Акулинин Александр
Favorite styles: House
Location: Russia, Murom
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alex akulinin

It all started ..... With the New Year davnobylo .... when I was 11 years old, Grade 4 ..... broke gerlyanada climbed the tree to do, sometimes dangerous =) like it =) began to do it entered ozart.. FIHM another he looked sdela so it flashes cherz starter from lyumenistsentnoy lamp, I wanted so too was the same experiment =) everything is quietly turned out =) soon after year, met with another friend was also the case for the new year nemudomoy accidentally dropped in and saw all the beautiful Christmas tree, he blinked and apo differently about what was not on the block, then asked interesting was he toldit was his dad did the color block is easier to say (running lights).. As time went by I slowly fond of music with my friends listening to it through the player =) one of my friends was BARK 2X50 watt amplifier and kalonki Cantata one day we wandered to the idea and we've brought to school all this and running lights and a player SONY kachesvo playing was cool and kalonki Elegy I took home was left of the complex elegy and here we are the first pas holding all the disco was good =))))) later became Varna class 3 =) (The case was funny =) make more of a cardboard kalonki karbki small Karabok this was well under some of the cartons of cigarettes kalonki dynamics of the old TV set can remember they were 5 watt Well, they were a bit old rvanenkie and DruHe has always in my head always new ideas have been! =) He was very fond of the equipment as well as to modernize it =) when he came to his home he has ever floor apartment was littered with this equipment broken, mutilated every ..... he always did a shit candy =) And we have Sun eprodolzhali to disco different classes .... after the end of Grade 8 in the summer, we eat with a friend in the camp Cheremushki there was a set of Estrada and his equipment privezdi color block, power and light -, light-we had a school only on a smaller version of the spotlights have been made of wood painted glass we tsapon paint guns and a small rectangle inside a welded cans of condensed milk under =) later in the Grade 9 are beginning to disco at school 3, and that's still coming there and steeper =) and again in the summer we eat lagerb in the world Lake Camplake there're discos on stage and proposed to at the hostel on imported equipment and 10 seconds after I go every year at holiday camps and'm there later in the autumn of 2009 to organize the club side of the world learned to play the Pioneer 1000mk3 ......... Well, I introduced you to my piece of history in a positive form =))))))

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    alex kilowatt  7 January 2012 2:08 #
    Nick Sander | Elegant Deejays  7 September 2011 15:32 #
    dj kniaz  11 January 2011 12:44 #
    Привет! Приглашаю Вас получить новую порцию Progressive House звучания,
    послушав мои новые миксы, которые были тчательно откомпилированы и старательно
    сведены. Прошу побольше комментариев, так как мне очень нужно знать Ваше мнение
    по поводу данных работ. Все отзывы будут награждены в виде +PR Wink
    Желаю приятного прослушивания! Заранее спасибо

    alex kilowatt  31 August 2010 0:55 #
    alex kilowatt  31 August 2010 0:55 #
    санек ы куда ушел то!!???... WOW WOW WOW WOW
  • +1
    девушка♡лето  29 August 2010 14:15 #
    Dj Sasha ZLOY  25 August 2010 20:42 #
    шаману привет от саши злого
    solntze13  24 May 2010 0:56 #
    Спасибо, приятно что кому-то приятно =) сори за тавтологию)))
    Sevastian  19 May 2010 22:52 #
    привет земляк отл микс! + заслуженный жду в друзьях
    Nick Sander | Elegant Deejays  26 April 2010 8:34 #
    Алексей Орелин  26 April 2010 0:12 #
    Nick Sander | Elegant Deejays  21 April 2010 17:23 #
    Andrey Rush  21 April 2010 9:24 #
    DJ Stranger  16 April 2010 13:44 #
    You welcome +++
    Nick Sander | Elegant Deejays  15 April 2010 17:28 #
    DJ ШМЕЛЬ  12 April 2010 16:31 #
    DJ PitkiN  5 April 2010 12:21 #
    +! )
    WIN-NERR  29 March 2010 13:12 #
    + for Mr DJ
    mega-mix-live  24 March 2010 1:06 #
    Dj Pahomoff  15 March 2010 5:00 #
    alex kilowatt  14 March 2010 17:00 #
    HEY DJ
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