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Noisettes - Don't Upset The Rhythm (Alex Cosmo Rmx)

DJ Alex Cosmo (Alexey Zhestkov) professional career has begun since 1997. During many years of his acting he worked nearly in every Moscow club and in the best clubs of Russian cities. He took part in different musical events either in volume raves or in private parties. And he has been permanently moving on his own musical brand since the very beginning of the career. 
Preferable musical styles are progressive, tribal and electro house.
DJ Alex Cosmo is always in the thick of the clubbing events of the city. Russian regions is also in the area of his attention. With his unquenchable vital energy DJ Alex Cosmo turned into the real music trendsetter. He is not one among many DJs but a striking personality. 
Alex Cosmo keeps strict watch all music events from all over the world. He gets ahead of another DJs. That is the reason why his tracks become hits. He tries to include only the fresh music today and this music will be popular tomorrow only. 
Every Alex Cosmo mix is a professionally created and presented according to all rules shake from the best musical novelties.
Alex Cosmo is a pioneer in remix creating on the film soundtracks. His track “Verit’ v nas” is a remix on the soundtrack of the film “Usatiy Nyan’”. The track was created in 2000 and it is popular among radio listeners nowadays also. 
But it is not the end. Besides of clubbing career Alex Cosmo began his work on the best Moscow radio stations. He was working for 3 years on “Megapolis 89.5 FM”, for 2 years on “JFM” .Now he is working at his own video-radio project IDJ:VIDEOEXPERIMENT. 
Nowadays Alex Cosmo is a famous DJ, musician and producer. He need not any demonstrations of his creativity to the music world. But he is going on to demonstrate his new tracks because his life is music. 
Today Alex Cosmo is a father of a beautiful daughter and the discoverer of new music styles. 

Tracks, video and discography

1999 - «Alex Cosmo & M Track - Zvuk» (A sound)
2000 - «Alex Cosmo – Verit’ v nas» (To turn in us)
2001 - «Alex Cosmo – Zhazhda Skorosty» (Thirst of speed)
2004 - «Alex Cosmo - NeoFederation»
2004 - «Alex Cosmo – Osennaya fantasiya» (Autumn fantasy)
2005 - «Alex Cosmo - Skazka» (A fairytale)
2005 - «Alex Cosmo - Mistika» (Mistics)
2006 - «Alex Cosmo - Exclusive»
2006 - «Alex Cosmo feat LauraBS – Super geroy» (Super hero)
2006 - «Agent Smith – Gorod ne spit (Alex Cosmo Rmx)» (A sleepless city)
2006 - «Alexander Malinin – Noch’ (Alex Cosmo Rmx)» (A night)
2007 - «R.Polak & N.Milaya – Kto tam svistit (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)» (Who is whistling there)
2007 - «Katya Chehova - Oblakamy (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)» (By clouds)
2007 - «R.Polak & N.Milaya - Electro People (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)»
2007 - «Alex Cosmo & Inertia - Life for me»
2007 - «Elena Terleeva - Solnce (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)» (The Sun)
2008 - «Dj Feel feat. Julia Pago - Na Oblaka (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)» (On the Clouds)
2008 - «Laura BS - Crazy Me (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx)»
2008 - «YoU-PiteR & DJ Lvov - No Matter (Alex Cosmo & Inertia Rmx»
2008 - «Tomcraft - Loneliness (Alex Cosmo & Agent Smith Rmx)»
2008 - «David Guetta - Money (Alex Cosmo Rmx)»
2009 - «Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (Alex Cosmo Rmx)»
2009 - «Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (Agent Smith, Alex Cosmo Rmx)»
2009 - «RunRun - You Will Come feat. Bug K. (Alex Cosmo Rmx)»
2009 - «RunRun - You Will Come feat. Bug K. (Alex Cosmo, Dj Zam Slow Mix)»
2009 - «Alex Cosmo - Out There feat Z»
2009 - «Green Velvet - La La Land (Alex Cosmo Rmx)»
2009 - «Dima Bilan - Dancing Lady (Alex Cosmo, Dj Noiz Rmx)»
2009 - «Alex Cosmo, Raduga - Plushenko & Oriflame Song»
2010 - «Ani Lorak - Nezhnost Rassveta (Alex Cosmo & Dj HITretz Rmx)»
2010 - «MakSim – Moy otvet - Da! (Alex Cosmo & Agent Smith Remix)» (My answer is “Yeah”)
2011 - Alex Cosmo & Inertia feat Adriana - Super hero
2011 - Alex Cosmo & HiTretz feat Adriana - Super hero
2011 - Alex Cosmo & Inertia feat Adriana - Super hero (video'clip) 
2012 - Alex Twice - Game Over

1999 - Fantasy tour mix (1cd)
2000 - In full effect (1cd)
2001 - Space pirate (1cd)
2002 - Dobro & Zlo (2cd) 
2002 - 2003 Hi-End (5 сборников студии Монолит)
2004 - Boundary (1cd)
2004 - NEOFederation (1cd)
2005 - Diskoteka (2cd)
2005 - PloomBoom (2cd)
2005 - PloomBoom - Yellow Love (2cd)
2006 - PloomBoom - Quadro (4cd)
2006 - PloomBoom - No Fake (4cd)
2007 - PloomBoom - White Apple (4cd)
2007 - PloomBoom - Sunsession (4cd) 
2007 - PloomBoom - Phantom (4cd)
2008 - PloomBoom - Around (4cd)
2008 - PloomBoom - Pause (3cd & 1dvd)
2008 - PloomBoom - Story (4cd)
2009 - PloomBoom - Between (4cd)
2009 - PloomBoom - Coca (4cd)
2010 - PloomBoom - Poster (4cd)
2011 - PloomBoom - Hooligan house (4cd)

I like: искренность

I hate: лгунов

I recommend: не лгать

I am interested in: постоянно

I know: но не скажу

I can: не хвастаться что умею ;)

Main style: House
Favorite styles: Acid Jazz, Ambient House, Club House, Deep House, Deep Techno, Disco House, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Tribal House
DJ, VJ, producer, promoter, vocalist, poet, clubber, listener, collaborations since 1997
Location: Russia, Moscow, Leninskii prospekt
Guest: Shishas (Moscow), каток "Искра" (Moscow)
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