his own version of the song. Knowing the story of Anya and the fact that she has finally found happiness in her personal life, Jason presented his vision of the track - in an easy and positive manner.

Anya Chak: We all exist in a single space. In the space of music. I realized that music is the origin of everything that has happened and will happen in my life. The cities and people around may vary, but the music on my iPod is always with me. The main thing is that the bass is pumping.’


I like: Майкла Джексона, но он, к сожалению, умер(((

I hate: ярых феминисток

I recommend: никому не давать никаких рекомендаций

I am interested in: азиатской культурой, йоркширскими терьерами (их у меня четыре), горными лыжами и творчеством Дали

Anya Chak
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Lounge
Frequent visitor: Cafe del Mar (Ibiza), El Paradis (Ibiza)
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