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Alexander Sadlovskiy
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Ambient, Breaks, Brokenbeat, Chillout, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Lounge, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Trance
DJ, producer, vocalist, listener
Location: Russia, Moscow, Kuzminki
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Качаем - слушаем - улетаем!!!
Alex Twin Beat

Long time ago there lived the person in the small town Noyabrsk in Siberia. He didn't know what he wanted for sure, what music he liked and what would be in future. But destiny threw him 3200 km to the capital of Russia. Moscow! Moscow - the sea of possibilities and of the huge choice of activities. Some time this person collected his own library of music, he collected only that music that he wanted to listen by himself. Analyzing the structure of compositions (tracks) he wanted to create his own music. But suddenly the problem of university took place and it always prevented from creating a track and embodying in reality his own and joint projects (Project Deadline, DJ Viperesk, The WMD, He ate soup). There was a lot of material. Even now it waits to be undertaken seriously. “Electronic” life of this person has finally begun with DJ JIM (, Electro Speed 11. It is not a promotion, not PR, it is simple truth as it is. Entering the site at half past two a.m. he downloaded this mix. He has spent the whole year in the "download-listen" style, considering that the mixes like that can be created only with great material expenses. He has made out who the DJs are and what their work consists of. One day this "listener" had come across DJ JM (in the Internet for sure) ( where he went deep into the world of the DJ. The one thing he was interested in was how to choose the “right” music to match the certain moment of life. Having created the first mix (ImproVision Mix) in his life he got a lot of pleasant emotions. He decided: while there was at least one person who listened to his mixes, his work, he would continue going on with creating mixes and tracks for this person and for himself. The dream of this person is to turn his hobby into his work (it’s not that easy to live without job and money. To tell the truth It is impossible). Whatever happens, mixes on this page will be updated every now and again. This person names himself Alex Twin Beat. Alex Twin Beat is with you, EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!! I wish everybody, who devotes his life to music, loves music, listens to music, every success. Music is mood, and it can be different at times.


I like: Melodious music...
I hate: When the electricity is cut off...
I recommend: Be Yourself, whatever happens...
I know: That everything’s gonna be cool...

I like: Мелодичную музыку...

I hate: Когда нет электричества...

I recommend: Чтобы не случилось Быть Собой...

I know: Что все будет круто...

    Rai-Kin  14 January 2016 23:09 #
    RUSLAN RADRIGES  21 October 2015 18:31 #
    С Днем рождения!!! Роста в музыкальном направлении и
    творческого вдохновения)) Проект Ruslan Radriges=)
    RUSLAN RADRIGES  21 October 2014 20:58 #
    С Днемрождения!!! Творческого прогресса и покорения музыкальных высот)))
    Eric Rhowdz  4 January 2014 14:52 #
    + promo)))успехов)))отличные работы)))
    Эльрад  10 August 2013 10:49 #
    +++++PR!!!в друзья!!!
    Christian Rythmique [Get High Music]  16 April 2013 22:54 #
    Школа диджеев DJostik School  30 March 2013 11:37 #
    Dj HiPro  22 March 2013 17:07 #
    +++ хорошие работы жду в друзья
    Dj Yan Frost  2 February 2013 13:56 #
    очень здорова!!!)))у тебя талант развивай))продолжай в том же духе))у тебя все будет!!!успехов тебе)))+1
    Dj SuperMan  20 January 2013 13:02 #
    ++++ PR, работы профи !! понравились, буду очень благодарен если оценишь и мои работы, жду твоих рецензий, чувак ты крут!
    GEONIS  12 January 2013 12:02 #
    Держи + коллега, го в друзья)))
    Vit OS  27 December 2012 0:33 #
    Творческих успехов и PROдвижения ! +++
    Krivbass Project  2 December 2012 22:01 #
    Держи + и удачи!Ну и в друзья!
    DJ Danila Project  21 October 2012 6:33 #
    С днем рожденья!!!
    KOLIZEY( HEAD GAME )  21 October 2012 3:34 #
    С днем рожденья тебя! И творческих тебе успехов
    JACOBSON M.J.  21 October 2012 2:28 #
    DONZ  13 October 2012 14:45 #
    + Friend:
    Synthetíque  10 October 2012 23:52 #
    + тебе)
    MR.POZITIV  7 October 2012 14:03 #
    +++ от меня!!!отличные роботы!!
    LOSTA  3 September 2012 21:44 #
    Dj Semka White  3 June 2012 18:11 #
    плюс тебе за работы) надеюсь на взаимность)
    Dj Pavel Lonsky  19 March 2012 20:31 #
    Красава отличная работа друг ... +++PR
    CDJ S.H.  12 March 2012 22:47 #
    За творчество за саунд держи в поддержку
    spave  4 January 2012 21:51 #
    С новым 2012 годом,оцени работку))
    USPENSKIY DRIVE  31 December 2011 16:48 #
    ++++++++++++ тебе!!! надеюсь на взаимность=)))
    SPECTRONICA  31 December 2011 15:26 #

    Den Rogozin  19 December 2011 21:36 #
    Привет,оцени пожалуйста)) +PR
    Volian trains  18 December 2011 13:29 #
    spave  7 December 2011 20:35 #
    DJ NEELES (MOSCOW)  23 November 2011 6:08 #
    привет)) оцени плз)) жду критики)))
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