Мёд, YAhroma, 00:00 // 7 May 2010
Пилот, Ekaterinburg, 18:00 // 5 March 2010
Deep House
dj-cafe Mio, Moscow, 00:31 // 22 January 2010
Funky House
BARBARELLA, Moscow, 23:50 // 5 December 2009

Александр MyLove… … the Incorrigible romanticist and the dreamer, he does not see meaning of the life without creativity, its breath is filled by the most sincere feelings, and concept of the life as a whole, it very closely connects with music … and all details making it.
... Music when it is perfect, results heart in precisely same condition what you test, enjoying presence favourite beings, that is that it gives, undoubtedly, brightest happiness what only is possible on the earth.....
Alexander's each compilation, it is more than simply beautiful selection of tracks. First of all it is a certain emotional picture which needs to be heard not simply, but also to experience.
Александр MyLove - Love at first sight...  Imagine romanticism of night Petersburg when you go, you breathe fresh, already slightly settled from day vanity and automobile ashes, air, lanterns around shine, and the underground here here will be closed, what anticipates your full freedom of action? You suddenly come into club where plays that completely contradicts that vanity which you see every day. You sit down, you order a cocktail or simply glass of beer, and simply you enjoy music …
Having behind shoulders huge number of the countries visited by it and cities, he knows, what music to pick up and as it to present ….За time of the travel across Europe, Alexander has very quickly become impregnated with love to small Venetian small restaurants, cosy cafes in Paris and to hot clubs on Ibiza …
… After all the most expensive that is at the person in a life are memoirs …
To Alexander really is what to recollect and eat what to tell …. The impressions and emotions, it always to share with the listeners.
In the beginning of the диджейской open-cast mines, to Alexander honour, заведать musical mood of all visitors and the visitors, two most magnificent restaurants Rublevo-uspenskogo of highway has dropped out: A.V.E.N.U.E and OPIUM. After a while, to Alexander offer a role of the resident of one very lovely and cosy restaurant with the European name, being in the centre to our capital – on old Arbate (restoran Floridita)
After … Alexander's musical life, turns absolutely in a direction new to it …. Mylove … tests in a role of the art director of night club "Гелиос" what to be in its native city of Dmitrove ….Но eventually …, Alexander deepens again the knowledge of music …. New acquaintances, the organisation of performances, broadcasts, aethers, tours and new travel …. Alexander's musical life, grows … every day …


At the given stage, Alexander works cafe "Michel" (WWW.MISHELLIFE.RU),

as ART and PR Directors.


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Alexander Mylove
Main style: Soul
Favorite styles: Instrumental
Listener since 2007
Location: Russia, Moscow, Kuncevskaya
Guest: Golden VICTORY project (dj cafe) (Odincovo), Opium (Odincovo), Floridita (Moscow), TM RADIO (Moscow), Clubcore (Nizhnii Novgorod), CLUBNIKA (Odincovo), GELIOS (Dmitrov), A.V.E.N.U.E (ZHukovka), Radio XtazyFM (Minsk), (Smolensk), Фауст (Dmitrov), Power Hit Radio Murmansk 104,5 fm (Murmansk), клуб Резиденция(ех.Априори) (Moscow), Night Club Серебро (Moscow), Тайм Аут (Verbilki), Дымов №1 (Moscow), MIO dj-café (Moscow), Monroe (Dmitrov), Парк Яхрома (Dmitrov), Barbarella Bar (Moscow), Courvoisier cafe (Moscow), Пилот (Ekaterinburg), ПИЛОТ 105 FM (Ekaterinburg), ресторан МЁД (YAhroma), Restaurant Мишель (Dmitrov), BLANC (Moscow), Ветошный (Moscow)
Frequent visitor: Prado (Moscow), Pacha, Amnesia (Ibiza), Space (Ibiza), Jet Set (Moscow), London (Moscow), АркА (Moscow), Сори Бабушка (Moscow), Fresh (Moscow), Икра (Moscow), Sunrise (Moscow), Пропаганда (Moscow), Мини Бар (Moscow), Микс (Moscow), Версия 1.0 (Moscow), Город (Moscow), НИЧЕГО ЛИЧНОГО (Sergiev Posad), клуб the Most (Москва) (Moscow), «Fresh», «Neo», «Тень», «Jast Cafe» (Moscow), Ночной клуб Город (Moscow), Sungate cafe (Moscow), Roset (Moscow), Deep (Odincovo), Тень (Moscow), City Cafe На Лестнице (Moscow)
Was just once: Театро (Moscow), Версия 1.5 (Moscow), Yello (Moscow), Сахар (Moscow), Водка Бар (Moscow), Gaudi (Москва), Max HouZe (Сергиев Посад), Баржа, RADIO MUSIC-ONE (Москва) (Moscow), АркА (Moscow), DJ Кафе Мята (Moscow), Ночь (Moscow), Love Is... Music Festival (Moscow), PASHA (Moscow), We Are Family (Moscow)
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