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Uploading is not possible ...

Hello dj's and producers.

As a big fan of PromoDJ I was really surprised today that it was not possible to upload my new radioshows. I do get the message "Please, select file to publish." ... but my file is uploaded, cause it says "Done, the file is uploaded".

Since I see that PromoDJ is the best way to share my radioshows/podcasts, it really hurts that I can't continue my weekly uploads today. 

What are your experiences? Does this happen a lot? Do you also use other upload websites like Mixcloud? (i do, but PromoDJ is 100000x better!!). 

Am curious about your replies!

Enjoy your weekend,

Anders Lundgren 

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16 October 2015 18:40


    Kristian Black  16 October 2015 18:54 #
    "to be or not to be"
    try again later )
    Robus Amp  16 October 2015 19:00 #
    Recursion loop  16 October 2015 19:19 #
    Aren't you just doing something wrong? You hit the big "plus" in a red cicrle, select a file to upolad, wait till it's uploaded and then click "publish" at the bottom of the page. At what step do you have a problem?
      Anders Lundgren  16 October 2015 22:22 #
      I am doing nothing wrong ;) as you can see I know how to upload lol
    Een Stemming  16 October 2015 19:24 #
    чо этот хлопецъ возжелал?
      Recursion loop  16 October 2015 19:24 #
      Треки у него не загружаются
    Золотые Бубенцы  16 October 2015 20:02 #
    promodj is useless shit, just dont give a damn about it - its my advice to you, relax
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    fuckaposter  16 October 2015 22:27 #
    Do you know Megan Fox?
      Hytraxis  16 October 2015 22:27 #
    Hytraxis  16 October 2015 22:27 #
    contact support...
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    Dima Kamsky  17 October 2015 0:51 #
    Perhaps I guess that it happened because your file was not encoded (its digital data) like it need when it was uploaded. I never watched similar problems here before beside those about which I said above
      Anders Lundgren  17 October 2015 12:10 #
      As you can see I already uploaded many files ... so that is not a possibility ... sadly!
        Dima Kamsky  17 October 2015 12:43 #
        Oh I see it but I have no other version becouse such event seems to me unpossible
          Anders Lundgren  17 October 2015 12:45 #
          I cleaned all my browsers ... turned down all programs which are running ... tried everything ... but NOTHING works ... and PromoDJ does not reply to my questions! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!
            Dima Kamsky  17 October 2015 13:04 #
            I suppose everything will be good. You need to be patient and a little bit wait the answers of sevice support
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