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MF#139 guest: DNYO [KONSTRUKT]

14го Апреля у нас в гостях побывает бразильский метр современного прогрессив хауса, хозяин лейбла KONSTRUKT - Даниель Оливейра, более известный как DNYO.

mini-interview by Anthony King: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What people should know about a person behind the project DNYO? 

 Cool, well i was born in São Paulo in a family where music was always being sung or played by my uncles. I grew up with gospel and classical music around me. My grand father was a local maestro, church based really, my mother and father were always choristers in his pieces. I got into electronic music when i was 14 - 15 back in in Miami. I used to sneak in clubs with fake id's, it was magical. I work with music on a daily basis, for that i am truly blessed.  

AK: Is it really hard to produce music nowadays?
Technology bursts easy ways and means now days, you can make things faster and when you do things faster, most likely they are to become something with less quality and creativity, but in the other hand, this burst in technology is also being used in ways that an artist will capture that moment where he feels his work flow has been made easier and embrace that into perfecting his work even more, making something beautiful. In any way around it, 10, 30 years ago or 30 years from now, making something original will always be hard. 

AK: It's not secret for anyone, that dubstep became one of the most popular genres of EDM. Has it somehow influenced on your music?
It has actually, lots of different sounds and artists do, but not the mainstream dubstep, but overall dubstep is part of a revolution, and revolutions are based on big ideas. I'm more of a James Blake, Hotflush Recordings type of fan.

AK: Is it harder to write an original track or remix and why?
No, actually, they are both the same to me, and how hard it is between them is based on how much sleep i get, basically. 

AK: What great djs / producers same as your style can be interesting for Morning Feelings listeners?
Oh man, there are some really talented guys out there, but Brasil is going to take over real soon haha! GRG aka Georg, fantastic dj/producer, and André Sobota, by far one of our best creative minds in electronica down here, Redupre who's also a fantastic producer, these are all guys pitching their own stories who take their careers seriously. 

AK: Do you have any hobbies? What you like to do instead of working with music?
Oh i love me some movies! I like to watch them and rate them, comment and even recommend some to friends. I'm also trying to get back to playing Basketball, i love the game, i'm a big Celtics fan, i played back in High School.

AK: And a last one: tell us something about your guest mix. What listeners should prepare for? This one is filled with sounds i'm playing at the moment, it's a clash of vocals and deep progressions of house beats and slow builds, there are a couple of tracks of my own as well that are forthcoming on Vapour, Selekt Digital, Bad Pony and my own label Konstrukt.

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19 March 2012 23:21
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