More information about Ambrosio:
Main style: Deep House
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout, Dance Pop, Future Bass, Future House, House, Instrumental, Jazz, New Age, Pop, Progressive House, Russian Pop, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Tropical House, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, collaborations since 1997
Performance: 1 hour
Resident: Ambrosio Studios - International Ghost Production (Novigrad)
Guest: Amnesia (Ibiza), DayDream Festival (Lommel), Ultra Music Festival (Miami), Tomorrowland (Chattahoochee Hills)
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Direct contact for all collaboration/business inquries:
Ambrosio Recordings (International Global Record Label for talents & artists)

Official Ambrosio Recordings International Record Label biography:

International Record Label and Global home to all genres of high quality sound!

   We are first Global International Record Label opened to all music genres and combinations of it,

   which give opportunity for any featuring artist, producer, musician, dj, vocalist besides releasing their 

   hot tracks, singles and albums, to present to the World their new music styles, genres or something different then ordinary!


Based offices:

   in city on the sea, Novigrad Cittanova, in sunny Croatia

   and in one of the awsome nightlife cities, Moscow, Russia!


Working offices: Worldwide (where ever talents are)

Owner and Excutive producer: Alessandro Ambrosio

   Label moto is: Live your music and stay tuned!

   Established in year 2013!

Ambrosio Recordings opening gate to variety combinations of music styles, 

   but most important giving chance to present to the World new future music styles!

   In other words, beside all genres like pure house, trance, chillout, 

   we also bring you a complete different new level of music combine like tech trance, 

   minimal techno, chillout minimal, house trance, deep trance, progressive breaks or even jazz house and jazz trance! 

Remember, there are no other boundaries except two: 'hight quality sound and interesting song form!'

Another important notice: 

   We are offering different types of contracts as this is important when someone would just like to release one quality track, 

   or someone would like to be resident artist of Record Label and releasing singles, albums, etc. 

   That's why we do offer contracts for freestylers who have just few tracks that want to be released and there is no obligation to be under contract for

   longer duration, but we also offer long term contracts for professional artists, producers, dj's, etc.


Additional payable features that our Record Label offer to everyone who need it is mastering of tracks, sampling or producing own sounds

   for example if you need hip hop beats, basses, melodies, or even whole instrumental in many genres, vocals syncronizing, 

   then features in promotional way like website designes and creating support, covers and photography for tracks and albums or video editings!

   For any issues about mentioned features don't hesitate to contact us for detailed information!

So don't hesitate to write to us today!

General Enquiries: If you have more questions regarding music, releases, contracts, booking please don't hesitate to write to:

DEMO Enquiries: If you have ready track, single, album and would like to send to us for reviews and possible release, don't hesitate to send us

your demo on our email:


Please allow us maximum to one week duration for all reviews and answers! We do answer to each demo no matter if we accept your masters

   or not!  That is one more fact why we are different from other labels cause music is important to us! 

Have a wonderful creations!


Being Global home and International record label with opened door to every single artist, producer, vocalist, singer, remixer, instrumentalist, or anyone with hight quality product that would like to be released over massives digital stores and promotions over many social networks, radios, clubs, bars, festivals, etc, etc! 

Our main mission is releasing masters with high quality sound and interesting form and collaboration with many talents out there, sign them with our label and just live our music together!

If you see yourself in this massive music World, don't hesitate to contact us!


Ambrosio Recordings is founded by one of new EDM's faces Alessandro Ambrosio and while stil is new to the World of Record Labels, Ambrosio Recordings label have already set good base which cover not only one style like mostly artist, producers do, but many styles and combination of it. Also we promise to our music customers that we response on any demo requests no matter we do accept masters for releasing or not! And more what is interesting that we have freestylers section and not just Artists section. That means this is opportunity to all freestylers there that have one or two good tracks which would like to release but cause of private life or obligations is not able to be full time music artist, so we have solution for that too. Thise are all why we are different from many other famous and unfamous record labels! 

Ambrosio Recordings also have good base in production as Alessandro Ambrosio is active producer for 18 years now and his label lay on powerful production where are more then 1000 tracks, more then 100 remixes and more then 10 albums produced. 

But as Alessandro Ambrosio started to release his production after 18 years of being behind stage, his first album ''All Over The World'' went in top 100 album releases on Beatport, one of the best and major digital store.

Specific message on genres:

Ambrosio Recordings International Record label invite all talents, artists, freestylers, musicians, vocalists, singers, or anyone who have something to be heard and want to be heard to the World to contact us, send us your demo requests or just ask us anything!

This is Official invitation and description about what genres do we accept! So don't look on profile genres where are basic genres needed to be set as there are no option for setting all genres.

So in short to officialy explain to all of you there about our policy for genres.

We do accept almost all genres for now as we are mostly oriented on EDM - electronic dance music, but it is not strict to that! Why not all genres and which one? 

As Ambrosio Recordings label for now not working on production for all styles and genres we can't help in production and mastering for some type of styles like hardcore metalica, country or similar! But as for releasing and signing your demos, singles, albums with us, we do accept for now all genres as we are trying to focus on many genres and even give opportunity for all talents who want to promote their own styles or new genres, we do give opportunity for that and we do not strict being in some specific styles like many record label do!

That is what makes us different from other labels! Also we do accept freestylers and not just artists, that means anyone who can't make a lot of singles because of private life and obligations but still have few tracks that sounds good and want it to be releases, we are here to help you that World hear you! We also do have specific contracts for freestylers where we do sign only your masters and not you as an artist, but still you do keep your royalities from that one or two tracks we release for you! You never know what can become hit nowdays and could help you in the future to decide you wanna keep up with music or not! Most record labels don't take freestylers as they want to have contract singed on minimum one year! We give even that opportunity if we see there is artists with more tracks, even albums, so why not! But freestylers, you are welcome too!

So this is in short about our policy of genres and some free features that we offer. So don't hesitate to contact us on our official emails and ask us anything about music!

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Demo requests:

Thank you and have a nice music creations!

Alessandro Ambrosio - Excutive producer of Ambrosio Recordings International Record label!


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