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MF#138 guest: Weepee (LT)

24го марта c гостевым миксом у нас в гостях побывает - Weepee.
Молодой прогрессив хаус талант из Латвии

mini-interview by Anthony King: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What people should know about a person behind project Weepee?
Nothing special. I guess i'm just another producer, who enjoys the music. Quality music. Nowadays quality music is becoming a rarity, so why because i'm trying to change the world. Progressive house world.

AK: Questions about programs for making music are so popular, so just tell us, is it really hard to produce music nowadays?
Totally not. There are a lot of step by step tutorials. The hardest thing is to produce unique music, not the mainstream stuff.

AK: It's not secret for anyone, that dubstep became one of the most popular genres of EDM. Has it somehow influenced on your music?
Totally not. I didnt liked dubstep when its was undergound. I don't like it now.

AK: Is it harder to write an original track or remix and why?
Its depends. When you creating original music, you creating it for yourself, so you trying to put all your emotions inside. When you doing the remix, mostly of times because the Label wants it, so you tryint to make not just as you like, but also to fit the needs of the label. I prefer originals.

AK: What great djs / producers same as your style can be interesting for Morning Feelings listeners?
Well, there are a lot of great producers and djs, that is not so famous, but creating the masterpieces. Luis Junior, Deepfunk are on top for me now.

AK: Do you have any hobbies? What you like to do instead of working with music?
All my hobbies are related to the music: nightlife, clubs, parties, traveling (because of the parties) and etc.

AK: And last one: tell something about you guest mix. What listeners should prepare for?
Deep, dark, sexy. No David Guetta, no vocals. Music should have emotions by itself. Vocals should be at backgroud. 

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21 March 2012 20:05
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