Christos Fourkis - Emotion EP

Вот и настала дата выхода релиза 'Christos Fourkis - Emotion EP', который был подготовлен лейблом Spring Tube. Релиз содержит оригинальную версию трека от Christos Fourkis, а так же ремиксы от Soundstorm, Gosh, Artie Flexs, Andrey Potyomkin. 

Предистория подготовки моего ремикса была затяжной, долго думал издавать его или нет. Во мне боролись две личности, одна говорила, что всё отлично, а вторая критиковала эту работу, но доля оптимизма, подкреплённая ободряющими словами ребят с Spring Tube, замотивировала доделать эту работу и отправить её на издание. По итогам проморассылки могу сказать, что очень рад тому, что ремикс получил положительные фидбэки, которые можно прочитать ниже. 

(Armada / Anjuna / Baroque / Ultra / Harem / Hope)
May try Andrey Potyomkin, cheers 
(8TM / Plus8 | Armada | Satellite Recordshop | Frisky Radio)
Whenever I see 'emotion' either in titels or reviews I distrust it. But the original is actually very good. Andrey's mix is solid too. Good release. 

Darin Epsilon 
(Perspectives / Perfecto / Armada / Baroque | Frisky Radio)
Andrey Potyomkin remix packs quite a punch. Nice job on the original mix as well. 

Josh Abrams 
(S35 / Baroque / Frisky / Stripped / Movement / Looq |FriskyRadio)
Original and Potyomkin mixes are very good! Thanks! 

Wachterberg (Sunset Melodies) 
Andrey Potyomkin Remix is nice! 
Several Spirits 
(Eternal Music / Acuna Boyz / Couture)
All version cool. Andrey's remix the best 4 me. Thanks 

Nick Wurzer 
Whist Rec / Decksharks Rec 
awsome too 

Hassan Rassmy 
Powerplant Music / Frisky Records / Deepsession Recordings / LuPS Records / Atlant Digital / Jetlag Digital / Entertainment Records / Mistique Music / Lake Effect Recordings / Opendecks Records / Ocean Drive / 7 Seas / Acute Recordings 
Massive remix here, will support. Thanks. 

Brain Trick 
Sisma Records / Freesound Records / Miniatures Records / Sex Panda Records / Click Musiq Recordings
Cool Sound  

Nice track. 

Progressive House Worldwide 
Cool remix from Andrey, lets hope he start working some more, we need him on a regular basis. Will try this one! 

cool progression! i will supported this one 

Ivan Nikusev 
Mistique Music / Hyline Music / Deepsessions Recordings / Indigo Records / Contrast Records / ORA Recordings / Outta Limits / CLS Music / PurpleCat Digital / Panda Recordings / Underground City Music 
nice one 

Mert Onat 
very nice stuff 

tim benjamin 
very nice one as well! 

Herc Kass 
Movement / Underground City / Polytechnic 
excellent work :) 

Прочитать все комментарии к релизу, а так же предпрослушать его можно тут:

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17 October 2011 17:19
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VA - Spring Tube 1st Anniversary Compilation

VA - Spring Tube 1st Anniversary Compilation

Style:  Tech-House, Progressive House, Deep House, Breaks
Release: Nov 01 2010 
Label: Spring Tube 
Cat:  [SPR020CMP01]

About compilation

One year ago (02.11.2009) with its first release was born our child - Spring Tube label.For the 1st anniversary celebration we have compiled label's best tracks which have been released during this year together with some exclusive works from friendly to us artists / labels for double compilation which will be available in unmixed and mixed formats (release date - 01.11.2010).

Compilation includes the brightest tracks from each of nineteen published to date Spring Tube's releases appears on it such our artists as Royal Sapien, Arthur Deep, Monojoke, Aleksey Beloozerov, Evave, Domestic Technology, Pacco & Rudy B, Hyline & Jaybeetrax, Magnetic Brothers, Soarsweep, Smooth Stab feat. Aelyn, Michael Witness feat. Stine Grove, Deep Active Sound feat. Cotry, Kaspar Kochker, Artie Flexs, meHiLove, Deep Sound, Teana & Tiida, Reii, Timur Shafiev, Blood Groove & Kikis, Slang & Technodreamer.

Also we have included in a compilation seven tracks from friendly to us artists / labels. Firstly, two absolutely fresh and exclusive original tracks: Evgeny Bardyuzha [Armada, Coldharbour, Perfecto, Neuroscience] with "Islands Of Tranquility" (will be included in Evgeny's next album and also will be released on Spring Tube as a single with remixes in 2011) + Christos Fourkis [Ministry Of Sound, SolidFabric, ReadyMix, Panda] with "Emotion" (from another forthcoming next year on Spring Tube single with remixes).Secondly, one exclusive remix: Luiz B - Rainy Days (Teana & Tiida Remix) [from Deep Blue Eyes label's upcoming release].
Thirdly, three already released tracks, which are one of our favorites in 2010: Abakus - Wasted Feeling (Ricky Ryan & Steve Kaetzel Mix) [Sick Watona], Evgeny Bardyuzha & Soarsweep feat. Manon Polare - Ceaseless (Craving Remix) [Ergonomic Music] and Pacco & Rudy B - Age Of Manipulation (Miroslav Pavlovic Remix) [Deep Blue Eyes].
And finally, one exclusive remix-work from Andrey Potyomkin on unreleased theme "Surfaces Of Midnight Lakes" by Alexander Volosnikov & Vladimir Nova.

Compilation consists of two parts. In a first part we have combined the best progressive house / progressive trance tracks, whereas in the second part you can enjoy the finest of progressive breaks / progressive house / tech house / deep house works. First part includes mixed variation by one of label's heads - East Sunrise, while the second - by other half of Spring Tube's chiefs - DJ SlanG.

For just 1 year of work our label's releases have been noticed and recognized by many leaders of the electronic scene. Among those who has supported our stuff are such DJs as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Matt Darey, Serge Devant, Jody Wisternoff, Jerome Isma-Ae, Solarstone, Kenneth Thomas, Gareth Emery, Shawn Mitiska, Jaytech, Eelke Kleijn, Royal Sapien, Darin Epsilon, Cid Inc, Lank, Miss Nine, Chloe Harris to name just a few. We are really glad and kindly thankful for all the supports from these respectable persons and also for each plays, charts and even for feedbacks from lots of other good deejays / producers from different countries. 
Several times our releases have reached top-positions on worlds leading electronic music digital-store Beatport; also have been presented there in the 'featured releases' and 'must listened tracks' sections. Here we want to say thanks to all the people around the world who support our music and our artists - it helps us to continue our work and to offer you more interesting releases.
We try to deliver our music to the maximum-possible number of listeners. Now our own radioshows can be heard on few worldwide most popular internet-radiostations - Proton Radio, Digitally Imported Radio, Afterhours FM, Pure FM and Dance Radio Global. Thanks to the chiefs of all these radios for such great possibilities.Finally, special thanks to all of our artists, who encouraged us with their music to be released on Spring Tube. We are also thankful to all already-established and young producers, who send us their demo-material for consideration as we always are open for new artists to be signed on our label. 
In a couple of past months we have organized our first two remix-contests (the results will be released later this year) and we will continue various activities for searching new talents.
In a nearest future you can expect from us a lot of interesting releases from our resident-artists and also from new family members including fresh discoveries and some big names.

See you in a Spring Tube's year2!……


1. Teana & Tiida - Tiida
2. Smooth Stab feat. Aelyn - These Words Between Us
3. Deep Active Sound feat. Cotry - Sunrise (Aleksey Beloozerov Remix)
4. Michael Witness feat. Stine Grove - Tranquility (Soarsweep Remix)
5. Evgeny Bardyuzha & Soarsweep feat. Manon Polare - Ceaseless (Craving Remix)
6. Deep Sound - Just Deep (V2 Mix) 
7. meHiLove - Oblivion
8. Evave - Moonshine
9. Domestic Technology - My Neytiri (Original Mix)
10. Deep Sound - Air (Original Mix)
11. Evgeny Bardyuzha - Islands Of Tranquility
12. Abakus - Wasted Feeling (Ricky Ryan & Steve Kaetzel Mix)
13. Luiz B - Rainy Days (Teana & Tiida Remix)
14. Magnetic Brothers - Magshine (Original Mix)
15. Timur Shafiev - Character (Monojoke Remix)
16. Slang & Technodreamer - Morning Breaks
17. Pacco & Rudy B - Age Of Manipulation (Miroslav Pavlovic Remix)
18. Magnetic Brothers - Tunnel (Pacco & Rudy B Remix)
19. Evave - Sun In My Hands (Arthur Deep Remix)
20. Blood Groove & Kikis - Deep Grain
21. Hyline & Jaybeetrax - Goosebumps (Artie Flexs Remix)
22. Artie Flexs - I Can Feel (Kaspar Kochker Remix)
23. Blood Groove & Kikis - The Storm
24. Alexander Volosnikov & Vladimir Nova - Surfaces Of Midnight Lakes (Andrey Potyomkin Remix)
25. Reii - Hoola Hoop (Royal Sapien 'Tactical Chunder' Remix)
26. Christos Fourkis - Emotion
27. Magnetic Brothers - Midnight Lover

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26 October 2010 17:20

Audio Bite Records меня радует

Сегодня от лейбла Audio Bite Records, который занимается изданием моих релизов, сообщил радостные для меня вести:


1.All of our releases will be available for purchase on vinyl soon!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with a web shop from Canada called DJMR that will be pressing and selling our tracks on vinyl. Customers will be able to purchase the tracks as an mp3 and order it to be pressed onto vinyl, with one track on each side. Both our back catalogue and our new releases will be available for purchase on vinyl. More details about this will be coming soon, check also for more info. (more...)

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16 April 2010 10:17

V.A. - Spring Tube sampler 01

26 апреля 2010 состоится выпуск первого сэмплера от лейбла Spring Tube



12 оригинальных треков в стилях Progressive и Deep House. 8 из которых от резидентов лейбла: Domestic Technology, Michael Witness, Magnetic Brothers, Deep Active Sound, Teana & Tiida, Deep Sound, Artie Flexs and Blood Groove & Kikis. И 4 от новых и уже известных артистов: Monojoke [Proton / Olaris / Particles / Feral Code / Carica Deep / Silk / Digital Sensation UK] from Poland, Evave [Enhanced / Morphosis / Digital Sensation UK / Pure Substance] from Russia, Andrey Potyomkin [Audio Bite] from Kazakhstan and meHiLove [Dark Pleasure] from Ukraine. (more...)

Andrey Potyomkin - Favorite Slides
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12 April 2010 11:20

Andrey Potyomkin - I'm With You EP


"Andrey Potyomkin returns with "I'm With You," his second release with us. The EP consists of his original mix and a remix by Diesel J. The original mix, is deep and moody with a beautiful piano melody and ethereal effects, creating a nice house groove. Diesel J's remix is a bit darker with an atmospheric feel and electrifying effects, supported by a powerful bassline."

© Audio Bite Records


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JunoDownload (Exclusively)

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6 January 2010 6:52
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