Cabare Club, Moscow, 23:00 // 14 November 2014
Cabare Club, Moscow, 23:00 // 1 November 2014
Get Lucky Bar, Малый Гнездниковский переулок д.9/8 стр.7, Moscow, 23:00 // 31 August 2013
Deep House
Joys, Moscow, 23:00 // 23 August 2013
FM Cafe Arbat, Новый Арбат д. 11, стр. 1, Moscow, 21:00 // 1 June 2013

Image DJ AMix / MINICLOUD is unique in that in the world of electronic music, he came as a man, is not only very keen on the music itself, but also has excellent knowledgeable electronic instruments. He was immediately admired the ease with which the cold technique allows you to turn your own thoughts and feelings in an emotional, vivid and detailed sound picture.

The ruling in the late 90s burning rhythms styles House, and Techno significantly influenced the creative formation disc jockey. But it is certain detachment from the existing musical clichés and foundations, as well as quickly manifested ability to feel, to know the level of sensations that you need for total control over the music is born, allowing the DJ to naturally and easily create their own mix and match musical material directly from emotions, moods and inner attitude.

Harmony and natural compositions soluble Andrew, could not go unnoticed. For the first time touched the turntables and DJ-mixer at the end of 1998, in 2000 it is rapidly gaining an audience, performing in various clubs of the capital. Over time AMix MINICLOUD improved not only their skills, but also honed individual manner of performance that thin thread runs through all of them created by the musical material, making it bright and easily recognizable. The current work of this disc jockey tends mainly to different styles House, Deep and Techno. In particular, a considerable place is given to rhythm and clear detail Minimal Techno. Of course, the mere listing of styles and musical trends is impossible to describe the characteristic and unmistakable handwriting, which is held every disc jockey gives his works.

Intertwining AMix MINICLOUD musical figure consists of an inner harmony and integrity of images, filled with sophisticated, but always positive semantic and emotional nuances. Fine melody, combined with the gradual evolution of serenity to the head and a powerful rhythm - another characteristic feature of his work. However, the desire for intellectual music does not stop Andrew gladly plunge and colorful dance motifs, which clearly sounded notes of enthusiasm and carefree fun.

With performances at various events of one of the important features of the work Andrew is a high-class improvisation. Thinly feeling the mood of the crowd of people, it easily enters the appropriate state as fast as possible, and introduces the audience in the right direction. It is said AMix MINICLOUD, this ability did not appear at once, "before, when everything starts to go wrong, as we would like, turned on a safe machine ... recoup your set as it was planned, and the output of the console without any emotion. Fortunately, this does not happen very often. I am, by nature, a very emotional person, and such moments depressing effect on me. Only with the passage of time have learned to avoid similar situations. "

Andrew ever act in a variety of clubs in the capital, many parties was arranged in other cities of Russia and CIS countries. In this case the most preferred for his performances remain fairly strong parties and clubs where a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to easily combine work behind the decks and meeting interesting people. However, large dance floors AMix MINICLOUD loves nothing less "on them is a huge energetic interaction between the performer and the audience ... world inexplicable change - erase all boundaries between you, the music and the people on the dance floor ... But for me, all parties, regardless of their scope or the public, it is very important ... in front of each of them I prepare very carefully, but directly on the speech completely give myself both emotionally and technically. "

In 2005 AMix MINICLOUD became one of the organizers and participants Inside, the five-disc jockeys, who some time later was renamed Instereo. The main activity was to conduct Instereo private parties a high-end, get on that was very difficult. Despite the closure of facilities, they are almost immediately became a great success and is widely known. The project exists to this day.

Three years later, in late 2008 in conjunction with the Andrei DJ Sergey Jux creates another project, called CODA (Code). The basis of the Coda Group formed bold ideas and not commercial tastes of the two long-time friends and disc jockeys. After receiving recognition from the public, the project successfully developed and now. One of its main tasks is to carry out a truly high-quality parties with music in the styles of Deep, Tech and Techno.

Immediate plans DJ AMix Minicloud include writing their own tracks with their subsequent release.

In conclusion, I would like to give a few words disc jockey, allowing little touch his worldview:

- Andrew, how would you describe your attitude is not to create performances or compositions, and the music itself?

- Music? Now, perhaps, I just live it

Andrey Fedoruk
Main style: Deep House
Favorite styles: Deep Techno, House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
DJ, producer since 1998
Location: Russia, Moscow
Frequent visitor: Pure Fm - Inthernet radio (San Francisco), 16Bit.FM - Moscow internet radio station, (Moscow), Lebal Ten - Internet radio, (Moscow)
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