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Events, Berlin, 20:00 // 10 December 2011
Drum & Bass, Berlin, 21:00 // 27 November 2011
Ragga Jungle
Open-air Голубая вода ., Novomoskovsk, 23:00 // 18 September 2010
Drum & Bass
Долина Х, Tula, 22:00 // 17 September 2010
Спорт-бар ПИТ-СТОП, Tula, 23:00 // 15 May 2010
Ragga Jungle

Andey Plekhanov aka HoT is Russian ragga jungle producer.

He started to compose his first tracks in 1997,
by 2000 basic mass of his compositions were jungle tracks.
In 2006 his composition "Gas-jet" was included to
“Tonz of Drumz vol.4” mix of DJ K & DJ CRS?.
From the beginning of 2007 well-known Russian drum’n’bass dj,
Dj Gvozd, became interested about his music.
HoT’s tracks were performed on St. Petersburg
radio “Record” in Russian hour of “Pirate Station”.
In addition, many American, Canadian, Germanian, Russian and
Ukrainian jungle djs include his tracks into their mixes.
In November '07 his track was released in a compilation
“Russian Drum&Bass'02” presented by “Pirate Station” label of
national radio station “Record”.
At the beginning of 2008 enters Illegal Jungle Crew (UA).
He plays with:
Tester, Debaser, Remarc, DJ K, Krinjah, Twinhooker,
Mighty Melody, FBI Crew, Stepkillah, FeyDer...
Andrey HoT
Main style: Ragga Jungle
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Reggae, Speed Garage, UK Garage
DJ, producer since 1997
Performance: from 8 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Tula
Guest: SigmaOne (Tula), London (Tula), Traffic (Tula), Contr-Ку (Tula), Rainbow (Tula), Underground (Dnepropetrovsk), Atomic (Dnepropetrovsk), Zhivot (Harkov), Жесть (Moscow), Клуб ПОРТ (Saint Petersburg), STUDIO 58 (Moscow), Горизонт (Novosibirsk), 16 Тонн (Moscow), Премьер (Tula), Танцклуб Казанова (Tula), Долина Х (Tula), VG club (Tula), Арт - Кафе Дождь Мажор (Moscow), Город (Tula)
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