Aleksandrs Golevs
Main style: Nu metal
Favorite styles: Acid Jazz, Acoustic, Alternative Rap, Alternative Rock, Ambient, Ambient Breaks, Art Rock, Big Beat, Breaks, Chillout, Drum & Bass, Electro, Funky Breaks, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Instrumental, Nu Breaks, Pop Rap, Progressive House, Progressive rock, Psychedelic breakbeat, R&B, Trance, Trip-Hop, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, MC, vocalist, poet, listener since 2002
Performance: from €100 / 1 hour
Location: Latvia, Daugavpils
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Nemo Milin

I am music composer. My music project I`ve started in 2002. Since then I have recorded over 100 music tracks. I play different musical instruments: guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums. Also I`m using my vocals in my music.

The story of my involving to music was started far ago, when I was 7 or 8 years old - my grandfather was showing first lessons of playing on a 7-string acoustic guitar from USSR. I was watching lessons and trying to pick my first sound from a guitar. My brother was also teaching those lessons with me together, so my father gave to my brother a new acoustic guitar for training and jamming. As far as my brother was training on a guitar for a long time, I was also taking a guitar, while he was not playing the guitar. So, there was a time, when internet was not so developed in our country, so I couldn`t download a music courses by a guitar play from an internet. So I took a book with a chords of famous songs from a brother shelve. He took this book from a firend. And time was passing, but I was training play first chords from this book.

The time was going on, and I was training my first songs: Coldplay - Fix You, Limp Bizkit - Boiler, Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood, Eminem - Loose Yourself.
And after the time of two years I started to play my first guitar solo`s. It was in far 2000`s year. I first saw a concert of "Metallica", and I decided to try to be a solo-guitar player. And I started to work hard on improvisation. After three months of home work with a guitar I asked some of my friends-musicians to join my first art-rock group "Artstorm". Some of the stage performances in 2002-2004 you can watch here:
After some of my stage concerts - I loved a stage, and I decided to try making another kind of a music - Hip-Hop. And after a time of some weeks (or one week...) I have done with my first rap album "Diagonal Slice" by K[reaper] (2003) I like this album and now - It has a strong energetics and good rhyme sections, so you can stay tuned hearing this from a beginning to the end...So it is attractive.

The next chapter of my studiowork was recording my next album "K[reaper]". It was fully instrumental album with a tunes of music, that I was first hearing in my childhood on a vinyls with a "Tales from a far space" . So I had a wide range freedom to play my first album fully dovoted to a progressive-art-rock solo guitar. The album was warmly met by my friends. So, now you can hear it fully on a website

Next, there was a bad time in my life - I`ve cut my finger and had a surgeon operation on a big finger on my hand. I`ve lost motorics of my finger, so, while I was playing my stage performances a guitar pick was always falling down out of my hand - my big finger was not working well. A long time I was upset, but I had decided to not to stop making music. First time it was hard for me to play music on a guitar, so I started to make a lot of Electronic sequences on a different VSTi`s. And I had a lot lot of material to create my next album "In Search Of E.T. Mind". So on this album there was up to 20 songs of different genres.

A time 2006-2011 I call a dark time fro my art of music. It was a time when I was thinking of a stop in making music. Nearly no-one was listening to my musi...I don`t know...I was thinking so...So I had a wide range depression according to my statement that "No-one wants to hear my music". That time was until I recorded my next two albums "Journey To The Edge Of The Universe" and "`s".  Those albums I`ve created really fast. Albums are very melodic and it is interesting to hear them at least one time.

Next my try was creating a wide-sound ranged album of Drum`n`Bass mood instrumental-guitar dance music. So the world, in 2014, met a new material from a project Nemo Mila Milagross. There was two albums of D`n`B music in 2014 ("MAYA" and "Neverday"). 
A new year 2015 I was meeting in London, on a Arch3Studios in West Ham. There I have started to make my next album "Arrogance" of EDM.

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    ANTON  9 January 2015 20:24 #
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    ToxicFresh  22 December 2014 15:35 #
    Удачи и успехов творчестве)
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    DIBROWN  28 July 2014 15:18 #
    отлично!так держать!+++
    CRS_Soul  27 July 2014 22:38 #
    Респект за развитие DNB. В други, определённо ! ))
    • +1
      Nemo Milin  27 July 2014 23:52 #
      Да, DnB должен жить! Более того, прогрессировать в новых идеях!
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    Emrah Is  27 July 2014 14:28 #
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    Dub 13  25 July 2014 19:11 #
    АААееее!!! ++
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    AjaRaja  2 July 2014 22:03 #
    так держать +++
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    Lawkach  25 May 2014 17:44 #
    + для разгона! =)
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