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MF#140 guest: Atapy [CIMELDE owner]

7го Апреля мы порадуем вас гостевым миксом от, пожалуй самого успешного представителя перспективной румынской молодёжи, хозяина CIMELDE RECORDS - Atapy

mini-interview by Andry Black:  Tell us how was born the idea to be a dj\producer? and how it happened?
Well there are not really much to say about this as it wasn't planned in my life before, also if i'm just got into thinking on that, cannot really believe that i'm doing this and also that i really love it, cause i have never thought that producing music and djing will be my purpose
but i'm happy of that and now i definitely know what is what i want and i'm gonna keep doing it.

AB: Why "Atapy", what does it means? Why not use your real name?
:) Yeah right, well not many people knows this but i'm gonna open it now for you guys, the name of "Atapy" contains my real name and also my dear sister's pronouncig of my first name when she was little as a botle,
so "A" comes from my name Arpi, "T" comes from my family name Takacs and the last three letters are the winning from my sister as she was so little she cannot pronounce Arpi she could only say "apy" :) i guess you do the rest of the puzzle.

AB: Tell, please,if it is not a secret what programs and the additional equipment are u using?
I'm using Ableton plus a bunch of VSTi plugins as i like to generate and create sounds and stuffs, also i'm on some Logic things too, about equipement don't think there is much to say, some small usual stuffs that every producer has it.

AB: Tell about some ridiculous situation during your performance or tours?
Haha, yeah i played in Oslo last year and we had a normal dj boot and i didn't know that it's actually a bigger size table wich can be moved pretty easily if you push it and after a few hours of my performance some girls in the front of it, had much fun
after a few glasses, and they simply started to jump closer and closer until they pushed the dj boot almost on me, i had luck with a few guys that just danced close to me so they could catch the table with all the stuffs on it plus that one of the players just simply stoped
working after a half hour but after all i could handle it and we had a really cool party.

There is a funny one :) when a drunk guy just shouted like 5 minutes continuously to play a track that he wanted it and i sent him signs that cannot really hear what he wants, then he just tryied to come on the right of me behind the boot and there was some small steps,
all i saw when i turned my head on right was the guy lying down with his beer all over on his face :P
AB: Do you prefer vinyl or CD?
I cannot say that i'm a really big one of choosing eather one or another, i play digital on a mac using timecode cd's and vinyl's but i guess mostly cd's anyway if i would be a real vinyl collector and dj then definitely would choose vinyl.

AB: What is you top5(chart) for today?
Superhero - Drugs and Choices
DJ T - Leaven' Me Feat. Khan (David August Remix)
Amirali - Beautiful Words
Atapy - Remember (Inxec vs Droog Remix)
NTFO - Policrom
AB: What is your track do you consider most successful? "You Should Know" was most purchased on Beatport in 2011, can it be said that this was your peak of popularity in 2011?
Yea definitely, i guess this was the track wich mostly took me to a higher level but i have now my newest release the Remember EP out on NM2 (Noir Music 2) wich also helped me a lot, but the very first track when all started with a few steps upon all,
 it was my "Move Baby" track on Cimelde, as after this track released i got the most requests from bigger artists and labels, after this i got also the request from Tom for ALiVE and this is how "You Should Know" was created.
AB: You Remember EP was out on NM2, tell us a little about how u meets Noir? 
I didn't meet him personally but hopefully will do very soon but yeah i just keeped him updated with my promo remixes and stuffs and he always gived me a feed so i just felt i would need to send him some tunes considering as submission for the labe,
so he liked the tunes a lot, this is how it started and i think we are on a same line so this is why we just finished a collaboration so be ready for that soon.

AB: What kind of music do u prefer to listen exept EDM?
Well i think i'm open for everything that sounds good and creative, if something sounds good for me, its okay.

AB: What plans for nearest future? (GIGS, releases) 
About gigs i just have a few request wich are not yet confirmed for Ireland, France guess a few in Romania and there is a hopefully somekinda smaller US tour nothing confrmed as i told.
 Then about releases, what i have already mentioned is a track with Noir and a few remixes for Sasch BBC & Caspar on (Sleazy Deep), for Adriatique on (Hive Audio), also Dirty Culture and Cesar Coronado on (Flumo).

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20 March 2012 0:05
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